Silver Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera spotted

Silver Fuji X-Pro1

A silver Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera was spotted at an event in Taiwan. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like the hood will be silver as well (maybe even the lenses?).

This silver X-Pro1 will probably come as a limited edition, similar to the black Fuji X100.

The "regular" black Fuji X-Pro1 camera is currently scheduled for a March 28th release.

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  • CRB

    inspired by leica?

  • Jason

    It’s just the the reflected light that make the cameras look as if they are silver. If you check the webpage, you can see the same two models has been holding the black Fuji all the way.

    Anyway I really hope it would come in silver!

    • MJr


      just a blown out reflection, seen it in other pics as well.

    • Mat

      Yeah, it’s just reflection not silver.

    • that could be, didn’t think of it

  • Kevin

    they’re already making limited editions? aren’t the original xpro 1’s pretty limited already?

  • Craig

    Black = stealth. Just sayin’.

  • Remedy

    Isn’t this hilarious calling something silver while 80% of that thing is black? Seriously?

  • Specular reflection.

  • Estrella

    i’ll definitely get one of those… …tattoos!

  • stepper

    It probably is just specular foolery but how shallow does it make me that a silver X-Pro1 pushes the camera from “pretty cool” to “gotta have it!”?

    Seriously, if they come out with a silver version (without limited edition premiums) then I gotta have it!

  • PeterPrism

    I asked it to fujifilm yesterday at “” (i’m italian), at moment no answer about it.

  • And

    Its just a reflection. But it shows that, if a silver version, it will not be pretty with the slant.

  • DavidX

    Hey – it’s true, looking at the article makes it very obvious it’s just reflection from a black XPro1 – the article should be removed or given a different title so people don’t waste their time.

  • A nation filled with gorgeous hotties and these are the two models they came up with?

  • Patrick
    • PeterPrism

      Definitely? This link was the source of the thread. So we are at beginning…

  • Al Buzz

    I was at that presentation and I assure you that there was no XPro 1 in silver. It is either a reflection or a bad photoshop work. Neither there was any talk about a silver version. Of course it could come out later as the black version came out for the X100.

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