Third party Kipon M-mount lens adapter for Fuji X-Pro1 will start shipping this month *updated*

Today the Chinese manufacturer Kipon announced that they will start selling their third party M-mount adapter for Fuji X-Pro1 cameras later this month (they will offer also Nikon and Contax versions). A DCHome forum member has posted several images (and samples) of the Kipon lens adapter. At the 2012 CES show Fujifilm confirmed that they will have their own M-mount adapter coming later in 2012.

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  • Cheong

    The one that DCHome forum member uses is actually from Kipon. (mentioned in the thread)

  • Wonderer

    Foolish Japanese!
    We don’t need adapters for M lenses, but a M-bajonet Digital Full Frame camera!!
    First a disaster with their nuclear gear, now with their cameras too….

    • Foolish Wanderer!
      He wants autofocus on a mount that has no autofocus lenses.

      First they drop the only nuclear bombs ever used in anger, then they have the Three Mile Isalnd reactor leak and they still harp on about the aftermath of the massive Fukushima disaster to give their irrational and disingenuous comments a racist flavour.

      I predict they’ll sell all the cameras they care to make at whatever price they care to offer them for.

      If you want native M, buy a GXR A12-M, M8, M8.2, M9 or Epson R-D1. If you want AF and still be able to shoot M lenses, buy the largest sensor on a short register mirrorless camera that you can afford and put an adapter on it. If M lenses are the priority, get a digital rangefinder in M bayonet. If you cannot afford an M9, I suggest you buy whatever camera suits your means, as we all must do.

      Next you’ll be wanting a digital large format monorail bellows camera.

      • Sahaja

        “Next you’ll be wanting a digital large format monorail bellows camera.”

        Hey – I want one of those too, though I’d never be able to afford to actually buy one.

      • Dummy00002

        “Next you’ll be wanting a digital large format monorail bellows camera.”

        Mirrorless please, with some pancake primes.

      • You read my mind…

  • Ed Stevens

    Does anyone know how a Nikon-FX adapter for the Fuji X Pro 1 would actually work? The Fuji X lenses all have aperture control, as do Leica lenses (for which Fuji will be making their own adapter) so I assumed there would be no support for lenses without aperture control on them as there would be no possibility of such control through the camera itself..? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this point.

    • Sahaja

      Nikon F-mount AI/S (and AF-D) lenses have aperture rings. I suspect those are the only Nikon lenses most people would want to use on a camera like the X Pro.

      The manual focus on auto focus G lenses is terrible in comparison to the older lenses.

  • Sed Male

    errr yeah right. Why noy try the Rioch GXR A12 dedicated mount unit.

  • doug

    Ricoh is just silly, every time you buy a Lens you are actually buying a wholle new camera, they would be clever if they lunched a new 16mp sensor on the M adapter but not the old 12mp.

  • Kookie

    A Nikon adapter is a natural. After that, how about an M42 Pentax screw mount adapter? Imagine how enjoyable it would be to again use our sm lenses (doesn’t everyone have some lying around?) on such a high-quality camera. The Super-Multi-Coated Takumars, in particular, were superb lenses, both optically and in their construction.

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