More leaked images of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera

Some new images of the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera appeared online. The official announcement is expected to be on March 2nd, 2012. The rumored specs are:

  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD

Two more images after the break:

Canon EOS 1D X availability

After Nikon unofficially delayed their new products, today Canon also announced that their new EOS 1Dx flagship camera will be available at the end of April, 2012. The US pricing of the camera is not yet announced, but  Jessops (UK) is already taking pre-orders at £5299.95 (around $8,400).

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  • Doug

    Canon fanboys cry all over the forums.

    • Haha I’m gonna go check out their forums now.
      At least our D800 actually looks like it’s a new camera, but their 5D looks the same.

      • ventus

        is Nikon D800 better than mamiya? lol

        • R!

          Yes!!!!I just meta person with one at a Nikon pro shop in Paris ,he was saling it !!!!And I said :ho I always wanted one , the guy gave it to me I looked at It, and I said:what a small lcd screen and gave him back to him smiling.Then I said:nowI’m not interested anymore, we got the D800/E comming out! true story.

          • ventus

            LOLZ. medium camera format system is still the best tho. 😀

    • an nonymous

      Why would they cry… as a D700 owner I’m pretty sure the mkIII is going to be a fine camera with a much better AF system, and if Canon decided to not jump onto the MP bandwagon race it’s a pretty smart draw as that would eat part of the cake Nikon now is missing with their D800 as it is so far out of the league where higher ISO and sfp has its market share.

      • Global

        If this pushes ISO like the D4+, then its the camera I wanted for the D700S.
        However, if the D4 is cleaner, Nikon still gets the coup award for best mega-megapixels (D800) and best ISO performer.

        If 5DIII has better ISO than the D4 — then this would change the game (thats a big if).

        I still want Nikon to make a 20MP 700S without video (to distinguish from D4) @ reasonable price!

    • FCHW

      read the quick poll at nikonrumors

      5d mk3 is the real successor of the D700

      • Global

        If better ISO than the D4, then Canon pulled a coup.
        If not, then Nikon has the edge.

        Nikon still needs a D700S — and that might happen.

      • mark 3

        lol. the D800 is the true successor for 5D mark 2.

        this is collusion at its best.

    • Mark

      Canon fanboys are laughing. This is exactly what Nikon pros and enthusiasts are hoping the D800 would be. It is funny how amateurs to this day still think having a higher MP is “better.” If this was the case, then the new Nokia Cell Phone with 41mp would beat the D800! Ha, ha and ha!

  • BklynPigeon

    i dont know why all you guys turn into small little men when nikon or canon announce a new camera. its just a camera… it doesnt make your photographs any better.

    • Vince

      Simple – compensating. And you’re ABSOLUTELY spot on – a new camera won’t make anyone a better photographer. Nikon and Canon are both at the top of the game and anyone shooting with their gear (especially the mid to upper level stuff) has no excuse for not getting the shot. If you miss a shot it’s because you need practice, not new gear.

      • stve

        A new improved camera with better AF & dynamic range will not make you a better photographer but it definitely has the potential to make your photographs better.
        If you shoot Canon 5DMK2 & you miss a shot its probably down to its lousy AF .

        • Global

          High ISO, handheld, at night, makes my photos a LOT better — don’t know about you guys……

          • stve

            Love my D700 for the high ISO & it looks like the D800 will be as good.
            I would have loved improved ISO performance but I’m happy if it matches the D700.

  • Vlad

    Of course it does! You’re in denial Brooklyn Pigeon! 😀

  • Mark

    If they weather seal it it’ll be a digital EOS 1V, finally, which is, I think, pretty much a perfect solution.

    I just bought a 5D Mark II though, not going to spend over $3k on just a body this year. Maybe next year my mrk 2 can become a backup to this bad boy. Never used to like Canon, but this camera makes a lot of sense to me. 20ish mps is the sweet spot if you ask me, for a 35mm DSLR. I bet this thing is killer in low light, and focuses like a dream.

  • António Morais

    Is it from my eyes, or I’m really seeing a 6th logo on the rubber flaps that cover the side connections of the camera. One for the mic, one for the flash and another one for the intervalometer/remote control, this is on the first rubber flap, on the second one I can clearly see the hdmi, the a/v out digital and the third one counting from the bottom seems to be a “headphone” logo, but I’m not quite sure, at least with the resolution that the photo has I can’t confirm it? What do you think guys am I dreaming?!:)

  • rich in tx

    FAKE! Definitely FAKE lol

    looks like a digital rebel xs_ with a Mark III sticker on it. My son could make a better looking fake camera.

    • Mark

      The curved design is similar but the finish on the metal is not, plus you can see no pop up flash, and the buttons around the LCD are nothing like a Rebel. This camera is set to be announced at the end of the week. Canon probably leaked them on purpose.

    • stve

      It looks fake to me as well at first I thought it was one of those Camera Lens thermos thingys I’ve seen advertised.
      If its real what was Canon thinking its so ugly.

  • broxibear

    Canon has confirmed that its EOS-1D X, an 18.1MP full-frame DSLR, will not go on sale until the end of April, due to ‘development delays’…
    “ue to development delays, we have announced a confirmed sales start for the end of April 2012.’
    The spokesperson added: ‘I am not able to comment on the details of the development delays.'”
    Wonder what’s causing all these delays from Canon and Nikon ?

  • rich in tx

    I dont know, but they can delay canon’s all they want. As long as they dont delay my d800!

    • R!


  • Joaquim Prado

    22mp. Why don’t we have a D800 alike with this mp count? It would be awesome!

    • ee

      Yeah 36 mp is too many, we should still be shooting with only three megapixels! Cuz everyone knows less mpx is better! Anything more than three mpx is just junk, and everyone knows it!

      Nikon sucks for not offering a three mpx FF sensor, that’s why Canon’s better–it understand “less is actually less” errr……

      • Harold Ellis

        why it is “too many” when they kept such great iso performance?

      • Dan

        seriously, this is a genuine issue. We have file size limitations with memory cards, want the best low light performance humanly possible, and love fast performance. Screens are currently capped at 1080p and I doubt we will be seeing 8k displays any time soon thus the only one who needs 36MP would be for super large print. Try shooting wedding using the second SD slot for backup (like most photographers do) for 2000-4000 RAW shots. That’s like 16 32mb cards!!! I’m sure this is an awesome camera to those people, but NONE of them owned a D700. This is a big disappointment to the D700 owners that wanted an upgrade

        • Albert Nagy

          Dan and other who say mainly to things:

          1. D800 has to many pixels-> which makes it to noisy.

          Yes it does-but its no more noise than a D700 if you view the whole picture (or downsize-> about the same thing). Read what the pro say-I did.

          2, We cant upgrade!

          Yes you can (with money)-> D4

        • MrJava

          Do you really need to upgrade you D700? I shoot with one and Im curious as to what you need from it that it doesnt provide. Apart from video of coarse.

        • stve

          Who the hell shoots 2000 & over shots for a wedding unless they have bad technique & a low keep rate.
          The D800 shooting 14 bit lossless compressed with a 64 GB card is approx 1560 photos.

          • Paul

            If you’re machine gunning like this. You’re a monkey.

  • EE

    Yay! 22mpx!


  • Zeusman

    If it is indeed 22meg, it will be interesting to see how it plays out against the D800. No one thought they needed 36 megs,…until Nikon made it available. So where 22 meg with improved High ISO and improved AF would have had Canon faithful dancing in the street, now has a large number of them crying on those streets.

    If this new Canon shoots faster than 6 fps at FF and has improved Dynamic range and High ISO to 12,800 and the ‘pure beef’ 61 point AF and guessing solid uncompressed video with manual audio controls. It may be a better all around camera than the D800. But…yes, sadly there’s a but.

    With Canon, we’ve grown to anticipate the “but”. If it’s watered-down in any of the key specs, especially when compared to the D800, it will likely be deemed DOA.

    This one is soo interesting to watch as it’s a unique comparison as we usually get camera manufacturers that introduce product that are pretty close to each (D4 vs 1X; 7D vs 300s, etc), with styling differences and minor differences in some of the features offered. But the D800 is so vastly different than what is rumored to show up from Canon, that I think we are all eager to see how the differences translate in use.

    I think it has the potential to see a mass exodus from one brand to another. Exciting stuff!!

    • Harold Ellis

      canonians deserve the punishment of watered down cameras because they buy them regardless of how limited they are.

      • Limited? If you say so… but someone who can do just as well with a limited camera has more talent.

        Also, what exactly is limited here in the 5D3? And what have you shot with non-limited cameras that shows no limitations? 😉

  • Scott McLeod

    If the rumored frame rate is true (6.9fps) *and* the buffer depth is adequate (i.e. ~18-21 frames) this could be my dream camera and allow me to have just one DSLR instead of the 3 I currently own (D300 – up for sale already, D700 for low-light & 7D for speed and resolution) … fingers crossed!

    • Chris

      I’m with you, Scott. It seems like this might really hit the sweet spot for many different types of photographers. Obviously we’ll have to wait to see how it performs, but if it really delivers on all fronts, I think Canon could sell a TON of these things.

  • Webelieve

    To be honest, I only use the 5dmkii when there’s no budget. There’s no real reason for me to up grade. I still shoot alot of film for architectural and editorial Portraiture.

  • fred

    Looks like a plastic wind-up toy.

  • M!

    at the end of the day, Nikon will be the winner.
    they are in the business of selling camera lenses.
    the Nikon D800 pushes the envelop so far that your average nikkor will beg to be resold and real photographers will demand the best optics. They will sell possible a few nano coated fast prime for each D800 or D800E sold.
    Canon is great making videos, and benefitting the video gear industry, not necessary selling more lenses. (note, everyone do need more CPU and storage with these new cameras. )

    • R!

      Yes sweety ,It’s been a long time,lol;plus I woud say that Canons new IS prime non L lenses are overpriced 900$ for the 28mm and 1000$ for the 24mm,3500$ for the 5DIII,Nikon did a good job in pricing this time I’m so glad !!!!

  • Jun

    I don’t know how good D800 is. but If I spend that much of money, it should be also a good design as much as it worth the money. But on my taste, that D800 is so ugly. I know for camera, function is more important. But design is also important for me. They should re-design their DSLR. Gigantic ugly thing.

  • Camaman

    I don’t like how they made it look. It looks like a big honking plastic toy.

    • stve

      It looks like a big Ugly honking plastic toy.
      Looks like a beginners camera with all the picture modes on top.

  • R!

    I still will try the 5DIII in 3 years when the price will be low to wait on the D900,then sale it again like my 5DII lol!!!!!!! I know I use DSLR like cars :sale it before It worth nothing!!Its not the same for film Camera because the film is always brand new ,not like sensors that are barbecued by the use of video today.

  • nikon

    ugly .

  • This is a big deal. Let’s see the camera and the images before deciding whether to buy it.

  • Simon

    OMG…Just stupid Gearboys but photographic dumbars here around. What about your last OPTIMAL equipment – useless from now on?!?! If you were not able to take great shots with all the existing gear around, better start playing model railroad, painting or whatever.

    • stve

      Each generation of cameras improves over the last, if the improvements are compelling & you can afford it you buy it.
      If you can’t afford it you bitch about those who can.

      • Simon

        “If you can’t afford it you bitch about those who can.”

        Sounds amazing but i can – although 3k bucks seems to be much for you. The question is, what really prevents you from taking great shots with your last years gear?!
        Hint: You can’t buy it, it’s your brain…

        • stve

          I’ve taken great shots with the D200 , D700 & D7000 the newer cameras make it easier & have better image quality.
          I have the D800 on order might keep either the D700 or D7000 as my back up.
          What do you shoot with a D100 ? have you ever upgraded your camera & if you have why?

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