Sony A35 discontinued

In addition to the Sony A33 and Sony A55 cameras that were already listed as discontinued, Sony has now listed also the A35 as "previous model" on their official website which is how the company marks their discontinued products.

This is a good indication that a new, "entry level" Sony Alpha camera with a translucent mirror will be announced soon (there could be more than one model - Sony likes to introduce several similar versions of the same camera at the same time). The only current Sony translucent cameras listed on Sony UK website are the A65 and A77 models.

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  • Rich in TX

    I handled my first sony dslr this weekend at a photo store in Austin, while I wait for my D800 to arrive. I thought I owed it to myself to at least check out the A77, since i have already checked out the canons.
    I thought it felt substantially built, although like most Canons, the grip hurt my hand (the sharp corners dig into my palm). One of the main reasons I have always loved Nikons.
    The electronic viewfinder was impressive, as was the burst rate. Lenses felt very well made as well.
    I will not be switching however as I have all nikon lenses and accessories and love the feel of Nikon’s.
    But I can see the A77 being a very capable tool as well.

  • WoutK89

    Here comes the a37

  • I am very happy with my A35 which I use mainly with the Sony 18-200mm zoom and a Minolta Maxxum 100-400mm APO zoom. I was *very* impressed with how well the Sweep Panorama mode works.

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