Olympus OM-D rumored specs

Here are the first specs of the rumored Olympus OM-D camera:

  • The design of the new OM-D camera will look similar to the classic OM series
  • 1.44M dots EVF which will simulate the pentaprism designs
  • New technologies have been introduced to compensate for camera shake and AF
  • Two colors will be available: black and silver
  • Weather sealed magnesium body
  • 16MP sensor
  • Camera width: 121mm
  • Weight: 425g
  • Release date: late March, 2012

Via Digicame-info


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  • Fotoman

    Sounds nice. Looking forward to past memories of a borrowed OM1 in the late 80’s … great camera and beautiful optics!

    • Camaman

      I quite like the specs!
      The camera is not wide it is presumably same as E-P3 and 2cm smaller than X-Pro1 and 1cm vs D7000.

      Can’t wait to see what have they done to EVF to be similar to OM.
      Hopefully not just on the external look.
      Maybe it will have a fake digital focusing screen simulation that works as a MF assist.

      The next 2-3weeks will be torture… 🙂

  • Josh

    So, essentially it’s a more expensive e-p3? Still a m4/3 sensor, it looks like. I’m not a big fan of the small m4/3 sensor, but I might be interested if Olympus would at least produce some affordable fast primes.

  • broxibear

    Looking forward to seeing this camera, Olympus have always designed beautiful cameras.

  • Don Pope

    It has an EVF so I’m interested.

  • Peter

    FF? No, yes,no?

    • @Peter

      I wish/hope/fantasize that it will be FF! If it is, I will get it. If not, oh well. Sooner or later someone – other than Leica – will develop a FF mirrorless/rangefinder alternative to a DSLR. A small mirrorless FF would be an awesome tool for events and other venues where PJ style shots are desired.

      I just don’t like crop factors; it’s not the cropping that is unsettling to me. For example, sure a 35mm on a 1.5 crop is approximately 50mm in FoV, but it still has the curvature/distortion of a 35mm – that is what bothers my eye. I’ve read that the curvature may be less extreme on a mirrorless/rangefinder than an SLR, but I’ll have to see one one in action before I purchase a camera with a sensor < FF.

  • fants

    I wish I could stomach the little sensor, because this sounds pretty nifty to me!

  • DaStar

    Olympus thinks that the reason for X100 success is the retro design but it’s the IQ that sold that camera like warm bread. Using a micro four turds sensor with 16MP smells like a disaster.

    • Camaman

      Duuude… It IS the retro design and feel that sold X100. Fuji would sell 20% if they made it like Nikon 1 and they would sell 5% current volume if it looked like Ricoh GXR…

      Rangefinder and SLR look are back in “enthusiast market” with these digital Retros.
      The age of bulky and arguably ergonomic plastic toy DSLR is coming to an end.

    • nodody

      I actually like the disasters my GH2 delivers with its 16mp sensor 🙂

  • i remember selling the OM-2 nice cameras

  • MB

    It seams to me that every couple of years Olympus announces new equally unsuccessful line of cameras that are incompatible with previous ones so those poor few faithful Olympus customers can just throw away all equipment (lenses etc.) they invested in so far (unless they get some insanely expensive and chunky adapters) and are forced to get new one.
    I wonder for how long this stupid trick will work.

  • inteliboy

    I don’t understand why oly would make this a m43 camera. All their om mount lenses won’t work on this om camera… and even with an adaptor will be extremely cropped.

  • Mark

    I wonder if this is a solution for their defunct 4/3rds line of lenses. People actually liked that 14-35 F2, which is the only reason I can think of other than physical camera size to bother with their systems.

    • Dummy00001

      43 had a number of nice lenses. Even cheapest of the lenses worked better than the comparable lenses on APS-C. Overall, from the remarkable features was the edge-to-edge sharpness. My friend (despite knowing that 43 is dead and even I slowly think of replacement of my 43 gear) often jokes that he wants to “upgrade” from APS-C to 43, if only for the good cheap lenses. Even now, Zuiko 14-45mk2 and Zuiko 70-300 provide coverage and quality which are hard to replicate on any other system for the price – and at the weight class.

    • lee

      If you can’t think of a reason then you probably can’t think… Their lenses frequently knock spots off those from other pro manufactures, snotty comments like that remind me of the crap said about the original OM system…

  • Diego

    This is great news! For about eight years I hope and imagine Olympus “OM-D” series. So… I’m a visionary! (I’m not lying)

  • camerman

    So in other words, its an Olympus ep3 shaped like the old om slr with an EVF.
    Whoopie doo. That’s the new camera? God, what people fall for nowadays is quite tragic.

    • OnTheFence

      An E-P3 sized weather resistant camera body, with gobs of external manual controls and a respectable 16Mp sensor, would make me look hard at investing into this system.

  • cfw

    Their sensor and mount better be interchangeable with existing micro 4/3. If they make it for 4/3 only and not M4/3, they’ve lost my business forever.

  • Snoop

    Only if the image quality is much better then the current m4/3 line (E-P3 etc.), will I be interested. I don’t really care about looks alone and the AF on the current series is fast enough for me. The Fuji X100 for example has great image quality at low and high ISO settings. None of the m4/3 camera’s have image quality that comes close to it. Too much noise, even at base ISO and then there is the the disappointing dynamic range. My guess is, that it’s best to wait for the Fuji X-Pro 1 and see what it does. It will probably have annoying slow AF and file write times, like the Fuji X100, but it’s image quality might be very, very good. Of course the price will also be higher, but in the end a Fuji might be a better investment.

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