Samsung NX200 RS “retro” version to be announced this weekend

Samsung is expected to release the NX200 RS camera for the South Korean market this Saturday. The specs will be identical to the NX200 model ($899). The new camera will feature a silver top plate that is suppose to give it a "retro look".

Here is a picture of the NX200 RS next to the "old" NX200:


Via Danawa

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  • Narretz

    This is madness …

    • Harold Ellis

      retro is with viewfinder. stick your composition on bad LCDs somewhere.

  • Arn

    Samsung have no history in photography.
    Trying to do some “retro style” is the dumbest think to do for them. This is meaningless.

    • Arthur

      True, but nonetheless I like the silver better.

    • Daemonius

      Well, its nicer than just “black brick”. Otherwise about “no history in photography”, you are slightly wrong. Samsung dSLR history is as long as Pentax dSLR history. And actually Samsung version of Pentax cameras were better than Pentax own. 🙂

      It just wasnt much noticed in EU or US.

  • lol.

  • Retro look? Are you sure that was the intent? It looks like something from Star Trek NG.

  • nyspete

    far from being retro.

  • Mandrake

    Talk about slapping lipstick on a pig.

  • Chris

    Oh Samsung.. I really am embarresed .. you are able to produce amazing products (Galaxy S2, etc.) but what on earth is your camera division doing : /

    • hexx

      what they do with phones – COPY

    • Ke

      I think their cameras are pretty good (& they actually make small lenses for them, whereas Sony makes a single pancake lens) – although calling this retro is very weird & slightly daft.

  • Zeno

    Dear Samsung, Olympus, Fuji and even Leica: we don’t care about Retro. We care about quality. Like big sensors, small bodies, fantastic Lenses, and good prices. Get rid of that retro stuff already. The outside should reflect the inside. Innovate, create cameras, and then make them look innovative – and we will happily buy your stuff.

    • vam

      I don’t think you should use “we” but rather stick to “I” because, for example, I love the styling and form of Fuji’s and Leica’s cameras. Personally I’d rather have a full manual camera with external dials, manual focus only and an EVF with peaking, without creative filters, sweep panorama and other “innovative” features. And without the too complex and plastic forms which are popular today. And before you say I’m an old geezer who can’t follow technology, I’m from the mid-eighties.

    • Ben Y

      Please stop trying to speak for others.

      • camerman

        I don’t he’s trying to speak for others, the “we” in his statement was meant to be rhetorical. But if “we” are honest with ourselves, I’m sure alot of photo ppl feel the same way he does. Being a Samsung nx owner, I find this camera to be a slap on the face t. it’s as if they have almost completely given up. That’s what happens when you have more bean counters and accountants in your camera division than actual camera buffs.
        The most important things for any csc camera is AF, minimal shutter lag, good sensor..not perfect but good, nice body styling and a good price. Samsung seems to have not understood. In fact, alot of companies don’t understand. They make overpriced cameras, cameras with missing features, ugly cameras, cameras that are the same but hidden under a new body cover. 99% of people begging for Full Frame can’t even afford it. heck, Samsung could have sold more nx100’s if they just made the body look exactly like the leica m9. If they’re going to copy someone least copy the right things. They can’t even get that right now.
        It’s not hard to build a good csc that has all the important features. But I doubt it will be made because too may consumers are always crying that the sensor is not perfect, that it’s not full frame, that the lenses aren’t fast enough, etc. Im sure a csc maker could make an affordable 8mp full frame sensor camera but most ppl would pooh pooh the 8mp sensor faster than you can say pooh pooh.

    • inteliboy


      I’ll pass on the “innovative” plastic gimmick cameras thanks.

  • JG10

    what a joke

  • wonker

    tell me, does samsung even sell enough of the un-retro ones?

  • Petter

    Are they serious? A silver top plate doesn’t make this look anywhere near retro..

  • Camaman

    Looks good to me, how ever they call it.
    But that small flash? Why oh, why dont they make a bouncable flash this small. It’s like nobody of the designers ever took a flash photo!!
    This one bounces of the floor I see…

    I like this body… but there’s no way around those APS-C lenses, is there… Especially todays, with their motors and OIS etžc… Its sad, cause they are messing up the systems…

  • Utter ugly for both!

  • NuReality

    This really isn’t new territory for Samsung, at least not from the design angle.

    They began this “Retro Design” kick back in the early days of the NX cameras… Its actually one of the things that got me to buy my first camera of theirs, my NV10 (or NV15, don’t remember anymore) because of its “mini-rangefinder” look. The camera was cute and the flip up flash was kinda funky. But it gave me some faith in P&S’s again. And eventually led me to upgrading that to my TL500! (waiting on its replacement).

    As someone old enough, and fortunate enough to still have working cameras that this is trying to emulate, I must say I welcome it. If I were looking at the NX200, I’d DEFINITELY go for the RS.

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