What were they thinking?

In addition to rugged, waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant, the new Pentax Optio WG-2 is rumored to be also sh*t proof... based on this image courtesy of Pentax Imaging.

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  • grayscale

    Umm.. That camera looks like the shit!

    • Harold Ellis

      it is ok, just pentax.
      nothing classy or useful or even good ever made since… too lazy to look up at the grounding date in wiki

      • asfiu

        Recognizing irony fail.

        • Gabriel Stark

          Not even irony. Double fail.

  • Ohmy Gosh

    Pentax needs to begin widespread drug testing among the management.

    • noss

      that’s right

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Ricoh really needs to start cleaning house at Pentax. In capitalism, the main goal of a company is to develop and sell products people want to buy and to turn a profit doing so.

    I’m not sure what goes through the minds of Pentax management. Pentax develops awkward, crap quality products that no one wants to buy and then tries to compete on the cheap.

    Pentax worked itself into the gutter and now Ricoh is putting them in the driver’s seat at the new camera division.

    History repeating…

    • Frog

      How much are you paid to post?

      Rugged Compacts are the only style that still sells very well.

      • What’s a Pentax?

        Hi Toad!

        As an ex-Pentaxian my posts are free.
        I left Pentax after being burned too many times by the lack of quality.

        • Alex

          Or so you claim. An ex-Pentax user who didn’t knew Pentax makes ED lenses, yeah, sure.

          Anyway, the message is clear: Pentax is bullsh*t-proof. So, you’re working hard… for nothing.

        • Troll filler

          Can I has chocolate?

  • J Shin

    The main reason I’m even considering getting a compact digital is to minimize hassles when going through TSA screening. I wonder how they’d feel about stinky cameras. 🙂

  • Rob

    Pentax is going after the “mom with small children” market

  • broxibear

    “What were they thinking?”
    They were thinking…if we take a press shot that looks as if the camera is covered in excrement, lots of blogs and websites will post the picture, and we’ll get lots more coverage than we would normally get.
    Unless it’s chocolate?…it might be chocolate, lol.

    • Yes… that’s a great idea because people always run and buy things that’s shown on blogs right? 🙂

      Sarcasm aside, you should check out failblog.org … I have a feeling this Pentax will make it. The others only have the excrement on the inside.

  • A

    How big is that thing? Could be interesting.

  • I follow this site almost daily and it took a turd to get me to post….LOL, What was Pentax thinking? LOL

  • jiamflash

    Guys, I pretty sure it’s mud…

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Hi Toad!

    As an ex-Pentaxian my posts are free.
    I left Pentax after being burned too many times by the lack of quality.

  • Good camera.

  • DigiFilm

    Holy Shit!

    • Father Mayi

      No my child, it is not. Had it indeed been a holy sh*t, it would have been adorned with a tiny halo and angel wings.

  • If they didn’t change anything substantially is true: sh*t proof, as the old W90 that I bought once and couldn’t resist one single beach bath followed by the replacement that also couldn’t resist the same thing. Pure rubbish!

  • Raffwal

    Didn’t you know Pentax had a significant medical endoscopy product supply? This their latest wireless colonoscopy item.

  • Archinaut

    Shitproof means it also stands Shitstorms like this roll of comments here ;-D . In fact I don’t like that camera for it has too much Megapixels. But that’s it! Claims about Pentax in General are funny and odd somehow. I wonder who of the Posters ever held a Pentax SLR in his Hands…

    • Dummy00002

      Well I certainly wouldn’t hold *that* one in my hands. Just imagine the smell!

  • pooh

    Looks like a shopped image.

  • BP2012

    Is that troll’s sh*t on the camera?
    What a message 🙂

  • Camaman

    That camera will be a great hit when the economic turmoil turns to a full blown shitstorm! 🙂

  • Raffwal

    “I wonder who of the Posters ever held a Pentax SLR in his Hands…”

    Well, I have 3 Pentax DSLRs, does that count?

  • Karol

    This news as well as some comments here is just pathetic. I hope that camera of some of you will drop in the sh*t one day and you shall regret words just put here.

    I am a devoted SLR->DSLR Pentax user but never got their compact. But I DO HAVE a P&S from the other brand – Samsung And Fujifilm. Why? Once I tried Optio W80 – much nicer looking predecessor of this WG-2. I took some sample pictures and could not believe the results. I showed it to my friend who is a pro photographer, together with samples from Samsung, Fujifilm, Ricoh, Nikon compact cameras. He looked at them and told me what he thinks about all others than Pentax’s. And in the and said: “Karol, don’t try to trap me checking if I am blind – these samples come from cheap cellphone”. Remember – W90 was a 12MP expensive camera! So if anything is worth sh*t about Pentax, it’s the picture quality.

    But the idea of rugged compact itself with all gadgets (like macro light around the lens) is brilliant! So, Pentax, better get your sh*t together and follow Nikon or Fujifilm with the picture quality to make real success.

    • BP2012

      I am also devoted to Pentax SLR->DSLR but I think that you are not fair in your statements because:
      1) Best compact (low light/sensor/functionality) cameras are made by Canon, Panasonic Lumix and Sony and you didn’t even mentioned them
      2) Best waterproof compact cameras are also made by Canon, Panasonic Lumix and Sony
      3) If you compare Pentax Wnn/WG-n cameras to similar models (waterproof/shockproof) they are not so bad – somewhere in the middle but old models were better (and that’s no good)
      As example:

  • jellyfish

    Sh*t can’t harm sh*t. Brilliant!!

  • Rectal proof up to a depth of nine inches.

  • Vlad


  • mike

    I think this is actually the design study for the k-01. They look rather similar…

  • Mark

    Two girls one Pentax?

  • jarda

    I’m applauding to Pentax. They certainly know how to get attention on the internets. Actually I was not much iterested in the WG-2 until now, but based on the spec it seems to be the best weather proof compact currently on the market. I’m going to wait a bit for some samples and then decide.

  • Karol

    1. I mentioned what I tested. And that’s it. I am not used to say things that are not my thoughts, read somewhere else or so. So I WAS VERY FAIR.

    2. Maybe so – I did not test them. Look down because:

    3. Pentax W90 was bad – the picture quality was similar to non-waterproof cameras of this brand – bad colors, terrible noise filter and jpeg processing very alike among all 12MP Pentax Optios. So whatever I said about W90 concerns not rugged cameras of this manufacturer as well. So now – comparing it to not rugged cameras of other manufacturers makes sense.

  • chrisq.

    if this is what i think it is, i was playing with one of these (or maybe the older model) at work a little while ago, they’re actually kind of cool. at least for what it is obviously.

  • zlvc

    Well, that`s what happen when you eat your camera. I always considered Japanesse tastes little bit weird, but this is something!

  • Warpig

    All I see here is very wet mud. Maybe Admin must have his intestins checked, for that is NOT a healthy dump. If he see sh*t in that picture, that not normal, it have to be more consistent.
    Or maybe he’s just trolling pentax like all others. Anyway, get your intestins and stomach checked, prevention is the best to fight any disease.

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