Fujifilm X100 black limited edition now available for pre-order

Adorama is now taking pre-orders for the Fujifilm X100 black limited edition:


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  • Jim

    $500 difference..This is Bool Sheet.

  • Colm47

    Jim, you’re missing the point! You get all the add ons also i.e. the case etc.

    And a lovely black box and a certificate! What more could you ask for?!?!

    • Nico

      “What more could you ask for?!?!”

      A reliable camera !?… 🙂

    • Jim

      I’ll buy my own case, black box I have plenty and I cannot take pictures with a certificate. Again BOOL SHEET.

    • Anonymous

      “What more could you ask for?!?!”

      AF that isn’t slow and actually reliable, and MF that actually does something instead of taking 100 turns to get things in focus.

  • DP

    When you buy the hood, filter adapter and case separately, the difference is about ten bucks, so just pick your colour.

  • fuji

    cant believe nowadays people still fall for marketing stunts. charging extra just for “limited” and “certificate”.

  • Colm47

    I was being sarcastic about the box and the certificate.

    But as DP says, add in the extras and the price difference is not much from the original.

  • If money’s no object and you want a fixed lens then it’s a buy. Lovely.

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