Additional Canon EOS 5D Mark III coverage

Some additional coverage for the newly announced Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera:

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  • jesus18782

    Only type 1 card compatibility on the CF side? Thr first EOS having this setup, not good… why follow the Nikon route??

    Anywaygot hold of some materials from another pal, not much, hope it’s useful though

    • doug

      Dude please tell me why are you posting links to 111mb compressed files GTFO this sounds like Anonymous (Canon Fanboys) attack to me.

  • doug

    Lol i love the price of this setup, so cheap, look at the price of their new 24-70L crap, it is almost the price of a D800, it seems like Canon and Nikon switched boats.

  • Noktonite


    • R!

      Bicycle for Canon,
      Motorcycle for Nikon
      I think even for video Nikon is the winer STILL NO AUTOFOCUS FOR VIDEO!!!!!!!!

      • Noktonite

        The Nikon D800/E does have autofocus for video:

        Nikon also has it on some of its APS-C DSLR’s.

        • Noktonite

          Another page discussing video autofocus capability of the Nikon D800/E

          • lynn

            Does tis “native” iso25,600 (expandable to iso102,400) of the canon 5d3 beat the hish iso of the nikon D3S(native is only iso 12,800)???

            or are canon iso numbers inflated?
            i would love to automatically save $2,000 if the canon can do the same low light.

  • broxibear

    Kai got his hands on a 5D Mark III and somehow managed to stick in his own card and do a high iso comparison with the Mark II he had with him lol

    • Noktonite

      The shadows still don’t look that great, still noisy. The sample images from the Canon page are horrible.

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