Canon EOS 5D Mark III on March 2nd

Canon press event invitation

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera will be announced on March 2nd, 2012. Here are the rumored specs:

  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD
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  • D400

    that’s more than you would pay for a d800, or even a d800e. FPS count?
    First first first first first

  • somewhat pricey over nikon

  • EE

    What’s so compelling about this product?

    If I had a 5dmkII I wouldn’t have a reason to upgrade to this and if I wasn’t yet into FF…why choose this canon over a nikon D800/E?

    • MK3 Not 4 ME

      My friend just upgraded his MK1 to a MK2 and he sees no need to upgrade. The MK2 was amazing when it was released and is still an amazing camera. Now if you are still rockin’ a MK1 around your neck, the MK3 may be reason enough to upgrade.

      Me? I’m still waiting for Canon’s answer to Sony’s NEX-7. Zeiss glass anyone?

      • MJr

        I’m still waiting for their answer to the Nikon FM3A 😉

        • Michael Askew

          +1 we can dream.

        • inteliboy

          same here… I’d kill for a FF all-manual style digital camera! plus that huuuge viewfinder of the FM series.

      • The 5D2 is my primary camera. If the 5D3 will fix some problems with WB and exposure and improve on 3.5 fps, then I’ll buy it and relegate the 5D2 to back up camera.

    • Raa

      What product? It’s not out, so who knows? Maybe it has Android with built in Photoshop and wireless liveview to iPad? What’s not so compelling about it? who knows..?
      Why this over D800E? So you wouldn’t have to sell/buy 10k$ worth of lenses? So you wouldn’t have to learn to use a completely different layout? Cause you’d rather have good ISO performance?(Although D800 has pretty good Noise handling)
      I’m a Nikon user myself, but I don’t see why i should exclude this cam before it’s even announced.

      • MJr

        Because you don’t want to sell/buy 10k$ worth of lenses, or learn to use a completely different layout? 😉

      • asfioj

        Who says the ISO will be better than the D800 though? Just because it’s only 22MP or whatever doesn’t mean it’ll beat the D800. Especially after resizing the D800 down to 22MP. ISO performance isn’t just based on per pixel analysis.

    • Canon needs AF bro

      Plain and simple.

      Autofocus that actually works. 😉

    • I had a rack full of L glass before upgrading to a 5D2 because I needed better wide quality angle to medium tele image quality than my existing 400D, which was pretty good already and I needed to do better 36×24 framed prints.

      I dragged my heels over the purchase because I knew it’s just a body and I also expected it to devalue fast. Luckily, Canon held off on the upgrade plan and I got full value out of it.

      I didn’t expect that the big benefit of greater resolution and shallower DoF at equivalent angle of view would be offset by dodgy WB and metering. I have tried multiple bodies and they all suffer. I’d upgrade again rather than switching to Nikon because I have a large investment in lenses.

      Other consumers may see it differently. The 5D2 was a camera that some people bought as a cheap HD cinematographic body and many of those will only upgrade if the MkIII has better video controls and output.

      Most though were your typical photographic numpty with more money than skill and they bought the body with Kit 24-105/4L and maybe bought one other long lens. Essentially, they were trying to buy better photographs and if nothing else the legendary camera gave them more confidence. These guys may well switch to Nikon.

      I would need a totally compelling argument to shell out 20K on a full Nikon system to go around a D800e and a resolution jump alone isn’t compelling.

  • FMJ

    well, i would upgrade just for the AF, but yeah, thats expensive.

    • AF Issue?

      Is there a known issue with the AF in the MK2?

      • Michał

        Are you kidding?

        • Canon needs AF bro


          Poor AF is the reason why a lot of people moved to Nikon and the D700 back in the day.

  • broxibear

    I’m looking forward to this Canon launch.
    The main reason the 5D Mark II sold so well was due to it’s video capability and subsequent popularity within the film making community. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the Mark III to make that demographic want to upgrade.
    Nikon have shown their video hand with the D800, I wonder if Canon will just match it or raise the bar again?…I don’t know enough about video to even speculate as to what that might be, but one thing’s for sure, Canon isn’t just going to lie down let all those film makers trickle over to Nikon.

  • Michał

    Well, if 3500$ price will be confirmed, Canon won’t attract too many new users, I guess. I’m going to switch to FF soon and if specs and price will be as shown, I’d choose D800. On the other hand, if 5D3 will be 2700$…

    • MJr

      D800 and 5DIII prices would surely match up eventually whatever they might be when settled down a bit.

  • EE

    Will be interesting to see if there’s a 5Dmkiii version made without AA filter.

    Clearly, without a compelling new technology to differentiate this camera from NIkon D800/E… I’d just keep the 5dii, or if I didn’t yet own a FF camera I’d go with D800E.

    All indicators show this is just a warmed-over 5dii–and at $3,500 that’s the definition of arrogance.

    • The 5D2 itself had a very weak AA filter. Weaker than the 1Ds3’s.

      Have you seen side by side high res examples of the D800 and the D800E? I wouldn’t touch the D800E unless I had really crappy lenses or wanted the most digital-looking images I can get with a DSLR.

      The 5D3’s most definitely going to have the gapless microlenses found in the 1DIV and 1D X, reducing noise by a decent amount just by that. There will be sensor advancements that’ll help in lowering noise too. The video users will be very happy with the 3×3 binning they’re talking about and if Canon does it right, it’ll be _the_ DSLR for video bar none… but I couldn’t care less.

  • Albert

    Why don’t they realease it on March 3 instead? Canon 5D March III.

  • BklynPigeon

    I shoot everything on Manual Focus and on a Tripod. theres no reason to upgrade from a 5DmkII.

    • EE

      The Nikon D800E would be a real upgrade for your type of photography. Obviously lenses and such are to consider, I’m just saying that would be a real upgrade as opposed to a 5dii.

    • Canon needs AF bro

      i see what you did there. 😉

  • Dont kid yourselves. The 5D3 is going to have incredible class leading ISO performance. I am glad they kept it at 22MP to be honest. The D800 looks great, but 36MP without sRAW is just not what I’m looking for.

    • Cool story bro

      sRAW is glorified jpeg bro

      The 5Dii had “class leading” high ISO. With banding.

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