Kenko announced a new 400mm f/8 mirror lens for various mounts

Kenko announced a new 400mm f/8 mirror lens for Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX, Nikon F, Canon EF , Sony Alpha and Pentax K mounts:

Focal length 400mm
Brightness F8 (fixed)
Lens Construction Six Group 2
Angle of view 6 ° 8 '
Greatest dimension 74mm
Body Machined aluminum
Filter Size 67mm
Minimum focusing distance 1.15m
The maximum magnification close-up 1: 2.5
Focus Mode Transfer to the front lens manual focus mode
Aperture blades Without
Hood Exclusive hood
Mount the Using T-mount

The official release will happen on February 3rd, 2012.

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  • Ken Elliott

    Cheap mirror lenses are one of those things that every photographer buys, then quickly sells because of the horrible image quality. You can crop a 200mm image and easily beat every 400mm mirror lens I’ve ever used. Not tried the old Nikon, so there might be an exception, but I doubt it.

    • Not Surprised

      At least one of Nikon’s was supposed to be very good.

    • You shouldn’t judge all mirror lenses based on the cheap ones. Some are very good (not quite as good as a giant super telephoto refractor with Fluorite elements and costs 40 times more):

      It’s a different kind of tool…

      PS: The Nikon 500’s not all that good. There are much better ones out there by other manufacturers.

      • Rene Minville

        Nice pictures. I too have one of these 500 mirror lenses. Although it doesn’t resolve the 16 MPix on the D7000, I had some nice results out of it. I bought it mainly for the donut bokeh and made good use of it.

        The pictures taken in Oz are very clear. We even see the cellulite on the girl’s legs!!!

  • Camaman

    Those “extended parts” pictured are T mount to m43 and E mount adapters ? what are they?
    Why are they so long… ?

    • Yes, the top part is the lens, the bottom part is the adapter. The E and mFT (not m43 because there’s a mount called M42 which has nothing to do with FourThirds) adapters have a much longer rear flange distance.

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