New firmware updates: v1.13 for Fuji X100, v1.03 for X10

The two new firmware updates for the X10 and X100 cameras can be downloaded at

The X10 update should fix the "sensor blooming" issue.

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  • Rob

    Meh, guess they will never fix the focusing or “manual” focusing of this camera. I hope they know its why most people wont buy their new camera. Who cares if the sensor is good but you cant capture any shoots without frustration. Focus by wire SUCKS. I love the camera and wont sell it but I thought it would be hard to screw up manual focus.

    • Robert Korn

      I agree 100%, that’s why I sold my X100 a few months after buying it, that and the horrendous menu system. I was really hoping that the X-Pro 1 would really be a pro camera…this really could’ve offered an alternative to the Leica M9. I’ll take a wait and see approach to the new one, but unless the focus system works drastically better I’ll have to pass and keep dreaming…

    • Mark

      Wah wah wah my camera isn’t perfect wah wah wah

      I’m so tired of people bitching about this camera. I’ve managed to shot lots of great pictures with very little frustration becasue I don’t waste my time trying to manually focus it. I knew I wasn’t buying a Leica. For christ’s sake use the AF and learn how the contrast system works and it will rarely fail. I’ll be in the DARK and just point it around my room it finds focus points with few failures. I know it’s annoying that you need to learn how to use this camera to make the best use of it, but that’s something we’ll just have to deal with.

      It’s not a D3S. It’s not a Leica. It’s a digital Konica Hexar, and I’m happy somebody bothered to make one at all.

      • MrJava

        Here here!

      • Al


      • Denial

        No it’s not perfect, but it ‘s not good either wah wah wah

        You’ll be in the DARK and just point it around and it finds focus?
        Sure, if the focus is at infinity. But a subject 1 to 5 feet in the DARK will miss focus, 90% of the time.

        Your statement is denial my friend. wah wah wah

        It might do some things well enough (landscape camera), but even a $200 point&shoot can focus better than this (or at least the inherit DoF is wide enough that you don’t notice)

      • Robert Korn

        Yes, apparently it’s my lack of knowledge of how the contrast detection system works that was causing my X100 to periodically mis-focus…LMAO!

        I think expecting a $1200 camera to nail focus consistently and allow me the option to focus manually the way I want is not too much to ask.

        Did they do a lot of things right? Absolutely! But it has some basic shortcomings that have cost me too many lost shots to depend on it. I still love you Fuji and I’ll take my GW690 to my grave with me…

        • Mark

          Just the fact that I’ve mastered the X100 and it’s focusing system, and have made it work FOR me instead of whining on the internet about how it’s not good enough is proof to me that you do have a lack of knowledge about it.

          Only Nikon people (This is praise for Nikon’s excellent focusing system, not a bash) are spoiled by perfect focusing systems, ever tried to focus a 5D Mark II ($2500) in a back lit situation? Fail.

          And to answer “Denial.” It’s called Macro Mode. If you’re taking a close portrait or detail shot you put it in macro mode and it suddenly doesn’t miss focus. As for $200 dollar point and shoot cameras, well they have small sensors so everything is in focus pretty much all the time. Contrast detect with a large sensor is a harsh mistress, but if you learn it’s tastes it won’t let you down.

          I’ve shot a wedding using the Pentax K-5 and the X100 exclusively. Two cameras with supposedly sub-par focusing systems. Guess what I did? I stopped thinking everything has to work automatically and remembered that someone who is good at their trade doesn’t blame their tools.

          Of course if you want to just put it on P (Professional) mode, I invite you to buy a D4 and shoot at 10 fps all the livelong day in the hopes of coming upon a good photograph.

          As for me, I think I’ll use a Contax 645 and turn off the autofocus which actually IS rubbish on that camera, and MAKE some wonderful images trusting in MYSELF instead of AUTOMATIC.

          • Robert Korn

            I love how fanboys take such criticisms so personally. It’s not just myself “whining” about the focus system, it’s a common problem. Even Fuji recognizes that it’s system is not all that it should be with another firmware update to improve the situation. I would just love to trust MYSELF instead of AUTOMATIC but you have to admit that the focus by wire system makes that a near impossibility. Trust me, I wanted to love this camera as much as you do…and if you’re not in a hurry, it is tremendous.

            As far as the rubbish AF system in the Canon 5DII, well apparently I have managed to master that one because I have no issues whatsoever focusing my 85/1.2 lens which has a depth of field wide open about as thin as your skin.

          • Mark

            If I’m a fanboy for any brand it’s Pentax….which I’ll admit can be exhausting.

            As I said, I know the system is fine because I’m so happy with the photographs I’ve made with it:


            but don’t take my word for it:



            I don’t take the criticism personally I just take the whining as a lack of vision. Just like I take anyone who just HAS to point out that they have an 85mm 1.2 has a braggart. Congratulations.

      • hexx

        Mark, so as I understand it you use your X100 in MF mode and you just pre-focus with AF-L/AF-E button – is that correct? I use my X100 the same way and new FW update seem to ‘speed-up’ MF ring on the lens. I tried it yesterday in my room (am off sick, can’t go out to test) but it definitely needs less spins now.

        I believe that most of the unhappy X100 customers didn’t give it enough time to learn how to live with it. Most of them/us have fast dSLRs (I’ve had Nikon for 4 years) so I believe most find it too slow/sluggish.

        I haven’t touched my SLR since I bought X100 (I’ve given it to a friend) because X100 is so much fun to shoot with. Yes, it can make you want smash it some times but so did my Nikon (WB was killing me).

        My only complain about X100 is useless battery indicator and lack of Auto ISO menu item in the ISO settings – these are 2 small things I don’t like. The rest is good to great. The IQ is fantastic, the RAW files are rich – you can abuse them a lot, especially in the highlights areas, didn’t expect how much I can recover if I overexpose.

        I really do recommend X100 owners to give it few days/weeks of shooting just with it so you can get used to it. Once you’re used to it you’ll love it.

        • Mark

          I just use regular multi point AF. Pushing the rear button is a little uncomfortable for me, but I’m sure that’s fine…

          (Oh wait…pushing the rear button is concomfortable for me!!! I have to sell this failure camera!!!)

        • TaoTeJared


          Anyone who actually owns one and uses it knows the focus is not awful or bad and is very good. I use single point 99% on every camera I own, and with the little prefocus AF-L/AF-E button trick manual focusing is faster and more accurate then manual focusing my Nikons.

          “subject 1 to 5 feet in the DARK will miss focus, 90% of the time.” Hey moron guess what – almost every lens can’t focus closer than 1 meter. Any real photographer knows that. The X100 can focus down to 10 cm. Take your little p&s and go troll somewhere else where you know something about the topic.

          “…allow me the option to focus manually the way I want is not too much to ask.”
          Yes it is – you are selfish. If you refuse to learn how to use a tool – that is your problem, not the company who makes it.

          • DoubleDenail

            Well, I actually own one. And the focus system is bad.
            You can sing and dance about “button tricks” and “prefocus”, but what does that have to do with the focus system? Sorry, it’s bad.
            Note, I am not saying the camera is bad, but the focus surely is.

            If you think the focus system is better than a standard Point&Shoot, well I guess you haven’t shot with one in a while?

            As for Moron, and lens focus distance; well I don’t know, but all my lenses can focus to a foot (well, maybe a foot and a half). But you said “one meter”, well almost any ‘good’ lens less than 100mm can do that.

          • The other night at a club gig one of my wife’s friends showed up, took a look at my great photos and said “Oh that’s a fantastic camera, I could take photos if I had a camera that good.” I passed her the camera and asked to take my photo. I was unrecognisable. I don’t know what she had focussed on, but it wasn’t me and it wasn’t the background. She dismissed it as a lousy camera, conveniently forgetting the properly shots the band would later use for promotional material. It’s not a bad camera, but it’s not a camera for untrained and unskilled either.

            I’m not saying the camera’s detractors are all unskilled or untrained, but I must presume the majority of them are.

    • Troll of Bifröst

      This is why one should use zone focusing method on a camera such as X100.

      At this rate of people keep demanding that focusing speed on every camera should match the speed of a certain manufacturer. It should make one wonder how the hell people back in the day managed to photograph events with just manual focusing lenses.

      • Such Prices

        But you would think that the focusing system should match the price of the camera. Or at least the ease of taking pictures.

        Yes, a Leica is manual focus but it is quick to manually focus.
        Sure, a Nikon has an amazing auto focus system, but you can use a manual focus.

        But was does an X100 have? Zone Focus.
        And guess what–you can do that on a Leica and a Nikon too.

        Heck, even Canon A590 has a manual focus system and it is on par with the X100.

  • blueget

    No, it won’t fix the issue, even Fujifilm admits that the update will reduce, but not fix it.

  • Andrew

    I have been waiting patiently for the firmware upgrade for the X10 for over two months in the hopes it would mitigate the blooming problem. To my eye nothing has been fixed at all with regards to this issue. I am very disappointed in the X10 and Fuji’s response to the complaints of the owners. In my opinion the camera never should have been released for production.

  • BrianM

    I have the M9, X100, and Nikon D700. Each one is a bit different with good and bad qualities. Landscapes and other outdoor scenes are best served with the M9 along with candid street photography. The X100 may not have super fast AF but its low light capability beats the M9, and it’s smaller to carry around. For fast AF and great low light shots, the D700 is the selection for me. Remember that each tool is different and it’s always good to have the right tool for the right job! And, I want to try out the new OM-D and X-Pro 1 when they are in the store. Too many choices…

  • Disiderio

    I sold my x100. Maybe I’m spoilt by my d700 and d90 but the ill thought out menu along with strange manual focus made it more of a burden to use than a pleasure… Not to mention that it froze up intermittently. Hope fuji put more thought into their projects before production!

  • Admin, thank for posting these firmware announcements. I’ve downloaded and installed them both.

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