Detailed Fuji X-Pro 1 specs (you must read this!)

Here are some additional specs for the Fuji X-Pro 1 camera:

The new sensor called X-Trans is a classic 16-megapixel. RGB filter is arranged in random blocks of 6x6 pixels which avoids the need for AA filter. This design requires a faster processor - the X-Pro 1 has a new EXR Processor Pro.


  • XF 18mm f/2 R
  • XF 35mm f/1.4 R
  • XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro
  • Later this year Fuji will introduce more lenses, including a telephoto and probably a 23mm f/ 2.0.
  • Fuji will also launch their own M bayonet adapter for Leica lenses! This is what I have been waiting for! It also explains this post from a while back.


Similar hybrid viewfinder like in the x100. The X-Pro 1 will have two optical degrees of magnification: x0.37 for wider lenses and x0.60 for the other lenses. This function will be controlled by the menu and can be set manually for third party lenses.


Magnesium alloy body, the upper and lower part will be made out of aluminum alloy. Several new film simulation and repeated exposure are added to the menu.


Fuji will offer new accessories:

  • Grip: HG-XPro1
  • Case: LC-XPro1
  • New flash: EF-X20

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  • A

    Oh yeah!!!

    (and, I wanted kudos for being the first to comment 😉

    • David Bones


  • Mark

    Suddenly sorry I sold my Voigtlander lenses!

    Only two things I need to know now: USA Price. Focus speed/mf focus capability.

    Everything else is gravy!

  • Mark

    Oh and I guess this means it’s going to have a focal plane shutter of some kind…that’s the thing I was wondering about…


    • It’s better that the lens does *not* have leaf shutter. The future points to global shutters where there is no focal plane shutter at all – everything is electronic. Maybe this generation of mirrorless has focal plane shutters.. but in the future, the can get rid of the mechanical shutter completely. If they put a leaf shutter in the lens, it would become obsolete in one generation.

      • WT21

        I don’t disagree on the future of shutters, but wouldn’t the focal plane shutter ALSO be obsolete in one day?

        • Sahaja

          Yes – but that doesn’t obsolete the lens.

          Leaf shutters also tend to need periodic servicing.

          • WT21

            Got it, and good point. I’m afraid of Fuji leaf shutters anyway, based on the X100 sticky shutter issue.

      • Jon S

        Electronic global shutter is very difficult to achieve with adequate performance for DSCs.

        While steady progress can be expected in reducing the noise levels (which currently are significantly higher than for rolling shutter), the big challenge is in sufficiently isolating the temporary storage node. Progress on this has hit a wall that might never be improved upon using monolithic silicon, instead requiring 3D integration with per-pixel 3D interconnects (= very difficult to yield and some way off).

        As a result, I don’t expect to see CMOS global shutter in cameras for some years. I could be wrong, but the signs are not good.

  • This just made my day. Thank you Fuji!!!!!!

  • Steve

    An M-mount adaptor would also suggest in-body shutter. I guess that means no leaf shutter.

  • jchan

    Hope it also has something like a peeking mode kind of MF system. Otherwise ut is useless

    • That’s my hope too – the peeking focus on the Sony NEX works great with Leica M lenses.

    • Having no focus-assist on manual focus lenses will be a deal-breaker for many.

  • hexx

    now all we need are some reviews and user feedbacks

  • Paul

    Interesting indeed. So when is this shipping?

  • Archlich


  • Estrella

    “Fuji will also launch their own M bayonet adapter”

    this would (hopefully) have some very interesting implications wrt the capabilities of the camera. most importantly a descent manual focus mode.

    oh, and i’d rather get a 25mm pancake (f/2.8?) than a x100 lens ripped from its body…

  • E

    Each time more and more closer to forget the Nex 7 that I wanted. However I’ll wait for reviews and tests.

  • This is all great! I’m still getting the NEX 7 because the tilt LCD, the smaller more modern form factor, compactness, the tri-navi controls, pure EVF (i don’t like optical viewfinders), and most importantly – a great video mode (my work involves video in addition to photography). That said, The fuji looks to be better in the most important key areas (image sensor, lenses) and I hope it really gives Sony a kick to quickly improve their lenses, accessories and improve their firmware. I really want a native 35 f/1.4 lens for the Sony!

    • WT21

      If I was contemplating NEX (which I’m not), and the tilt screen was it, I’d just get the 5n and save some serious cash (which you’ll need for the fuji anyway 🙂

    • rishio,

      I agree, the NEX 5n or NEX-7 have a lot more versatility and the the X Pro 1 will not prevent me from getting the NEX-7.

      But iff the Fuji sensor rivals full frame in ISO performance, Sony will have to focus more on sensor development.

  • Jake

    The new system specs are a big step-up from the X100. The M-mount adapter is a major selling point for me personally; hard not to get excited about this camera….

    • Same here.

    • ennan

      Agreed. Looking forward to giving it a try.

  • len

    what do you guys think is the likelihood of it having 1080p video? Or fully manual video controls? so excited for this camera!

  • kelsey

    Admin! any word on release date for this badboy

  • Jason

    Admin, does it really produce images near what a Full Frame can do? I’ve read this elsewhere and really wonder if it is true. The specs sound amazing regardless, but this would push it further up my list of must have cameras…. Olympus PEN Pro being at the top along with this one right now.

  • Vince

    Hmm, this just got interesting…

    • MJr

      Haha, only now ?

  • sflxn

    This isn’t very detailed.

    There are no information on the speed of operation nor resolution of the EVF and LCD. I would also like to know how the OVF changes for different focal length lenses. Is it one view and the frame lines just change? Or will we still get what you see is what you get that we have with EVF and DSLR?

    • bennj

      EVF same piece of crap as X100 unfortunately

      • Not really, the camera will have a second gen hybrid VF.

  • WT21

    Just in case Fuji is listening….

    I don’t want this camera. It’s garbage. Certainly wouldn’t pay a dime over $800 US. What junk are they foisting on us??

    Seriously Fuji, if you do what you did with the X100 — leak a price and then go to market at 30% higher, I’ll not be happy (not that you would care, lol).

    • JS

      If you don’t want the camera because it’s garbage, why do you care what it sells for? The price hasn’t even been announced yet, that $800 is for the XS-1.

      • WT21

        Ummmm… That was a joke. I was pretending I didn’t want it, so they’d price it lower you see. Ermmm, never mind. Thought the joke was obvious. Guess not.

        • James

          No the joke is not obvious.

  • Sloaah

    Ahh! This makes life difficult. NEX-7 or this??

    Unfortunately it seems like Fuji also can’t get hold of Sony’s OLED VF tech, would have been great to have that as well….

  • Charlie

    Any info on the AF? This is the one thing Fuji could improve to basically tip it in their favor over M43 for me. Please have CDAF with speeds of the EP-3 and the X-Pro 1 is my dream camera!

  • M mount option and no AA – definitely interesting,

  • Sahaja

    The Fuji lenses look to be about the same size as comparable focal length manual focus Nikon F (ais) lenses. Same filter size too.

    I hope they make an F mount adapter as well since I have a lot of those.

    • Nico

      Don’t forget that Nikon F lenses still be bigger that those Fuji X (dslr lenses are always bigger than RF ones), and that the flange to focal plane distance is 46,5mm for the F-mount and 17,7mm for the Fuji X…

    • Sahaja

      If Fuji has some form of focus assist that can easily be accessed, then legacy holders will be drawn to this system. I know I would.

  • Petter

    Maybe i’ll have to sell my D700 and buy this one. Already have the X100 (bought it about two weeks ago), and I haven’t used the 700 for a few months..

  • Tadeo

    Now this is nonsense to me!
    you cannot arrange random color filters on the sensor and recover the color information! there must be specific info about what mask has which pixel in order to ger accurate color recovery. the other thing is that 6×6 pixel arrays means you interpolate a lot so even if there are 16 mega pixels (intended as photodetectors) the real resolution is still significantly lower on your images (which in turn are interpolated to match pixel dimensions for your computer).
    so, where is the real advantages?
    lets wait and see for the real camera to get the real images.

    • Luffahemp

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

  • Goose

    Anyone knows anything about the size or the weight of this beauty? Hopefully a bit more solid and heavier than the X100. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Sahaja

      Size seems to be about the same as an M9 – but a little less wide.

      Since the lens has a 52mm filter thread the side view picture at the top of this thread looks to be close to life size – at least on my screen.

    • See my latest post about the size.

      • Goose

        Great! Thanks, the size is almost identical as the M9, do you have any information about the weight och the camera body?

  • denis

    M-mount adapter
    Although I don’t like hybrid viewfinder. Pure EVF would be much better

    • WT21

      In the Fujis, you can go pure EFV. The question will be the quality of the EFV.

      The hybrid will let you see things outside the frame, the EVF will be 100% frame only, so there are some benefits to one over the other.

  • David S

    The M10 had better be amazing, or Leica is in trouble.

  • JG10

    I know there is no such thing as the perfect camera but to me this is the closest thing to a perfect camera that I’ve ever seen.

  • Sahaja

    I wonder if the rumored Leica APS-C autofocus will just be a rebadged version of this camera with a Leica mount. They rebadge Panasonic cameras and they did the same sort of thing with Minolta.

    • It would make sense for Leica to be partnering with Fuji. My bet is that Fuji will provide the sensor for the M10.

      • Sahaja

        They will certainly be partnering with someone on the APS-C camera and they really do need a new sensor supplier.

        Fuji also do the same sort of thing for Hasselblad.

        It rather seems to add up.

    • Sahaja

      That’s an interesting thought! I wonder how Panasonic would feel about Leica adopting Fuji’s format?

      • Nikonhead


  • The Leica M Adapter Announcement from Fuji made my day. This camera will eat into M9 sales. I am sure.

    • Sahaja

      They won’t worry. Leica will make more sales of their lenses to some purchasers of this camera who want premium lenses.

      Even if the Fuji lenses are excellent – there will inevitably be a few who will insist Leica lenses are better.

  • Nothing eats into M9 sales aside from the M9-P. Leica has their own micro-climate in the camera industry, as enough people want their cameras simply because they are Leicas, that there is a waiting list for all but their least expensive lenses. That to me states that Leica owners are not so much interested in the cheaper option. Unless this Fuji somehow gives vastly superior image quality to an M9, most M owners will wait for the M10 or perhaps buy the Fuji as a second body, not a replacement. Most M users (myself included) are not interested in using a cropped sensor as the main body for their M glass.

    This camera will be competition for Leica’s, not yet officially unannounced, cropped sensor mirrorless system that they are developing.

    • Warren

      Until someone brings out a full-frame mirrorless, the Leica M series has no competitor.

  • E

    One thing that is very cool in this camera and you don’t have in others like Nex 7 is that you don’t see in the face any label (excluding lense’s marks). Even Leicas M-9 (not p) have logos and labels. I love this kind of sobriety.

  • Acep

    So in the end this is an M8 – so much for the hype.

  • Mark B

    The Fuji X pro 1 with a Leica 35mm f1.4 ….. Sweeeeeeeeet. But I will settle for the Fuji X pro 1 and the Fuji xf 35mm f1.4.
    PS: Dear santa sorry about this letter being a bit late for christmas but I really want a a FUJI X pro 1 and a 35mm F1.4 lens.

  • Nec

    “So in the end this is an M8 – so much for the hype.”

    In what way is this an M8? It’s not a rangefinder, it’s aps-c, and it has a different (though yes convertable) mount. It’s an autofocus mirrorless retro cam with a great viewfinder.

    Note I am not singing the praises of the m8. I have one, and love it, but it’s a flawed beast.

    • M8 is still at least 2x more expensive than the X-pro-1

    • Bo

      Agree Nec, it is not a M8, exactly as you say for better and for worse. but it is a crop factor sensor camera with a fairly good solution for mounting M lenses. time will show how well it deal with focusing.

      HA. this will probably have to be the top price in my 2012 holiday photo contest. this year was the x100.

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