Adobe Lightroom 4 now available for pre-order?

I am not sure if this is a mistake, but Adobe Lightroom 4 is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $149.99. The release date is listed as March 6th, 2012:

Product features:

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software helps you bring out the best in your photography.
  • Bring out the best in your photography, whether you're perfecting one image, searching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands.
  • Breeze through your digital photography tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • So, you can spend more time shooting--your core photography essentials are included in one fast, intuitive application.
  • Share your vision with elegant options for showcasing your images in customized print packages.
  • Dynamic slide show videos with music, web galleries, and on popular photo-sharing sites.
  • Experiment fearlessly with state-of-the-art nondestructive editing tools, including world-class noise reduction.
  • Get the absolute best from every image you shoot with world-class editing power and intuitive controls that set your creativity free.

Here is the description from the manufacturer:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Overview

The Lightroom 4 software helps you create amazing images that inspire, inform, and delight. Bring out the best in every shot with powerfully simple one-click adjustments and a full range of cutting-edge advanced controls. Craft elegant photo books and effortlessly share your best shots on social networks, in web galleries, and more. Perfect your images, organize all your photographs, and share your vision—all with one fast, intuitive application.

New for Lightroom 4

Highlight and Shadow Recovery - Bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark shadows and bright highlights. Now you have more power than ever before to make great images in challenging lighting conditions.

Photo Book Creation - Create beautiful photo books from your images with a variety of easy-to-use templates included in Lightroom, and then upload your book for printing with just a few clicks.

Superior Image Processing - Get the absolute best from your images with state-of-the-art image processing controls. Make precise overall adjustments or correct targeted areas.

Extended Video Support - Organize, view, and make adjustments and edits to video clips. Play and trim clips, extract still images from them, or adjust clips with the Quick Develop tool.

Advanced Black-and-White Conversion - Gain powerful control over the tonal qualities that make or break black-and-white images. Precisely mix information from eight color channels when you convert to grayscale.

Superior Noise Reduction - Achieve amazing, natural-looking results from your high ISO images with state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. Apply noise reduction to the entire image or target specific areas.

One-Click Adjustments to Multiple Images - Save time when processing many images. Apply the same develop settings, exposure, or contrast, for example—to all the photographs in a group at once using presets or syncing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Adobe Photoshop Lightroom differ from Adobe Photoshop? - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software provides all the tools you need for digital photography in one intuitive solution. Lightroom helps photographers work fast and efficiently, while maintaining the highest quality. Adobe Photoshop software is the industry standard in digital image editing, with advanced tools for detailed, pixel-level editing and working with multilayered files.

Q: Why should I use Lightroom if I already have Photoshop? - Lightroom is designed to boost your efficiency by handling all the tasks a digital photographer faces in one intuitive environment. It includes powerfully simple one-click adjustments, as well as the widest range of advanced tools for efficiently processing sets of images, organizing photo libraries, and sharing images.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Comparison Chart Lightroom 2 Lightroom 3 Lightroom 4
Location-based photo organization X
Extended video support X
Importing libraries from other software X
Highlight and shadow recovery X
White balance brush X
Additional adjustment brush options X
Basic support for video files X X
Improved watermarking X X
Cross-platform 64-bit support X X
Multiple monitor support X X X
Simplified tone curve tools X X X
Red-eye removal X X X
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  • vincent

    its down

  • Huntley

    Hopefully they took it down to change the cover image. Or perhaps to correct the first reference to the product of “Lightroom 3.” Oops.

    Still, can’t wait for the release.

    • maybe Amazon just c&p that from LR3

    • Banksie

      I agree, that cover image is idiotic.

    • hexx

      Also, the price doesn’t seem to be correct. There are new modules in BETA, soft proofing, completely re-done ‘basic’ panel in Develop module and also completely new process (they’ve done changes to sharpening and NR too) so I expect LR4 to cost more than LR3

  • EMW

    The Beta expires March 31. I still have not received my $69.95 LR3 copy from B&H that I ordered on Feb 15. If they keep delaying, maybe I’ll qualify for a free upgrade.

    • Simone

      I received mine last week from B&H with the invoice date of 2.28. I think I will be out of luck on the upgrade deal.

  • Highlight and shadow recovery, White balance brush and Additional adjustment brush options, plus a few organisational tools is not a huge leap forward.

    • hexx

      It looks like you haven’t tried BETA – go try it and you will see that’s there are so many changes, it’s absolutely different and makes developing so much easier – I can do most of the adjustments in the ‘basic’ panel in Develop module – before I needed to play with curves and other bits – it’s so much faster, especially contrast works differently

  • Ivar

    Ironically there is not much in Lightroom what concerns the fashion cover shot, it is completely a Photoshop ad.

  • pete

    this is just adobe marketing leaking… afraid of the march 7th anouncement that apple is going to make… aperture4, with ipad version

    also it seems lightroom can now import aperture libraries… so this is now a battle between adobe and apple

  • Ixxy

    dude, whatch out for those sharpening artifacts around the eyelashes!

  • David

    uh, I JUST received my copy of lightroom 3 this morning… (I apologize for the newb question, but I am still new to this) Will there be an option to upgrade to lightroom 4 through lightroom 3 for an additional cost? thanks.

    • Gethin

      David, I would send it back if you havn’t opened it, download the lightroom 3 trial and use for 30 days. Otherwise, you may get a free or reduced upgrade from adobe (they usually do something if you buy a product within x days of a new release).

  • Larry

    When Adobe released CS4 and CS5, I think I remember a concurrent release of both Lightroom and CS. There may be a good reason for this because the RAW image processor for Lightroom will not be backward compatible with CS5 — especially because of the new, improved DNG format. I did not participate in LR4 Beta testing so I am not familiar with the compatibility issue. It would seem to me that they would need put something out in the interim to keep CS5 compatible or wait to release them at the same time. For the Beta Testers, am I off base on this thought?

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