The silver Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera has been discontinued

The silver Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder camera has been discontinued according to Cosina Japan website. Last year Zeiss discontinued the Ikon SW (Super Wide) version that did not have a viewfinder/rangefinder. The black Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera ($1,618.00) is still available for sale.

Zeiss has mentioned on several occasions that they do not have any plans for a digital rangefinder camera. They should. The Leica M9 remains the only full frame digital mirrorless camera out there and it seems that none of the camera manufacturers has the guts to go full frame. At one point I really thought that Fuji will be the first with the X-Pro1, but even they didn't do it. In the mean time, Leica will probably announce a new full frame rangefinder (M10?) this year at Photokina and will sell every single piece they produce for the next two years.

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  • That is such a shame. It’s a truly excellent camera; the best non-Leica M. I own and use one regularly. Along with my Hexar, it’s my primary body for M mount. It only let me down once, when I ran out of batteries in Paris, but that’s the price you pay for high shutter speeds and AE. With the superior finder and EBL, it’s far superior to the Bessas and of course far cheaper than any equivalent Leica.

    I have also been gagging for a digital version. If Cosina did it with the R-D1, why not do it again.

    And if they will not, why for the love of all that is good, why would they discontinue the ZM?

    • “With the superior finder and EBL, it’s far superior to the Bessas and of course far cheaper than any equivalent Leica.”

      You speak as if other cameras can’t take photos. And getting so particular about 35mm film cameras is like honda vs. toyota debate… that ends in a knife fight 😀

      With film the most significant contributors to the final output are the film and the lens. Tiny little details of which little bell which camera has over the other is next to irrelevant.

      • C

        And then you talk to an M6/M2 owner 😛

      • ZDP-189

        You’re usually the one who’s super particular about cameras. I also own a Canon, a Bessa and a Hexar. I considered and rejected the Bessa R3,CLE and CL when I bought the ZM. I figure the current stable is almost sufficient and offers a great range of features and each is specialized for one particular kind of photography. I confess to hankering for a late M6 TTL or a M7, funds permitting. So you see, I’ve totally not got tunnel vision. I can impartiality say that the RM’s discontinuation is a loss to Leica M format shooters.

        • “You’re usually the one who’s super particular about cameras.”

          I still am! I didn’t mean being super particular is a bad thing… I meant being super particular about 35mm film rangefinders is a waste of time 🙂

      • MJr

        Never did he mention photo quality tho … that’s all you.

      • developing

        Everybody knows that Toyotas are far superior. After being in several accidents where the 2004 toyota highlander walks away needing two new doors whilst the 2011 CR-V had it’s entire front ripped off… Trust me, Honda’s are crap. NEVER buy a Honda.

        Unless you like your wheel bearings and AC compressor needing replacement at 65k on the odo

    • Ashok

      + 1

  • TaoTeJared

    Wishful thinking they will make a digital camera.

    I’m sure it is due to the lack of a market for a $1,600 film camera.

    • ZDP-189

      I paid a little over a grand for mine, second hand but mint as new in the box. I figured it’s about the price of an average condition M3, but more capable.

      The ZM is honestly not much better constructed than an R3A, but the RF is almost Leica quality.

  • neely fallon

    Bummer. But for not much more than the ZM film body you can get a digital X-P1 body & use legacy ZM glass! When Zeiss quits making M mount glass then it be bummed out.

    Fuji really should just do a FF with some overlay version of a rangefinder patch. So close! Come on Fuji! Man up!

    Also if you look at the X mount diameter and the sensor throat…it would appear you could squeeze a FF sensor in the X-P1 body.

    • e

      “But for not much more than the ZM film body you can get a digital X-P1 body & use legacy ZM glass!”

      This is not digital it’s film… ¡very different! I use both regulary and I see a big difference. The question for me is not what is better in general, but which one gives me the particular look I want for a particular picture.

      Big shame to hear that news!

  • Sledge

    Next stop: silver Fujifilm GF670…

  • NYC

    A close friend of mine works for Cosina and he claims the digital Ikon is coming within 2 years.

    • Craig

      If this factoid is true, and I hope it is, two years is forever in the fast paced changing world of consumer electronics. Just ask Phase One about that.

  • ch

    It’s more than a shame : a big shame for all the ZM lens owners.
    We all should boycott this brand from now on….

    • ZDP-189

      I don’t see it as such a bad thing for Zeiss m-mount owners. It’s not as if their camera bodies will stop working or they’ll have a shortage of M-bodies.

      Are you suggesting a boycott of Zeiss or Cosina or both? If it makes you feel any better and you’re selling yours cheap, hit the link and drop me a line.

  • polpaulin

    “they do not have any plans for a digital rangefinder camera. They should”

    a 24×36 Digital Zeis Ikon is a dream for many of us, it will be the fist serious problem for Leica M

  • DouglasGottlieb

    A digital Ikon that’s premium priced but affordable to enthusiasts not just those who are dentists or CEOs would be a hit if they can do if before Fuji owns the entire space. The Fuji cameras are awesome but a true digital rangefinder would be better.

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