Fuji X-Pro1 high ISO sample image

Fuji X-Pro1 ISO 6400 sample

Fuji X-Pro1 ISO 6400 sample (by Christian Fletcher)

Christian Fletcher published few samples taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 camera. The image above was taken at ISO 6400 (click on image for full resolution). Christian will be posting new images over the next few days, so bookmark his website.

I guess Fuji was serious when they said about the X-Pro1 that "resolution and low noise will surpass rival 35mm full size sensor".

The official X-Pro1 website doesn't include any sample images taken above ISO 1600.

More high ISO samples can be found here (includes ISO 25,600 sample) and here.

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  • kira

    bah fuji will do nothing … sony will beat them with the new nex!

    • OK you go buy the NEX and I’ll have myself another Fuji.

  • Lior

    WOW, That sure looks impressive to me.

  • Din

    A 6400 ISO image in that light condition says nothing.
    You have to shot in low light condition to see and probe what that sensor really can do.

    • hexx

      Why? That’s not a test shot. It’s a real shot in real situation in real conditions. to achieve desired speed/aperture combination high ISO was used. I usually shoot ISO1600 and above just to get good shutter speed (I have a day job so most of my photos are taken after work).

    • D.B.

      @Din: agree, any camera can do not bad in well light condition in low iso. Real challenge is bad/contrast light condition.

      • hexx

        that’s exactly what that photo is about

        • lolly

          As Din already alluded to … the light condition is very good

  • J

    Go to the page and look at full res.

    On the iso 25k there’s infinite ammounts NR. Even iso 6400 shows signs of much NR. I’m not VERY impressed, but it looks promising.

    • hexx

      Because all these shots are JPGs with NR on them. There’s no RAW support yet for this camera in well known RAW converters (Aperture, Lightroom/ACR…)

    • Agree 100%.

      So much NR even in the 6400 shot the images look like they were done using watercolors.

  • John

    Judging from the sharpness I would say there is a lot of noise reduction (in camera?) going on there.


  • Buel

    I’m not impressed. Viewed at 100% it looks quiet mushy. We have to wait what the raw quality is. But if the jpeg needs such a treatment, it’s not promising (to me at least). My 5DII does better (when using raw). But maybe it’s only the jpeg engine that sucks …

    • My 5DII has good SNR (no better than my X100), but poor dynamic range (X100 is excellent) and constant WB shifts (X100 is excellent), and the exposure is iffy especially with flash (X100 is excellent). The net effect is the 5DII costs me many hours per shoot in post production working over CR2 RAW files that my recent version of Photoshop refuses to recognise, whereas the X100 is usually fine as is straight from JPEG. Bah, even the software that I got from Canon and recently updated doesn’t recogise CR2 files since the first firmware update. I have to use DNG Converter. If I didn’t have a fortune invested in Canon glass, it’d have been sold or flung off a cliff by now.

      • lol how can you say the 5D2’s SNR is not better than your X100’s when they offer drastically different resolutions? How exactly do you compare them?

        If you’re experiencing “constant WB shifts” you’re most likely working in very mixed or dynamic lighting. In which case you need to use a custom WB. Most of the time there’s no such thing as “correct” WB… even in natural light, colours of things change between cool to warm depending on time of day. The camera doesn’t use the time of day, weather forecasts and check whether you’re indoors or outdoors. So, getting the WB you like from one camera’s auto WB is no different to preferring one camera’s menus over the other’s.

        If you’re spending such a lot of time after a shoot adjusting the colours to get them right it sounds like you’re not doing something right at the time of shooting. If I were you, I’d look in to what that is…

        • D.B.

          @genotypewriter Pretty good answer.

          I see a lot of psychological promlem of future or current investment protection, when people starting to attack 5dm2 qualities. It’s not about taking pictures anymore, it’s only about my [brand] [model] is making me unique, that’s why it’s better that yours canon 5dm2


          It’s an interesting inconsistency between “have a __fortune__ invested in Canon glass” and “5DII costs me many hours per shoot in post production working over CR2 RAW files that my __recent version of Photoshop refuses to recognise__”.

          Why just not to pay a some buck and upgrade photoshop, instead of self-torturing?

  • Tags

    Looking forward to when full frame becomes obsolete and we (consumers and semi-pros) move our attention back to APS-C. This sample looks better to my eye than 5D II and older D3. It could even trump D3s.

    I really do believe that the full frame vs cropped debate will move into those who wish to use legacy lenses and those who do not. That’s going to be full frame’s real bonus. Even with sensor advances I’m sure FF will always have an edge… but this image sample shows me that only very specialized shooters are ever going to really NEED that edge.

    Is there NR? Oh yes! But honestly… when have photographers ever had perfection in their medium? The sample looks very solid. 20 years ago ISO 6400 was stupefyingly high. Just what the hell are you guys doing with your cameras these days anyway? If you are whining about not having ISO 25,000,000,000… I question whether you can get a decent shot in the first place!

    • hexx

      and also that debate FF vs APS-C – what should medium format shooter say then about FF????

      • Troll of Bifröst

        Had they possess a slight modicum of care about “comsumer cameras”. They would have been here posting something already. But apparently this is not the case. They are too busy making photographs while the rest of the world is arguing which brand is the best.

        • hexx

          you nailed it 😉

        • like!

    • sushijapan

      another advertising from Fuji.

      • Tags

        Definitely NOT a Fuji advertiser! I’m a Nikon shooter. I wouldn’t purchase this camera because frankly it’s unlikely to be fast enough for diverse event shooting and I don’t care to invest that much money in a walk around camera. That’s just my preference… I’m sure you get your money’s worth with the camera. When I retire this would be a great camera to stroll around with.

        My whole point is this- these sensors keep advancing quite rapidly and impressively. I always hear full frame… full frame… etc etc etc (not on this thread but in general). For many shooters, this kind of High ISO is incredible and really all that’s necessary.

        If someone wants the best price/performance ratio for high ISO and fast shooting right now, it’s definitely the D7000.

        Medium Format shooters will probably be threatened by the next crop of high-res FF cameras… I think we all suspect the D800 is aimed directly at would-be medium format shooters and studio shooters. Having the resolution, tonality, and DR of last gen medium format (or maybe even current models) with the quick shooting of a Nikon is really the best of both worlds. You’ll probably see a few medium format shooters (who actually purchase their own camera gear) scratching their heads in a few months and wondering if high-res full frame is more economical and good enough. That’s my point!

  • Camaman

    Why does he mention RAW files on his site? I see some photos are named with a suffix RAW…
    Were they developed from RAW on a PC?

    • hexx

      processed in camera with buit-in RAW converter?

      or Silkypix (which was bundled with X100)?

      no idea, just guessing

      • hexx

        yep, the top landscape photo’s EXIF:


  • MrBig

    I’m surprised that most people who commented here glossed right past the most outstanding aspect of this image. And my take is that most people here haven’t spent enough time working with high ISO images to identify this.

    However, for those of interested, take a look at the dynamic range demonstrated in this scene. I think Fuji is showing us that they haven’t lost their appeal to deliver the goods when it comes to DR. Even at high ISO settings.

    Can’t wait to see how this sensor rates on the DxO scale.

    • pahhcb


    • TINO

      This is one thing Fuji didn’t actively brag about but definitely the most impressive aspect of the new sensor.

      Fuji can easily give a fancy name to this sensor and get away with it.

      It has amazingly good dynamic range at high ISO

      And it has amazingly accurate WB with multiple light sources.

    • bob2

      Most people posting here are still stuck on price and/or perceived NR, looking for any reason (real or perceived) to dismiss the camera. With such a bias, of course they are not going to see anything other than what they want to see.

      DR is excellent on Nikon D700, if you shoot RAW (forget Jpegs, as too much info is discarded). I’ve been able to bring back clouds/sky in areas that appeared blown out, for example. I imagine the new sensors do even better.

    • Fabio27

      Sorry, I think we can’t judge DR since we have no information on the light coming from the right. We can see in the image that’s there is a sunny outside to the left, the strongest source of light in the scene. But we have no information on the source giving light from the right. There is one, but it might be a huge reflector (that makes things easy), a window, or anything. Without that, judgement is suspended.

  • Jack

    Man, this reminds me of when APS tool over the photo world. Oh wait.

  • hexx

    looks like his website is overloaded 🙂 PR in action, a bit like DoS attack hehehe

  • amien

    OUTSTANDING. Some NR applied but hey, it is 6400 ISO !!!

    At least skin tones look perfect, definitively, fuji is the KING in color management, sony’s sensor doesn’t resolve that well at all.

  • Kaled

    Fuji X “PRO”1 way overrated camera, to compare the files from this overhyped, overpriced camera to files from a canon 5dmk2, nikon d700 it’s just a bad joke…
    I will be interested to see a side by side comparison with the NEX-5N.

    • bob2

      Do you actually have either a Canon 5DMKII or D700 (I have BOTH) and the X Pro 1 that’s not even released? Judgments based on hearsay and internet samples–just pure genius….

  • Again

    Fuji X “PRO”1 way overrated camera, to compare the files from this overhyped, overpriced camera to files from a canon 5dmk2, nikon d700 it’s just a bad joke

    I will be interested to see a side by side comparison with the NEX-5N.

    • Agin2

      Repeat, do you actually have either a Canon 5DMKII or D700 (I have BOTH) and the X Pro 1 that’s not even released? Judgments based on hearsay and internet samples–just pure genius, genius….

  • bob2

    Not so much about the camera, the landscape pix in the video show the manipulations and before-and-after of the files through CS5, and reveal the photographers’ intentions and vision of both landscape shots. That is more important than any camera, although the manipulations indicate sufficient dynamic range in the files coming out the camera.

    • hexx

      you can abuse a lot files from X100. It’s new generation after all.

  • Denis

    I wonder what the hype about. See MASSIVE NR applied at this shot. So details are eliminated. It’s not even last generation FF level (I mean D700, 5d mk II, etc).

    • regular

      Indeed, the wool, the floor, the men’ skin do not really have a texture.
      It is not a photo I would print full-page in a magazine.

      • r yu

        Seriously, how many photos from any magazine in the world do you think are regularly shot at iso 6400?

        • Denis

          The question is what did Fuji mean when stated this camera had better high ISO performance than last generation FF ones. It’s obviously the lie. I don’t see any superiority over already conventional Sony 16Mp sensor (and most likely it is), which is known to be good, but still ⅔-1 stop worse in high iso than 5d mk II, for example.

  • CRB

    Gotta love these 6400 samples in good light….useless…

  • Fuji marketing blitz is at its full force – and it is seems full deception (better than full frame – are they comparing to Philips sensor or what?) and misdirection (ISO 6400 shots are great when there is enough light to shoot at 400 – don’t they have at least f2 lenses?). Once the fairy dust settles, then we can talk.

    I don’t want to listen to photogs who were “given” gear by Fuji, I want facts from DxO and other INDEPENDENT reviewers.

    quality of glass matters. X100 was not sharp at f2, so unless you want fuzzy f2 results you would have to stop down to f4. So practically the lens becomes f4 lens, with “emergency” use at f2.8 and f2.

    If the company has to rely on marketing gimmicks more than the facts, then there is something wrong with the product. I think if the viewfinder was good enough, that alone would sell the camera. But… I’ll continue ranting on my blog.

    • hexx

      “X100 was not sharp at f2, so unless you want fuzzy f2 results you would have to stop down to f4. So practically the lens becomes f4 lens, with “emergency” use at f2.8 and f2.”

      do you own X100? it’s a *BIT* soft at f/2 BUT IS SHARP FROM f/2.8


    Photography is not all about fast AF,high ISO or what ever you think it is. Stop complaining if you’re not a pro(not sayin i’am). And if you’re a pro,then probably you don’t have to read this,
    Life is simple,if you think this is for you,you have the budget, will suit your needs
    buy it. If not then don’t.

    Remember that it is you who will make the camera perfect…last thing..


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