Seven futuristic camera concepts

↑ The Digimo camera concept by Sangik Lee are actually two different units with LCD screens that can be separated and triggered wirelessly.


↑ The D-CAN camera concept by Jean-Michel Bonnemoy reminds me of the Lytro camera.

↑ The eXcanvas camera by Junyoung Jang can be easily turned into a tripod.

↑ The Slite camera by Binna Kim of SADI has a slide-out screen for image editing on the go.

↑ The Svelite cam by Vladimir Nikolic has an unique cylinder design.

↑ Apple Quicktake camera concept by Joseph Dumary.

↑ The Framer concept by Jeiyong Chun of SADI let's you zoom by moving the camera between your eyes and the subject.

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  • Re all the above, no thanks.

  • Camaman

    D-Can look usable to me. Could be made pretty durable.

    I always wanted a gun shaped camera. You know like those police radar guns.
    But I would imagine lots of buyers getting arrested or even killed when trying to use that camera! LOL!

    • you could always buy a Zenit Photosniper, i think that would be sufficient to freak most police out

  • Art K.

    The Framer concept is amazing! Zooming by moving the (small) camera. So intuitive.

  • MB

    D-CAN camera concept makes much more sensible, smaller and ergonomically better design for an ultra zoom compact than most existing clumsy DSLR lookalikes.

  • Brian

    The dcan is actually kind of close to what I started thinking of after pentax released their k mount mirrorless camera with the mirrorbox. It would be modular with the mirrorbox having the battery compartment on the side, acting as a grip which you would hold like a camcorder( a more natural wrist position I believe). The screen would flip from the opposite side like a camcorder. A electronic viewfinder or other accessories attach to the top. The back would have a second kmount with more elaborate contacts to take a traditional grip module, or to store a second prime lens, or other modules.

    The idea is to try and make it compact lengthwise

  • inteliboy

    These industrial design concepts you see always look like B grade student projects. Goes to show how actual good designers get snapped up by these companies straight away.

  • Jon

    All these cameras look like crap. Sorry. Not going to sugar coat the truth. A badic camera ergonomic was established ages ago and all of this other stuff is useless. Rather shoot wushu my iPhone.

  • Capt’n Paraquat

    Aye matey! Love the d-can.

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