Fuji X-Pro 1 accessories US pricing announced, available for pre-order

The following Fuji X-Pro1 accessories are currently a available for pre-order:

Fujifilm NP-W126 Battery for FinePix X-PRO 1

Fujifilm LC-XPro1 Leather Case for FinePix X-PRO 1

Fujifilm HG-XPro1 Hand Grip for FinePix X-PRO 1

Fujifilm EF-X20 TTL flash for FinePix X-PRO-1

Fujifilm BC-W126 Battery Charger for NP-W126

Fuji X100 black limited edition camera is now in stock.

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  • Conan


    I think that there is a typo in the post – the last link refers to the x-pro 1 when it is in fact the x100 for $3 more.

    Thanks for the post, very exciting!

  • JoeyC

    These prices are insulting. I’ve already pre-ordered the body and all three lenses, but to quote Lando Calrissian, ‘this deal is getting worse all the time.’ Why is the X10’s battery $20 but this one is $69? The thousand-shots-per-charge batteries for my D7000s don’t cost that much. Why is the charger $69? I mean, I paid $60 for a tiny metal hood for the X10, and have thrown tens of thousands at Nikon over the years, but, seriously?

    • Kevin

      insulting? yes.

      fuji will sell lots of these? yes.

      i don’t think x pro 1 has any competitors (nex 7 is designed for video IMO, x pro 1 is designed for still photos)… expect these prices to stay until more cameras enter this high end mirrorless segment.

      • Sina

        Depends on how you define “a lot”.

        I don’t think this will sell nearly as much as, say, a entry level or slightly higher tier dslr from Canon or Nikon. Neither will this sell more than the under $800 mirrorless cameras from Sony, Olympus or Panasonic.

        Will a lot of skilled photographers be interested in this? Sure.

        Are there a lot of amateurs with a lot of money on hand out there? Absolutely.

        Will this sell a lot? Not if you compare the sales with other cameras of similar or close-enough capability.

  • Eric

    starting to wonder if it was the best choice to invest in this camera…..

    although I thought the same thing when I bought an x100 and its been worth it…barely touch my d7000/d700.

    hopefully fuji IQ will come through with another win.

    • Sahaja

      Although I initially pre-ordered one, I’ve now decided to hold back until there is some real feedback from users.

  • Chris K.

    What, no Leica M adapter in the pre-order queue? Hmm, maybe I will keep my NEX-7 pre-order going. (Hope I get it before my Vegas trip!)

  • If you are buying to collect, then accessories are great, but the best approach for users is to buy the basic camera and lenses and use third party batteries and accessories.

    • fred

      Third party chargers and batteries are hit-or-miss. I get that the leather case is a boutique/luxury item, but for Fujifilm to price gouge on basic items like genuine batteries and chargers is pure stupidity.

      • I buy my batteries from a reputable direct seller with warranty and I have never had a bad/ weak one from them.

        Price gouging is only a bad idea if your customers resent it (apparently not enough to stop them buying) and that makes it great business sense.

        • fred

          Where do you get them? I’ve bought two different third-party Nikon chargers at B&H and had them last less than a month.

        • fred

          Price gouging is also a bad idea if it drives your customers to third-party accessories, and even worse if those accessories lead to people having a bad experience with the primary product.

  • Apparently that battery is filled with inkjet printer ink.

  • Ray Green

    What about diopters? I wear glasses and without them looked through the X-Pro viewfinder and the info (aperture, shutter speed etc) was not easy to see.

  • Ash

    Would be nice if that flash unit works on the X100.

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