“Radball” is the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III promo video

This is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III promo video - "Radball":

Going behind the scenes with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

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  • Rob

    Wow that was so! Not interesting……. Good job Canon!

    • Harold Ellis

      was it filmed with nikon?

    • Agreed! This was supposed to show off the camera?! I couldn’t even sit through the whole video and it didn’t even look all that good.

  • R!

    BICYCLE RICH GEEK VIDEO GREAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    .;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;NIKON :MOTORCYCLE IN THE GHETTO WITH GREAT STORY ABOUT A DOCTOR THAT GIVING BIRTH !!!!!

  • FCHW
  • *Sarcasm*: Gee this looks like it took a lot more time and effort to film than the D800 video.

  • Hhmm. Canon must be awfully confident with it’s place in the HDSLR world to come out with a video like this. I mean, it’s cool, but nothing that should have been done to promote the awesome new flagship-ish HDSLR. Especially following up the 5DII.


  • R!

    Told ya , no Troll,this Video is so bad ,I wonder how people at Canon’s marketing choose this and how much they paid for that !!!!

    • Ask Harold

      Just ask Harold he works for Canon.

  • Jesus_sti

    Nikon video promo : great image, in poor light condition, with a story and not repeating sequence.
    Canon : a day light video(ideal condition) without gorgeous shoot and a really poor story …

  • fred

    I can’t decide what’s the most iconically Canon thing about this video. Is it the weak optics, the weak color, or a bunch of kids who think they’re hot shit? Vote below.

  • fred

    From the video:

    “You can slow your images down to 50 or 60 frames a second.”

    Illiterate, meaningless drivel. Perfect for fanbois.

    • I heard that too. It’d be sweet if you could record 4x as fast as that. 😛


  • But, by the way, the one linked to above, of the japanese woman painting, is fantastic. I liked that one alot, and was very impressed by the ending! Very nice. I can’t wait until this camera (and the D800) get into the hands of the actual professionals, the indie film makers!


    • Rob

      Did you forget that Nikon did give the camera to real professionals? they made the D800 and the D4 look amazing!

  • Gethin

    getting tired of seeing these videos shot in flat overcast days, no highlights to deal with. From the tiny amount I have seen i would say the video looks slightly less filmic than the 5dii. So far the nicest rendering of highlights I’ve seen (the thing that to me makes it look videoy) was from the GH2

    • Harold Ellis

      yea thats the issue with DSLR video. lot of effort, no real results.
      in the end some skilled dude with mini DV HD cam would film it without all those gizmos and trolleys

  • bart

    that movie sucks, and radball is just stupid.
    PS- im a bike nerd.

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