Fuji X-Pro1 camera and lenses now available for pre-order

Amazon just opened their pre-orders for the Fuji X-Pro1 camera and lenses:

B&H pre-order options:

Adorama pre-order options:

Jessops (UK)

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  • hexx

    still nothing on UK amazon

  • tsy

    wow, so I guess the 1699.95 body only price point stands…

    reasonably priced lenses… over priced body. But I still want it!! blah!!

    Hopefully the price is wrong on amazon.

    • Daniel Schwartzkopf

      Well, same price on Adorama, so I’m guessing that’s it.

  • Dima

    Any idea when they actually ship?

  • fred

    Was ready to buy. Saw shutter lag video. Not buying (yet?).

  • photo_la

    expect anything that isnt a plastic molded mediocre camera to be in the high teens from now on. The price is good for the camera. Add the Leica M adapter and I doubt i will pick up my digital leicas anymore.

    • Harold Ellis

      so you will turn your wesome 5000$ 35f1.4 into mediocre 50 f2.0. good move, ya.

      • Nico


        Also the M adapter is not yet released, and nobody knows if this camera will have a good manual focusing system assist !….

        Anyway, come on guys, hurry up, your hype new camera is coming, let’s spend some cash again, and again… 😉

    • hexx

      Makes sense for low light photography, M9 can’t go above ISO2500. Leica will probably just announce new body later this year, which would lead to 2013 delivery dates. If money isn’t a problem, this could make that wait a bit sweeter for M owners. But I agree, question of focus assist in MF mode remains unanswered. You can get 100% zoom via rear wheel press in MF but that’s usable only for static subjects.

      • Nico

        I agree…


  • Craig

    I will not be a first adopter for this camera. It costs way, way, way too much for what it is.

    The Leica price point leaves a ton of headroom for Fuji to make a ton on the units they sell.

    • Vince

      Sorry, while this is not a “cheap” camera body, in my universe it in NO way makes it anywhere near the “Leica price point”. Unless, of course, you mean the Leica X1. Hardly a comparison there, is it?

      I guess I wonder why people are shocked, or even surprised by this price. The fixed lens X100 is only 30% less. I’m just glad it’s not closer to the yen/usd conversion rate.

      The only two things keeping this off my short term list are my interest in the impending D800 (to supplement my D700) and a current lack of adapter that facilitates aperture control with my Nikon G lenses. Yes, I know G lenses are far from an ideal implementation on this type body. I’d plan to purchase the Fujinon 35/1.4 with the body and try to manage for a while with no others…

      • bob2


        +1. Well said.

        Not Leica price point at all. In line with Canon’s 7D ($1700), and probably D400 (estimated at $1800+). I too have grown weary of the price complaints–is everyone expecting P&S pricing? Even the D7000, replacing the Nikon D90, is $1300 for body only (not pro build, plastic insides).

        Comparing it to a used M8 ($2400) or M8.2 ($3000), both which are slow, have ancient, noisy sensors with poor dynamic range (I had one on loan for a while and never got satisfactory results), the XPro1 is a bargain. Not bashing Leica, but using it as a reference point.

        I don’t need the extra pixels, so I don’t desire the D800 (yet). But I do like the smaller size and form factor of the X Pro1, so I’ll sell my backup D300 and several lenses, soon buy it, and keep the D700.

    • J Shin

      I feel exactly the same way as Craig.

  • Mat

    They are going to make BANK! Go Fuji!

  • US $

    The $US is very weak now and likely to stay so for a while. Hence you will have to pay more for imported luxury goods for the foreseeable future. This will help US manufacturing get back on it’s feet and is a good thing for the country. However, cameras are not going to be as cheap as they have been. It s a fact of life the value of the US $ has crashed and unfortunately we will have to get used to it. Who knows we might start making cameras again in the US!

    • fants

      You had me until the last sentence. Crazy talk!

    • Christopher M

      Yes, the poor dollar-yen exchange rate is fueiling these prices. Currently there is 76 yen to the dollar. Even as recently as 2009, it was 100 yen to the dollar, so your $1700 camera would have been only $1,300. It is the result of the US printing money and running insane deficits over the last 3 years. Of course the Euro has been struggling to, so Dollar-Euro value has remained roughly even.

    • tsy

      I buy my guns american and my electronics japanese. Lets not get ahead of ourselves!! hahaha!

    • Bob2

      Maybe the jobs will start coming back from India and China…

      Customer: “Are you sure you’re in China? You don’t sound Chinese”

      Customer Rep (in USA): “Of course, I live in China. I’m eating Chop Suey and Fortune Cookies!!!”

  • bob2

    Here we go again, all the whiners complaining about high prices….

    Nikon D300s–$1600
    Canon 7D–$1700
    Leica M8 (used) – $2200+ (using 1.3x crop, 2004-06 vintage sensor)

    See the pattern? Compared to a USED Leica M8, it’s a downright bargain.

    X Pro1 pricing is in line with other pro/prosumer level cameras. It’s aimed at advanced photographers who use fixed prime lenses, not zooms (although that’s coming as well). It’s not aimed at cheapskates using kit lenses, so you whiners should keep your soccer mom cameras. If you don’t see the value in such a camera with its unique features, then its not for you, STFU and go to and stare at the corner quietly. And take your camera and your soccer mom kit zoom with you.

    • Christopher M

      I agree. Camera + lens is slightly more expensive than the Leica X1 ($1950), but it has interchangeable lenses.

      It is more expensive than the Nex-7, but has a better viewfinder and likely better performance at high ISO.

      Fuji price the X100 at $1200, and it blew away sales expectations, selling over 100,000.

      • Eric

        not to mentioned that xpro1 sensor is on on track to be substantially better then that of a Leica X1. I was sold on an x1 until I got the x100 in my hands.

        Comparing a Leica X1 to an X100….good sparring mates.
        To think the Leica x1 can spar with the XPro1…..doubtful.

        I’m still surprised at how well my x100 stands up to my d700/d7000.

        All this being said…and preordering an Xpro1…I have my concerns…

        1st….manual focus…..on my x100….Is like getting paper cuts in my eyes.
        2nd…the shutter lag video has me concerned….NOT about the lag…but about how the electronics are controlling the lag after the first shot…

        If you watched the videos…the first button press is shows an almost instant shutter movement….followed by delayed 2nd 3rd and 4th presses.

        Seeing how bad the buffer was on the x100(even with at 45mbs card) has me concerned the xpro1 will share some of these issues.

        To ME(I know this doesn’t necc apply to those looking to making it there only camera) It doesn’t matter…..with my 35mm cameras, x100, and medium format cameras….one shot is all thats necessary….

        If i need speed…I will grab an slr….not just for the FPS…but for the instant start up time…better buffering….and better autofocus capabilities.

        I am personally excited to put this in my bag…..However, I do feel bad for those of you who are fretting over the concerns that are being uncovered about this camera.

        Let’s all wait before we decide yay or nay…..heck…im in it JUST for IQ and for it to be my new walkaround. Although I still walk around with a fuji gw690ii haha(x100 is main walkaround). No Meter..no auto focus…8 shots per roll…BIG AS HELL..

        4×5 vs 6×9 vs 35mm vs 1.5(6)x crop vs whatever else…….we should discriminate against any of them….they all have there place.

  • Webelieve

    I just Pre ordered the whole kit. Can’t wait!

  • Stanleyk

    I’m cracking up on the “soccer mom” thing. I have noticed a pattern on most of these sites which I’ve been reading for amusement the last 20-30 minutes. The large number of people who seem think it’s important that the rest of the world know they aren’t buying the camera. And…m0re importantly they need to pontificate endlessly about why they aren’t. Goody gumdrops. Don’t buy it. Nobody cares but you and maybe your mommy.

    Got mine on pre-order with all three lenses. I can’t wait.

  • GM

    Did anyone else get a backorder email after they ordered from Adorama? I’m pretty sure I ordered WELL before I got an email notification on availability. Is it a standard email since they don’t have their allotment yet? OR did they already presell their first allotment in less than an hour….

    Any Adorama pros care to enlighten me?

    • Christopher M

      I got the backorder email from Adorama as well, but I think it is just standard since they dont have it in stock.

  • inteliboy

    The x100 i pre-ordered straight away. This x-pro1 I’m going to wait on the reviews and m-mount release — just too many variables this time around that Fuji seem to have not really nailed.

  • Michał

    It certainly doesn’t seem like a great deal. 2300$ for the body with standard lens? Come on, mirrorless cameras are easier to build than DSLRs. D700 w/50 1.8 is almost the same price and 5D2 is even cheaper! And these are full frames.

    Beside that, how is it possible that people order cameras that seem to have major problems with both manual and auto focus without using them first?

    Not cool, Fuji.

    • hexx

      D700 is $2740, 50mm f/1.8 D lens is $115 = $2855

      $2855 != $2300

      “Beside that, how is it possible that people order cameras that seem to have major problems with both manual and auto focus without using them first?”

      beside that, how is it possible that you know how AF performs on this yet unreleased camera

      • Nico

        “Beside that, how is it possible that people order cameras that seem to have major problems with both manual and auto focus without using them first?”

        “beside that, how is it possible that you know how AF performs on this yet unreleased camera”

        So you’d order a $2300 camera kit without even knowing that !?…

        • hexx

          nope, I wouldn’t and I never do – I always read field reports on online magazines and user reports and then I go to local shop to try it myself/borrow it for few days

          my comment was reaction to Michal’s comment which at this stage is baseless although we all know it will turn to be correct 😉

    • Harold Ellis

      dumb and rich people fuel poor economy, it is good.
      only bad that it all goes to japan.

    • bob2

      @michal–“It certainly doesn’t seem like a great deal.” It’s not meant to be “great deal”; hopefully it’s a very good camera with excellent direct controls and image quality at a market price. Compared to pro offerings from Nikon, Canon and Leica, I’d say it’s a “fair” price.

      If you’re looking for a bargain, as your “great deal” implies, you should be looking at Olympus m43rd on fire sale.

      Like most price complainers, they never intended to purchase the subject camera in the first instance anyway, so their whining is plain silly, and their price objections inane.

  • FBY
  • Mac Rockwell

    I will be bankrupt soon…. So many cameras… wanna buy everything… D4, XPro1, D800….. Not sure where we will go….

    • jodjac

      Me too.., damn it! I can’t wait to get my hands on this X 1 pro. I have a feeli g it’s a sweet camera, with high IQ.


    Photography is not all about fast AF,high ISO or what ever you think it is. Stop complaining if you’re not a pro(not sayin i’am). And if you’re a pro,then probably you don’t have to read this,
    Life is simple,if you think this is for you,you have the budget, will suit your needs
    buy it. If not then don’t.

    Remember that it is you who will make the camera perfect…last thing..


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