Fuji X-Pro 1 XF lens details + pictures of the new EF-X20 flash and LC-XPro1 leather case

The Fuji X-Pro 1 camera dimensions are  83 x 138 x 38 mm.
For comparison, the Fuji X100 dimensions are 75 x 126 x 54 mm.

Some addition information on the three Fuji XF lenses for the X-Pro 1 camera:

Fuji XF 18mm f/2 R

  • 8 elements, 7 groups, two aspherical elements
  • 52 mm filter size
  • dimensions: 64.5 x 40.6 mm
  • weight: 116 g

Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 R

  • 8 elements, 6 groups, one aspherical element
  • 52 mm filter size
  • dimensions: 65.0 x 54.9 mm
  • weight: 187 g

Fuji XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro

  • 10 elements, 8 groups, one aspherical element and one low-dispersion element
  • 1:2 scale
  • 39 mm filter size
  • dimensions: 64.1 x 70.9 мм
  • weight: 215 g
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  • hexx

    that’s the size of M9 (?)

    • The M9 is bigger, it’s also full frame.

      • hexx

        “The Fuji X-Pro 1 camera dimensions are 83 x 138 x 38 mm”

        M9 dimensions: 139 × 37 × 80 mm

        • CCp

          Right, so it is the same size as the M9, but with poorer specs. I was hoping it would be smaller than the M9. Disappointed.

          • Same size but probably more than $5000 cheaper. Stop whining. This would be a great digital rangefinder for the masses who just cant afford Leica.

          • Eric

            Although I understand some believe x1 should be smaller, I don’t believe it should be written off till held in hand….. Does that small amount of size make a big difference for?

            I personally am excited, although I love my x100 compared to my canon f1 Fuji gw690ii and d700 I find it harder to operate because of its weight and grip.

            We all have our preferences which we should all respect…… Do you really believe based upon these specs fujinon lenses a exciting new sensor that this disappointing? I mean, the m9 is a great camera but after using one and using a medium format camera I do believe this will be a very very interesting cost effective solution for those not willing the pay the red badge hand made premium.

            I will wait however to be floored or disappointed till looking at some samples and purchasing one.

            Never thought I’d say it, but for street photography I don’t use my d700 anymore. Events….. I can’t not imagine an slr….. But everything else….. We will see I guess

        • Oh wow, I thought the M9 is bigger.

          • hexx

            i’d be happy if it’s a bit bigger than x100, still would fit in snapR and sometimes i find my x100 too small. i guess it’s personal preference

  • 39mm on the 60mm is likely wrong…
    Aee the pic:


    All three lenses seem to have the same threads on them.

    • Unless the filter is mounted on the inner ring in the barrel which would make it quite odd and hard to reach (see the sloping inward title ring)

      • MJr

        Looks like it, there’s no rim on the outside. The lens features Macro so i guess they didn’t want anything sticking out any more than it needs to … who knows. My Canon 60mm EF-S does 1:1, but has a standard 52mm. In any case they must have a reason for this annoying filter size.

  • Jonas

    The lenses (weight) look great, but the flash seems to be even worse than the SB-N5.

  • hexx

    14-bit RAW pls

    • hexx

      one more wish – please include buffer larger than just for one RAW image, common flash storage (or whatever you use for buffer memory modules) isn’t that expensive. that’s why X100 feels so slow in operation. Not enough buffer for more that 1 photo. on the other hand I never shoot series of photos but stupid thing is that while it writes to SD card you can’t change anything what’s hidden in menus (ISO, ND filter and so on).

  • Ragnarok

    The pic with the flash reminded me of the Contax G2 with TLA 200 (it seems it was their target, a sort of moderm G2):


    Hope the flash can bounce, but doesn’t look like it…

  • i understand the m9 comparison, sorta but WHY has no one spoke of the plain as day contax g2 comparison? same style grip, same slope on top plate .. . and now especially with that flash that looks like the contax tla200.

    please admin, put up a post with the two cameras side by side, hell.. put an m9 up too and have a comparison vote.

  • sflxn

    Wow, that’s a really sweet looking flash. Man, Fuji got some design skills. Still a little hard to really gauge dimensions from that photos.

  • sflxn

    Those lenses’ specs are really nice. I don’t understand how they did it. Metal, fast, and lightweight? I was favoring the NEX 7 for the OIS and zoom, but maybe I’ll have to end up buying both and selling my Nikon kit. But then, a D800 with 36mp and no AA filter… Man, this year is setting up to be a banner year for cameras.

  • JG10

    That’s the coolest looking flash ever. My only concern is about the video specs, I’m guessing they will not be impressive. Still, this looks like an awesome camera. The selection of lenses at launch is fantastic. I said on another thread that this is the closest thing to a perfect camera I’ve seen. This is a camera worth saving up for.

  • I love this camera!!! I want it now!! Any rumors on U.S. pricing?

    • JG10

      The rumor is 1,300 euros with the 35mm f1.4 included. If that’s accurate my guess would be $1,300 to $1,500. Micro four thirds tends to do one euro to one dollar pricing. Not sure about Fuji. $1,300 is a lot of money but if that’s really the price it strikes me as a pretty good deal, especially with the 35mm included. The first rumor I saw was 1,500 euros, body only. That would not be a deal.

  • hexx

    according to amazon, 18mm and 35mm will be $499, 60mm macro $599

    • JG10

      Do they have a price on the camera yet? Those lens prices do not strike me as being that bad, especially if you can get the 35mm with the camera for around $1,300.

      • hexx

        nothing yet, searching for fuji x-pro1 returns nothing really, i’ve searched for fuji x-pro lens and that’s how i found them

    • Those lenses are on Amazon? Links please. Thanks.

    • thanks, got it

      • hexx

        my apologies, went off to bed, it was early morning here in the UK 🙂

  • chris

    This camera seems to be a digital Contax G2 .. I like that : )

    Contax G2

    obviously a full frame film camera. mainly used with the 45mm f2
    the fuji has a 35mm f1.4 which would be the same as 53mm f2 on full frame.. so pretty close to the Contax

  • Anon

    Lenses won’t be as good as the G lenses, but if fuji does anything right the viewfinder and autofocus will be much better. Not sure how I feel about the two-function viewfinder zoom

  • Neely Fallon

    Let’s assume the X Pro-1 is as big as the M9. So what? It will make for easier handling with the lenses as shown. I owned the M9 and a compliment of 4 lenses. And I sold it all. Stellar glass married to a shitty CCD sensor, terrible WB, offensive metering, no LV, problematic focus wide or tele, and a $7K body that is not even sealed. I own the X100 and the sensor is far superior to the M9 (or M8 which I had also used), the lens is close to a 35mm Summicron in quality, the WB great, the IQ amazing, and all for a comparable pittence. I am grateful that Fuji is advancing the X100 concept – at some risk- and making execellent optics and (presumably) superior sensor technology available to those no longer willing to join, at terrible expense, the gilded Teutonic cult. Quit your bitchen’ folks. The X-Pro 1 may be THE digital camera system solution in a rangeifinder size you’ve been waiting for and likely better than any M4/3 offering.

    • I agree, Leica lenses are superb, looking forward using them on a different body.

    • hexx

      let’s hope it’s like that, i wish that to Fuji, to come back and be strong

  • jchan

    Wow. Look at the sexy flash. Looks like those old flashes on old rangefinders. The designers ding a real good job.

  • tobiasNEX7n

    placed my order for the nex7 in august, still not received, maybe its time to cancel and jump ship…fuji pro 1 here i come

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