DxOMark: Fuji X10 vs. Nikon P7100 vs. Canon G12

DxOMark just released their test results for the Fuji X10 camera ($599.95) and it seems that it outperforms both the Nikon P7100 ($499.95) and Canon G12 ($419.95). It will be interesting to see how the X10 will compare to the new G1X:

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  • In sensor technology, Fuji is a formidable force to reckon with.

  • camerafan

    X10 wins in the above comparison due to bigger sensor. believe G1X will win if compare to X10 later as the sensor of G1X is bigger. Seems like now the companies are cashing the cow of “X” factor. Now, almost all companies are naming their pro products with an “X”.

    • CRB

      the interesting part is when you campoare it to the canon S100…the canon still has (little) more DR….fujis supposed specialty…

      • CRB

        ops..compare it…correction

    • FMJ

      maybe we will see a iphone X sometime soon : )

  • I actually think that the win over the considerably older G12 is surprisingly narrow considering the X10 is both newer and has a larger sensor. Would be surprising if the G1X wasn’t significantly better.

  • Buel

    It doesn’t outperform the Canon S100 (over all score also at 50) and the Nikons 1 are at 54 and 56 …

  • it is preposterous to write the last sentence on this post
    How does the X10 which does marginally better than the G12 could compare with the much larger sensor of the G1x
    Let s be serious , shall we ?


  • Dnguyen

    $200 for minor improvement? Pass…

  • Huggs

    Seems par for the course.

  • Discontinued

    There is much more to the X10 than just a slightly better performing sensor. At least to me such things as its bright lens and a real zoom ring mean a lot. It’s priceless.

  • Erkan

    The biggest difference is in ISO performance :Nikon’s 165 vs x10’s 245(S100 score is 153).This is important indeed.On the plus side you will also have EXR capabilities in x-10.

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