Medium format camera with video recording?

I don't know much about those two images of a Phase One 645DF camera with a Leaf Aptus-II 12 digital back mounted on a video rig with focus pulling and external mic, but I do know that back in 2010 there were some rumors that Phase One is working on a medium format digital back with live view and RAW video recording.

Click on image for larger view:


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  • ennan

    Will be interested to see where this goes…

  • Paul

    This development will be interesting to watch.

  • Craig

    Go, go, go……….give Red and Canon a run for their money.

    This should be technically, fairly easy to do. Rewrite some firmware, many a few interface changes for accessing video functions. A few hardware changes to make video convenient – direct access buttons, etc. Easy.

    I would love fore Phase One to give Red and Canon competition in the video arena. Phase One do not screw up this implementation!

    • Rob Bannister

      These cameras will be so much more expensive then the Red and Canon cameras, even the lenses are crazy expensive. It may be just slightly higher then the Epic but I think this will be in a league of its own.

    • BornOptimist

      It’s far more than that.
      The sensors in MF backs are CCD sensors, and don’t have the readout speed necessary for video.
      So it will require a major change in technology before video exist in these cameras.

    • fred

      Why do you think it took Nikon and Canon so long to put video in their DSLR’s? “Easy”? You’re obviously not an engineer.

      • He’s just trying to be motivational… an engineer would understand that.

  • This development will be interesting to watch.

  • Eric Calabros

    shoot video for hollywood and shoot the image for its poster, all by one single camera

    • Roses R

      Have you heard about Red Epic?

  • stepper

    This development will be interesting to watch.

  • Anon

    I look forward to the day we have affordable 4×5 and 8×10 digital backs that can record video. A lot of those cameras are already “geared” and offer lots of movement etc. and of course for now we can stick a digital 645 back and a wider lens on one.

    • fred

      Do you think you’ll still be alive?

  • ptc

    Video can be shot with any camera – ever heard of stop motion animation? Shot by movie camera, frame by frame. Easily done by medium format digital camera, even if it cannot shoot video.

    • James

      In Summary:

      “Video can be shot with any camera, even if it cannot shoot video.”

  • Harold Ellis

    makes no sense, because nobody would be able to focus it and it could never be better for “4k or less” then S35
    Anything bigger then S35 is generally nonsense except for special applications.

    • applepie

      And why is it that “nobody would be able to focus it”?

      • Harold Ellis

        well you need to keep wide apperture because MF sensors are worse in higher ISO then current CMOSes.
        and on almost full frame IQ180 is at f5.6 about same DOF as at f1.4 on FX

        • applepie

          Doesn’t sound much different than focusing for 70mm motion picture film. Far from impossible.

          • Harold Ellis

            you dont seem much understand it

          • Mark

            Yeah that’s why imax movies are constantly out of focus…idiot.

            Another Photo Rumors post another Harold Ellis troll job.

          • Harold Ellis

            yea, because there is so many imax movies with actually anything happening and shot in bad light…

          • Mark

            What does that even mean? You are officially the biggest troll on the internet because your posts don’t even make sense grammatically. (ignoring the fact that you never-ever know what the fuck your talking about when posting on this site).

            After decoding your asinine “argument” may I refer you to the upcoming Batman film shot entirely in IMAX and uh it’s a pretty dark and gritty picture with “actually anything happening” probably throughout most of the story. I’m sure they encountered every scenario from bright daylight to dark interiors and night scenes AND MANAGED TO FOCUS EVERY SHOT.


    • Mark

      “Than” for fucks sake! “Than”. A simple rule if you don’t know the difference between “then” and “than” is to always write “than”. It will most likely be correct then. It’s better than always writing “then”. Alrighty then!

  • Oh come on, its clearly a joke…if you’ve ever used / held / owned a 75-150 you know that that follow focus would not be able to grip onto the lens. Thats the first clearly fake thing. The second is…what exactly is that mic plugged into? it does’t look like it has a space for a memory card so it can’t be recording video that will be synced in post…..and last time I checked there are no giant medium format sized CMOS sensors out there. The sensor would unquestionably get very hot very fast. I cannot believe this would ever happen, and from my discussions with Phase reps and dealers, I doubt it will ever happen.

    • ” I doubt it will ever happen.”

      Did you just say that? Wow…

      • Yeah, because that Mamiya to PL mount adapter is top notch! Its amazing how they managed to fix the focal flange distance.

        • You were implying that video in digital medium format will never happen.

          And there’s no issue using mamiya lenses on PL. PL can take lenses with much shorter flanges any way.

  • C

    Let’s look at some MF film shall we?

    2001 A Space Odessy
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Around the World in 80 Days

    It even gets used today. Look at Inception – a few scenes use 70mm format.

    Would it be better in digital? Not really. Would be nice to see it though.

  • applepie

    Where’s the tube for the liquid nitrogen?

  • bob2

    A bunch of naysayers and small-minded amateurs on this site.

    MFD video is aimed at pro movie makers (not the amateurs who whine about the cost of pro equipment), where the budgets are *just* a bit larger than your typical photo shoot. Do you know the cost of a Panavision camera? Or the lenses that get attached to those rigs? On a photo shoot, you bring an assistant or two. For movie/TV show shoots, you bring TRUCKS and lots of people….

    • BornOptimist

      show me one blog related to equipment/hardware that is not crowded with naysayers/whiners and small-minded amatures.

  • Jorge De Silva

    I believe more in the new update of Pentax 645D that we know that it will have CMOS sensor… But RED already have MFD video in their plans… so… who know… its cool, but in practice the extreme DOF… you ave to shoot higher that F8 or f11 to have something really in focus… if u use this handled…

    • MJr

      But you’ll get extremely good performance from the lenses at those apertures ;), and projected on such a huge sensor, it will be detail mania! Altho, that already is the case with RED.

  • Nils

    1) leaked photo’s are almost never of this quality.

    2) If there are photo’s why wouldn’t there any specs?

    3)look at the full image at the side, the digital back is saying ”Aptus-II 12”, that’s the 80MP back of Leaf with no video. And I know for sure that Leaf would take a new number like Aptus-II 13/14 if they would make a new back with video, and why should a pre-production model have a modelname on it?

    List of leaf digital backs:

    4) a medium format camera would be focused on the high-end market and professional movie makers almost never use a mic on their camera as a main audio source, and especially not a mic that’s made for a HDSLR (200 dollars on a 50.000 dollars costing camera.

    Based on this I think these photo’s are not the photo’s of a new digital back with video capability. 🙂

    • spam

      Current medium format cameras use CCD sensors without videocapability, however Phase One have implemented a semi-Livew View already. Semi because the refresh rate is too low for it to be really useful.

      Live view would be extremely useful for mediumformat in order to get focus set perfectly. Also, using the LCD as viewfinder would be really convenient for the fairly slow and tripodmounted work a lot of medium format users do.

      So, I bet all medium format companies are looking for a good and large enough CMOS-sensor for future models. CMOS-sensors generally have fast enough readout speed to implement live view. The step from live view to storing the video is small, but I’d guess good enough video to make the medium format camera intereseting is further away. Not neccessarily because of technical issues, but I’m not sure the demand for it is there. Btw, I haven’t seen anyone marketing a big enough CMOS sensor yet.

  • Huey Le

    Would be good is there is a video MF coming this year. Although It might looks like April Fool comes a little bit early this year.

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