Ducati Sogno digital rangefinder concept design

Dan Anderson created this Ducati Sogno digital rangefinder concept design:

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  • Acep

    Who cares? This is not worthy of a post here.

    • Vince

      Thanks. Your opinion is worth precisely what we paid for it.

    • Jacob

      Sounds like you’re not worthy to comment here?
      -It’s a camera
      -It’s a concept
      –> it’s a rumor, now say again it’s not worth to post it here.

  • ozbaz

    It looks great. The fact that he is doing this concept means he must think that there is a market for such designs and he hopes to sell his skills to Leica, Cosina, Fuji etc. i would love a camera that looks like this. lets hope some one builds it.

  • fred

    The shape of the top plate beveling makes it look even bulkier than it already is. The way the silver controls intrude on the black frame of the LCD distracts from viewing the image. The lack of friction material on the inner edge of the front grip is foolish. The placement of the shutter button deep within the center of an oversized ridged dial makes it uncomfortable and cumbersome to press, and adds to camera shake. Poor design.

    • Wow Fred, so critical of a concept rendering and you don’t even point out something that would actually have a huge impact on shooting, which is the extremely short rangefinder base and the small viewfinder.
      Concept designs are just that, concepts. It’s a style design, not a camera design and if someone wanted to actually put into production, it would get a practical makeover.

  • I think it is an interesting design. I like the look of it; the beveling, the finder arrangement, and the dials. I don’t care for the look of the lens. I would have made it look a little cleaner; perhaps more like a Canonet GIII, or that era. I’m also not fond of the four screws in the front. I didn’t think Ducati was the same company that made the old Ducati cameras, but based on the ad, there must be some link.

  • It looks great! Exciting to see.
    Better than most of the cr@p that is out there.

    I would just make it look like the Contax G2.

  • Ducati was originally only an electronics manufacturer – it was only in 1953 (having been founded in 1926 and beginning to make motorcycles in 1950) that the company split apart. They’re not separate divisions as Dan seems to suggest – they’re entirely different companies with different owners now.

    He pulled the logo from Ducati Energia. Being an electronics company (although not generally consumer-oriented today), they’re certainly better positioned to manufacture a camera again. They’d definitely reap the benefits from the consumer name-recognition of Ducati motorcycles, though, despite being a different company.

  • Vaclav

    I still hope that someone will release “Epson R-D2” – proper M-mount camera with REAL rangefinder and manual focusing for a reasonable price – the prices of today’s DSLR cameras are low, I don’t know why should be APS-C or APS-H rangefinder body more expensive than $1500…

    • Vince

      That Epson is a “classic”, for sure. Sounds like you haven’t read the Fuji X-Pro 1 rumors? It’s got everything g except the “proper M mount”, but Fuji is building their own M adapter for it…

  • jchan

    I appreciate the effort and I think I like it. But the reason retro like fujifilm is tha they combines retro with hardcore innovation. Only retro is too easy. Ofcourse just my opinion.

  • Robin Cox

    Fantastic concept, I would certainly line up for this one if it was available.

  • Yamuk

    Great concept to inspire other niche and classic camera manufacturers what they can do – great sensor, powerful processor plus a long lasting classical body. Fuji has started it for the mass, but it shouldn’t stop other manufacturers to tap into the specialist markets.

  • Blender

    Enough retro, there are no more spots open for retro camera design. Retro is getting old.

  • J Mike

    A rangefinder camera that uses an established lens system – Canon or Nikon lenses – would sell out before they hit the stores. Too bad the major camera makers listen to “consumer” photographers and refuse to take the chance. Dude – retro isn’t dead – it hasen’t even hit yet.

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