Olympus starts new “Oh My Goodness” teaser campaign for their upcoming OM-D camera (updated)

The back cover of next week's Amateur Photographer magazine reportedly has a full page teaser ad by Olympus about their upcoming camera. The campaign slogan is "Oh My Goodness" indicating than their product announcement may be related to the old Olympus OM system. The text says something like  "the latest Olympus classic in a long line of design masterpieces".

Update: On January 3, 2012 Olympus registered the trademark Olympus OM-D wich will probably be the name of the new camera:

Olympus OM-D

The German Patent Office also has a registration for the "OM-D" logo:

Olympus definitely likes teaser, as you can see from previous announcements:



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  • Jim


  • KnaP

    4/3 is dead.
    full frame digital OM with classic design (ala Fuji)?

    • MJr

      Neither 4/3 or full-frame is better that each other. Both have their own unique advantages that no future tech can do anything about, and both will continue existence beside each-other for a long long time into the foreseeable future.

    • Teun

      Nobody sais the OMD will not have a 4/3 mount. It’s perfectky possible that this camera will have a 2x cropfactor.

    • SZRimaging

      4/3 is dead. m4/3 is very much alive, kicking, and doing well? I use mine quite a lot compared to my Nikon gear.

      • SZRimaging

        Typo – there shouldn’t be a question mark after doing well…

  • Rob Bannister

    Kinda feel like I would be supporting organized crime by buying a camera from Olympus.

    • MJr

      The Olympus photographic department has let us known that nothing has changed for them and development is up to speed like it has always been, since basically 40 years ago with the success of the OM series. They make our tools the way they are, and that’s who i’m supporting. Whatever happens with the money that is made by some of the corporate heads while providing the means necessary, is none of my business.

      • Rob Bannister

        so we can all assume if you dont need to know where something comes from or what they do with your money afterwards, then you dont mind buying stolen gear (or gear that fell off the truck). I on the other hand do not support it. But its easier for me in this situation because I never like products from Olympus anyways.

        • WoutK89

          I am not sure about all of this either. How come they can still produce new products when actually they are “bankrupt”. To me Olympus is a blacklist company now.

        • MJr

          That’s funny, i write one thing, and you read something completely different. I’m saying the camera department is the camera department, not organized crime. For all you know the manager of a supermarket where you bought your potatoes buys porn from his income. There’s no way of controlling where your money goes where-ever you spend it, and there’s no way refusing to buy a camera is going to make a difference. Especially now, after the fact. It’s not like they’re a corrupted charity, you’re buying a product, and that’s what you get.

    • Along the same lines we should not buy anything as pretty much every company has been involved in clandestine use – Zeiss and Leica were used by German nazis, Nikon was making optics for Imperial Japan, Polaroid was making optics for U.S. military, etc. etc. etc.

      So I don’t buy “my purchase supports yakuza” argument. What I support are creative products that serve my needs.

    • N. Klein

      I am sure Canon and Nikon, and all the other camera manufacturers in the world dabble in Olympus style politics. Apparently, it’s the norm for Japanese companies to function this way (let’s not suppose for one minute that this doesn’t happen all over the world – including the West). If the camera brand you yourself use was found guilty of the same, would you switch brands?

  • 103david

    “Oh, My Goodness, we got caught in bed with the Yakuza!”

  • TC

    How about:
    “Oh My Goodness: the chairman’s stolen $1.3bn”
    “Oh My Goodness: the company filed 20 years of fraudulent accounts”
    “Oh My Goodness: the company buys Yakuza-linked shell companies for $800bn”
    “Oh My Goodness: the company is under investigation in Japan, the US and the UK and might not be around to service your camera.”

    • Mike

      Oh My Goodness, we only just realize 4/3 is a failure and we’re bringing digital 135 format back.

  • Don Pope

    Whatever it is, it better have a built-in viewfinder.

  • Nick

    I’m with KnaP: Nothing less than a digital-backed classic manual focus OM-4 will even cause me to click the photorumors link in my RSS reader.

  • CRB

    OMG..we need to have better sensors up to 2012 standards….jeh…

  • Vlad

    Oh My Goodness, I’m going to BoollyWoooooooooood!

  • EE

    hmmmm, what do you guys want to bet it’s just APSC in the “OM” body? If it went FF…where’s Olympus getting its sensor?

    • ostis the ostis

      where does everyone else get their sensors from?

      anyhow — perhaps sony.

      • Troll of Bifröst

        The company that bought Kodak Sensor department, Sony, Fuji, and Dalsa.

        • SZRimaging

          Doesn’t Panasonic make their own? Whoever supplies Panny is, I believe, the supplier for all m4/3 sensors currently.

  • DP

    Oh My Goodness, that guy just cut off my finger!

    Who says Oh My Goodness?

    • MJr

      Japanese translators ?

  • J Shin

    I fear that by “design classics” they are referring to the O Product and such, not the OM-4T, the only Olympus SLR I thought was worth owning. I would rather see an XA, of course; a full-frame compact!

    • MJr

      The O and the M are not highlighted in the ad because they are going to remake the XA.

    • Ke

      I’d sell all my gear for a digital 35RC.

  • Alfons

    It’s not going to be full frame. Olympus can’t afford to bring another system on the market.

    4/3 was great idea when telecentricity was the problem with digital imaging. Too bad they pulled the wrong cards.

    I bet there will be OM-styled m4/3 camera. Yes, with a viewfinder. I’m very much cool with that. Still shooting OMs and m4/3 has some real nice primes 🙂

    • Tim

      “I bet there will be OM-styled m4/3 camera. Yes, with a viewfinder.”

      That sounds like the most realistic answer.

  • Biggstr

    We know the new Olympus camera has a micro 43 form factor since the kit lens for the new camera (weather sealed 12-50mm zoom) has already been released. A question is whether there will be a technical accommodation for people with E-system cameras and 43 lenses. A camera or multiple camera models that would work with both 43 and micro 43 lenses would be a technical tour de force. It is in the E-system where most of Olympus best and professional-grade lenses still reside. And Olympus has stated that it will continue to support the E-system/43.

  • Blender

    IF it is a digital OM, I will be first in line. I have some amazing OMs.
    But how likely is it? Not much.

  • BornOptimist

    It will be called OM-D

    • MJr

      You’re forgetting that days you don’t have a real camera if there is no X in it 😉

      • MJr

        *these days

  • N. Klein

    Oh My Goodness! My there is a lot of negativity towards Olympus on this post. How many of you poking fun at the Olympus brand have actually used an Olympus camera, particularly an Olympus 4/3 camera? Please people, don’t judge a camera before you’ve used it! Pick up an Olympus camera today – you’ll be surprised!

    • Anon

      I picked one up, and I was surprised, but it wasn’t a good surprise.

      • to-mas

        Olympus E-1 the worst camera I ever used. Expensive, bad quality, slow and stupid.Sorry.

    • BornOptimist

      I have never had any 43 Olympus, but I have had m43 Olympus cameras (and OM Olympus in the past), but just like Panasonic m43 cameras (which I have also owned), they fail misserably on areas I value high.
      Unless Olympus will fix their tracking AF capability, I’m not going to buy a OM m43.

  • Anon

    So now everyone’s jumping onto the retro bandwagon after Fuji’s success. All I can say is this: Olympus has the makings for an excellent camera here, but it needs to be a real SLR with a “full frame” 24×36 image sensor and a compact body with enough processing power and battery life to not be slow. If they come out with a 4/3rds SLR or m4/3rds mirrorless camera with a bump for an electronic viewfinder and a giant menu system and stuff…ugh

  • Olympian

    Go Full Frame Olympus or don’t do it at all. No one wants M4/3!

    • Not gonna happen.

      The best selling EVIL at the moment is the Nikon J1, with a sensor smaller than m43.

      If Olympus was to release a full frame camera, not only would they have to source the sensor, they would have to recreate a whole lens lineup from scratch (no use recycling 40 years old OM designs, as good as they were then). That is hard for any company (just ask Sony why they do not have a full lens lineup for NEX), but impossible for a company struggling to keep up their operations.

      The OM-D will be a MFT camera with SLR-like styling, nothing more, IMHO.

      • DigiFilm

        Did you just make that up? I checked on Amazon and the J1 is #10 behind Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic models.

        • ausserirdischegesund

          thom hogan says so on sans mirror.

    • Teun

      43 rumors sais it’s going to be m43 with a 16MP sensor.

  • For some reason, every time I think the words “Oh My Goodness” I hear it in an Indian accent.

    I hope they relaunch the Pen F or OM system (both film please), but somehow I doubt it. We’ll just get more noisy sensors wrapped in a girl-friendly shell, with controls buried deep in a shoddy menu system. Art effects will be applied by the bucket load to distract from noise and poor sharpening.

    • geecen

      “I hope they relaunch the Pen F or OM system (both film please)”–

      You know you are allowed to buy old cameras, there are plenty of OM’s around and a fair few Pen F’s. What would be the pint of re-releasing it? Unless you only buy cameras that are hyped and new

  • fants

    This is either an FF dSLR or a mirrorless camera with little to do with the OM mount aside from perhaps an official adapter. A mirrorless OM-mount camera makes no sense at all given the long register distance, unless they’ve found some sort of revolutionary way to “fake” that. Which I highly doubt.

    If it’s just a Micro 4/3 camera with a prism bump, I’m going to laugh and laugh.

    • Can’t be a full frame camera, for the simple reason that Olympus does not have a FF lens lineup. What good is a camera without lenses?

  • Camaman

    A pen with a viewfinder bump is exactly what people want. M43 mout also. Nobodz needs another mount.
    And FF? what are you guys dreaming about…
    Olympus is all abou m43. Especially now. FF ane even aps-c are furthest from their minds…

    • MJr

      Agreed, but i’m not ruling anything out just yet. Who knows, it might even have OM mount and take all the old lenses. Man that would raise the prices, should have stocked up before.

      • fants

        It will NOT be a mirrorless camera with an OM mount. That’d completely defeat the point of it being mirrorless.

        • MJr

          Who said anything about Mirrorless ? Like i said, not ruling anything out. A completely new line can be anything, and we all know the OM wasn’t Mirrorless in the first place. That said, again, my guess is m4/3 with the ‘new kind’ of EVF. If it’s awesome, same size as the OM1, and it can take Oly’s 12mm F2, i’ll take it.

          • Tim

            Add some sealing to that, their new “proffesional grade” lens for m43 is weathersealed. That could make it worth it for many.
            So: M43, viewfinder, small body and sealing. We can expect at least as good AF as the E-P3 and that might not be up to the standards of the new nikons but it is still damn good.
            I just hope that they get a modern sensor as well so we get the lowlight IQ.

          • MJr

            It’s a different ‘kind’ of super-fast AF. (no tracking), but that’s alright, i’ll still always have a DSLR anyway. Neither could ever replace one another.

            Really hope that this is going to be something because i absolutely hate that darned ‘amateurs can use it too’ feeling of all current m4/3 bodies.

    • Actually there are many people who hate the “faux-DSLR” form factor, and would prefer a viewfinder eyepiece on the top left corner of the camera, rangefinder style.

      I think the DSLR-formfactor for EVILs (Panasonic G1,2,3, Samsung NX10) was not that huge a commercial success.

  • inteliboy

    Classic, solid, compact, manual controls, 35mm… we had this camera format perfected decades ago.

    It’d be amazing to finally see full frame digital versions of the OM, or Nikons FM series…

    • fants

      This would be very cool in my book. The OM series (and Pentax ME series) SLRs were much, much smaller than modern day FF dSLRs. An exact full-frame digital copy of an OM-2 really wouldn’t be all that much bigger than the M9 or Fuji X-Pro (the significantly protruding lens mount would be the only real size difference). That’d be a very, very interesting idea; not trying to go nuts with a FF mirrorless, but instead just making a very compact FF dSLR. I reckon it could be pulled off if a lot of bells and whistles were omitted.

      Of course that’s a complete pipe dream and whatever this turns out to be is going to be highly disappointing…but it’d still be a fantastic camera in theory.

  • CRB

    Admin, do you have any info about the camera…specially about the sensor?

    • No, but I doubt Olympus will do anything risky – I think the will stick to the m4/3 format.

  • Dustin

    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark?

  • I would much rather see a FF digital Olympus XA… I love my XA!

  • Nathan

    I love my E-30. It works fine, since I shoot in daylight and studio conditions. If I used it for low light photography, I’d be let down.
    The E-P3 is likewise excellent for this purpose (but lacks sync port). I also have some Nikon equipment, it’s great, but I can take decent photos with either and can’t understand the hate.
    The 35-100 f2 is the perfect studio portrait lens for me. On the D3 I use a 70-300 f2.8 and once I do prints to 5×7 or 8×10 it is impossible to tell which camera shot which shot. Either is 12MP, either is low enough noise for studio lighting type shots, either is good enough for daylight. The D3 blows out my clouds a bit less often.
    If Olympus wants to stick with 4/3, fine. Eventually, they’ll get a sensor that’s good enough for use at ISO 3200 which is as far as I care to go, ever.
    At 200, which is where I use my cameras most of the time, I can grab either kit, I’m ambivalent. The D3 is a bit heavy for on-the-go, so I usually leave it in the studio if I have a choice.
    I AM interested in the D4 and am also interested in what Olympus is doing. Their stuff isn’t “excellent”, but it’s very usable and their glass is quite good.

  • OMG, what happened to all of our money?

  • Stephen B

    I don’t think Fuji is a success because it is going retro, well, that is part of it but ‘retro’ is not the right term, to coin a phrase, how about ‘Correctro’ ie. they are going back to what a camera should correctly look like and feel like. What seems to be lost on people is that it can be that something evolves to a point where it is right and no further evolution is required. Pretty bold statement I know but I have seen cameras try and turn into flying saucers and UPOs (unidentified photographic objects) and basically they just don’t work. The ergonomics are wrong, you can’t hold it properly, the viewfinder is in the wrong place or does not exist, the key controls are buried in menus or not accessible (seemingly just so the ‘new’ design can be accommodated). Let’s face it, certain designs are just right and should not be changed. Watching the camera market moving toward a rangefinder style camera with manual controls in the right places is quite amazing – the market (read people with the money to buy) is dictating what they want and the shape of the camera is what it was 30 years ago.

    Shoe laces have not changed much in how long? There have been a few attempts with pull strings and velcro but ulitmately people decided, no, when they got it right a few hundred years ago, it was right and no changes were necessary – which is why we still have laces today. Same with looking left and right before you cross the road – there is a reason that has not changed either… It is not retro… but correct(ro).

    Happy Monday everyone.

    • Bob2


      Fuji actually listened to photographers and realized that there was no need to fix what is not broken. Fuji, Leica, and to a lesser extent, Panasonic, have been brave enough to make various photographer-driven cameras, not designed by marketing depts with gazillion buttons and useless fluff, and thus have gotten the attention of advanced/serious/pro photographers (albeit at a price). Even on my Nikons, I use AF lenses with aperture dials, because I like the mechanical feedback and setting the aperture without looking down at the camera (counting clicks). Too bad Nikon won’t put back the shutter speed dial (a la the Panasonic DMC-L1 or various Leicas) where it was always.

      Sometimes, the mousetrap just works, and attempts to improve it is just marketing.

  • Nathan

    Quite possibly, it is a micro four thirds camera with a focal reducer that is detachable for OM glass, and some lenses for it with a larger image circle (which is then reduced by the AF focal reducer that Olympus has previously patented).
    Focal reducers are interesting because they’re hard to make, (would rely on SWD for extremely small movements of the lens elements), really hard to make as an adapter (you can only do it effectively if you’re adapting a long flange distance large image circle lens to a short flange distance small image circle camera), and could theoretically be used to make a small-sensor camera produce images equivalent to full frame because they increase the light density to the sensor, gaining an f stop, and completely reproduce the depth of field and framing of the original lens/original image circle.

    We had seen rumors of this adapter before, and nothing came of it in spite of the patent. It is quite possible that Olympus finally has chosen to bring it to market as a part of an OM release. Note that if a focal reducer is used, the sensor will not be APS or 135 sized, as you do either focal reduction OR large sensor, not both.

    • Nathan

      I should add that I would NOT expect a detachable mirror-box built into the focal reducer. That would probably not fit. OM-D should have EVF and be a micro four thirds product. The SWD focal reducer should work with the new focus firmware and sensor so that predictive, or at least fast, focusing is possible even with manual focus lenses.

      I would think the best thing ever would be a focal reducer with autofocus (already patented by Olympus) coupled to dumb lenses made with focus fixed near infinity. They’d be fast primes with 35mm image circles made specifically for the focal reducer, and have OM mount so that the focal reducer is dual-purpose.

      If they build it, it will sell, but can it be built, and will they build it?

  • Steve Hoffmann

    I’d love to see an Olympus XA-D, or and Olympus Mju II-D!

    with m4/3 sensor, APS-C or FF – I dont care 😉

  • camerman

    It’s a m43 camera with a built in EVF and shaped like the old om slr camera. I’m about to wet myself with excitement. So this will be Olympus’ fourth camera. I can see their strategy now. 1- introduce low end camera with missing features, epm1. 2- introduce second camera with one more feature, articulating screen.3- introduce a flagship camera, but still have no EVF.4- introduce another camera in a different shape but add in the EVF. Now repeat the steps backwards until you get to the om-1 lite.

  • N. Klein

    Canikon will be getting excited about the new Olympus camera. They’ll be copying every new feature and then calling it their own. Their designers will be busy taking the Olympus camera apart and trying to work out how the Oly boys do it. Nikon’s miserable attempt at competing with 4/3 with their smaller sensor V and J1 cameras is pathetic! The image from these cameras is terrible.

  • veryan weston

    Yes please…we need reasonably priced focal reducer for Olympus OM to Sony E mount (nex)

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