Expected shipping dates for some newly announced products *UPDATED*

Many new products were announced in the past few weeks. Here is a quick update on the expected availability dates for some of the more popular items:

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  • Nicke

    My G1 X was shipped from Scandinavian Photo (http://www.scandinavianphoto.se/) in Sweden yesterday. I was number 5 in there queue.

    • that was fast, send some “unboxing pictures” please

  • Not so sure why B&H changed the X-Pro1 date. FujiGuys @ Brandon Remler seem to think it will be the end of March.

    Cyclopedia Brown @CyCreativeMedia:
    @brandonremler Whatever happened to the end of February for us here in the US?

    brandon remler @brandonremler :
    @CyCreativeMedia production schedule led to ship date at the end of March. Things change. Sorry for the delay.

    Cyclopedia Brown @CyCreativeMedia
    @FujifilmUS @fujiguys @brandonremler Today B&H changed the X-Pro1’s expected availability from Mar 20th to the 7th. Will it arrive early?
    The Fuji Guys @fujiguys
    @CyCreativeMedia @fujifilmus @brandonremler I don’t believe so.

  • Nicke

    Some test and unpacking images from my G1 X, http://rust.se/canon-powershot-g1x/

  • I was told by Fuji Taiwan that my XPro 1 will be delivered to me the first week of March. Looking forward

  • David Gautreaux

    I was told by my dealer that the expected date for most dealers remains March 28th. He said it could change but most likely not.

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