Is this the Olympus OM-D camera?

I just received this picture of the Olympus OM-D. I don't have the original source, nor do I know if this image is authentic (maybe the reader who sent it can provide me with some more details by using this contact form).

Here are some of the expected OM-D camera specs:

  • 16MP sensor
  • ISO range: 200 - 25600
  • EVF which will simulate the pentaprism design
  • The built-in flash will have a GN=10 (Guide Number)
  • 5-axis shake reduction
  • Fast AF & 3D tracking
  • Two colors will be available: black and silver
  • Weather sealed magnesium body
  • Camera width: 121mm
  • Weight: 425g
  • Release date: late March, 2012
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  • 007

    that’s a good looking camera.

  • did any of the original OMs have a build in flash? Would the “prism” pop up in this case? if that’s real, I hope that dial on top is shutter speed and not a mode dial.

    • mse

      real OMs had a hotshoe that you’d screw to the top of the prism, or use the pc socket to the side of the lens mount.

    • ngb

      Original OM’s didn’t even come with a hotshoe as standard, let alone a built in flash. The shutter speed dial was a ring around the lens mount – you can see the two grooved grips for this in the mockup photo.

      • Frog

        It was standard, it was detachable on the OM1 and OM2 the others it was not, you could insert a ttl adapter instead of the hot shoe, the ttl adapter was optional. The hot shoe adapter after 10-30 years tended to break the plastic, some people replaced the plastic.

    • Alfons

      Shutter speed dial on top plate? HERESY!

      The clever design of Olympus Maitani cameras was that shutter speed was controlled by a ring around the lens mount. There might well be this kind of control wheel on the new design if Olympus is going to respect the OM design. They have one already on XZ-1.

      • Discontinued

        The placement of the shutter speed dial was pure genius. The OM cameras are the only cameras I am aware of, allowing the photographer’s hands to always stay in place for all of the most important settings and actions (aperture, focus, shutter speed, shutter release, crank, EV-correction).
        It was one of the reasons why I chose the OM-system back in the 80s when I started learning photography.

        • Agfa SLR’s had this design from before the OM series was birthed. Of course, Japan cameras almost always are easier to use than the ones they copy.

          The Agfa was about a kilogram. Still, my mate paid like 12$ for it in Sweden. Not bad.

        • Robert Korn

          The early Nikon’s also had this design on the Nikkormat and Nikkomat FT, FTn and FT2…possibly others too.

      • Teun

        The distance between the m43 mount and the sensor is much smaller to the original distance between the OM mount and the film, so there is much less room for such a ring. So I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.

      • Adam Maas

        The shutter speed ring was stolen from Nikon, which used the design on the Nikkormat FS, FT, FTn, FT2 and FT3 before abandoning it for consistency with the F and F2 which had the top-mounted location to allow coupling with metered prisms (as did the Canon F1’s). The Nikkormats long predate the OM system, haven been introduced some 6 years earlier in 1965.

  • Ken Elliott

    Very nice. I’d almost buy one just for its looks. Almost.

    • Harold Ellis

      pic is obviously fake, but such looking camera i would buy in hearbeat… of course if it would be at least APS-H

  • Peter

    i think it’s a fake, looks like a photoshop atempt at the ep-3… still would like it to look this way, very handsom.

  • mse


    they grafted an OM prism/mount onto a picture of a current Pen.

    on the OM, the knob on the left of the lens (10 o’clock) is the mirror-up lever. the thing on the right of the lens (~2 o’clock) is the flash pc socket.


    pity. because i love the OM and its usability.

  • sorry, Limpus, but this is retro-ugly… could you learn from Leica and Fuji about design?

  • Ben

    Looks good-classic and shake reduction in body-nice. It would be a great inconspicuous camera in that it looks unassuming.

  • Eugene

    Looks nice, but I think it’s a photoshopped mockup..

  • Rob-L

    Looks fake. Looks like someone used an E-P3 and added OM bits to it.

  • Ben Y

    An obvious graft from various Olympus cameras. I think (read: hope) Olympus can do better than this.

  • inteliboy

    damn i wish this wasn’t m43 but an actual om system camera…

  • Manuel

    If this is the new OM-D, then it’s definitely not a “masterpiece in a long line of design classics”. It just looks like a poor copy of yesterdays glory.

  • acuberos

    Fake. Its a mashup of the EP3 and a OM-1 (or OM-2).

  • Dana Kincaid

    It’s fake. Look at the lugs.

    The logo Olympus, is Photoshopped in.

    Look at the grip (on your left).

    Cute, but no cigar.

  • CRB

    I dont care about the looks, i acre about IQ..if it ahs a panasonic sensor…NO deal…

  • Anon

    yes, obviously fake, but not terrible looking if the final product resembles it in any way. the sides are too high to look as classy as a real OM. obviously the body is a current olympus pen model so my point is mute, but the grip should be farther from the lens mount because there’s no room for your fingers in there.

    dear nikon canon sony olympus fuji pentax etc: the camera we want is a camera like an Olympus OM, Nikon FE/FM, Canon AE-1, Pentax K1000, etc. a classic compact slr camera with a full frame sensor and a mirror (yeah, surprise we want a mirror!) and either a nice screen on the back, or a hybrid EVF like the fuji X100 where we can look at our images. We want the camera to shoot maybe two frames a second max, have ISO only up to 3200 because if I need more than that I’m not going to like the light anyway, a mechanical shutter advance (take a look at the epson RD1, this greatly reduces battery consumption plus it actually feels like you’re contributing to the image), and a good battery, all in a small body that costs less than $2000. your move.

  • broxibear

    I was hoping something more like this

    • Alfons

      NIce design, maybe the E-PM2 should look like that. Too bad it has nothing to do with OM design.

    • Ke

      That looks like the digital Version of the Olympus 35RC I’ve been asking for. 🙂

  • Huggs

    Nice photochop!

  • stepper

    I’m all for following classic design cues but for some reason the speculated OM-D just doesn’t do it for me. The penta-prism just seems out of place on a mirrorless camera. Sorta like putting a gas tank on a bicycle to make it look like a motorcycle.

    • Discontinued

      Nice analogy. made me smile. You pretty much nailed it. On the other hand, an EVF of non-SLRs has to go somewhere and has to be shaped somehow.

  • Frog

    It is fake, it has OM lens releases not mFT. It looks kind of nice though and the important mirror lock for a mirror-less camera must of used the OM-1 for the OM part it and maybe the OM-3 or 4 had mirror locks, the others did not. The picture has been updated

    • Ben

      Nooooo…. they removed shutter speed dial too… 😉

    • thanks, I will updated the post

  • Robert Falconer

    Not even maybe. Total chop.

  • Looks just like my OM-10! Would be good for my lens collection. What’s the sensor size?

  • Daryl

    A 45mm lens suggests full frame sensor, but a 37mm filter is minisule and not likely on a nomal lens for full frame. If the camera is anything close to the picture Olympus will sell out fast, a la Leica M9.

  • That’s a cute little design.

  • Goose

    If this camera gets an mft sensor it will not sell well, people will want to have a much bigger sensor than that in a camera such as OM. Very very stupid from olympus to use a small sensor like mft.

  • Ojojo

    Surely a fake, although a very nice design, and close to recent rumors. Without a prism there would be no need for the extra height of the “triangle”, but would Olympus still use that styling to emphasize the OM link?

    Incidentally, who are these people talking FF and/or OM lens mount?
    Did the digital Pens come with original Pen mount? Of course not. Olympus are committed to m43.

  • Camaman

    OMG ther are still people dreaming it will be FF…:-/

    The pic is obviously pjotoshoped with recent leaked description in mind.:-)

  • lee

    Move along, noting to see here… I checked the updated photo where the shutter control ring has been removed, that is a giveaway for starters and a shame, as I loved the unique placement of controls on my old OMs. Also that hand grip is just ugly and demonstrates the limits of someones photoshop skills, I reckon.

  • mailer sender

    An easy grafted on photoshop of an OM-1 body onto a picture of a current digital Pen. The knob on the right of the lens is a flash PC socket and the other knob on the left is the mirror-up lever. Maybe will be look like the OM-3 or OM-4..

  • stylish like their old camera designs hope it works for them

  • MB

    So fake, OM1 plus PEN3 …

  • Iain Dickinson

    Clever photoshop image. Take an EP-3 add the 45mm front end image, and then add the centre of an OM camera complete with prism surround. Looks great.

    It will be nice if the final camera looked this good.

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