Pentax K-01 now shipping

The Pentax K-01 is now shipping in limited quantities in the US (update: B&H and AcePhoto also has some in stock).

Unboxing video:

Here are the results of the poll posted here few weeks ago:


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  • Camaman

    If I heard correctly Toys’r’us and and Wall Mart will have 1st stock.

    • mervis

      Herr, herr, her…

  • befocus

    shame it does not have an EVF but maybe I’ll buy it even anyway
    the IQ seems superb and the video features with focus peaking might persuade me

    • Al

      I’d like to try one.

      So the camera is ugly, well I ain’t no prize either.

      • MuttonPuncher

        LOL Al

    • MuttonPuncher

      Hello befocus,
      I would wait, Pentax got an ear full about lack of a VF, especially on the Pentax Forums site. I’m sure they will have an upgrade coming soon with a VF and maybe other modest upgrades.

  • rich in tx

    wow that is one ugly lomo-looking camera

    • Camaman

      Yeah, lomo as in lobotomy…

      But if they release a 3x fixed zoom version than the whole toy thing makes sense more, IMO.

  • that may be the worst news I’ve heard all day…especially since I am going to be in Hong Kong for a few days next week….theres a chance I may actually see one of these in the wild….and it may kill me with its ugliness.

    • I live here and I haven’t seen it.

  • Kevin

    good concept on the backwards compatibility, but too fugly…

  • peter

    I cant even shit a brick as ugly as that Pentax camera

    • Drink some food dyes and try again.

  • looksmeanwhatexactly

    So you wouldn’t buy a camera no matter how capable it is based on looks?

    The above comments leave me wondering if any of you “fashionistas” actually use your cameras for photography.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    You know, after all time time I’ve decided this K-01 is actually pretty cool, I should have given Pentax a lot more credit than I have been. Pentax is really turning things around!

    • chrisq.

      no they aren’t, i just finished playing with this at work. it feels like legos, the fact that it screams that designers name everywhere (even when you turn the damn thing on) is really annoying. IQ is nothing special (at all), and the lens feels and sounds really cheesy. NO THANK YOU!

      • Sure Ya Did

        Riiight. It just started shipping but we’re to believe you somehow got one to play with at work? Such blind statements do nothing but make you look the fool. Maybe try working instead of trolling this website spewing such crap.

  • jojo

    Call me crazy , but I don’t think the color affects image quality. It’ s funny how all the photogeeks always talk about how a camera looks or how many fps’s a camera will take without ever mentioning what the image quality looks like. I remember a few months ago everyone ripping the Nikon V-1 for its “looks” and now that people are shooting with it, the realize it’s a killer little camera.

    • chrisq.

      who in their right mind thinks the Nikon 1 is a killer little camera?

      • I do

        If you haven’t actually used one you don’t know just how capable it really is.

        The Nikon 1 is just stellar for its size. The always on instant AF is perfect for new parents/grandparents, or anyone wanting to capture their kids/grandkids or other small creatures that rarely stand still. No shutter lag like with a point and shoot either. The video is very clean and the color out of camera is great.

        How do I know? I bought one after using it for three weeks…for my mother-in-law. She loves it. It is the first pocketable camera she’s owned that is ready to shoot the moment she turns it on, and she loves being able to photograph and take video of the grandkids playing in the backyard.

        • Henry K

          I couldn’t agree more. The V1 is an awesome family camera, and in the hands of an experienced photog, it’s actually a very capable camera. The image quality is stellar. My wife and I fight over it all the time and I think I will get her a J1 of her own.

          chrisq, do you own a v1? ever shot one ( outside of the photo display at Target) ? You should try it. It is “killer”.

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