Kodak to increase the price of all its films by 15%


Kodak will be increasing the price of all its films by 15%. No exact date was given for the price increase. Stock up on your favorite film now. A week ago Kodak announced that it will discontinue three slide films.

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  • Bjrichus

    Sounds like the old train logic:

    No passengers = no trains … but … no trains = no passengers.

    So up goes the price because people don’t want to buy it as the price is so high, therefore even fewer people want to buy it…

    Kodak management logic is wonderful.

  • Banksie

    The prices on everything will be going up with the rising price of oil.

    As far as Kodak film pricing goes, if the demand is lowered then the cost per unit becomes higher in respect to the profit margin. It’s the economy of scale. Film as a niche product will cost more to remain at the same level of profit. This has nothing to do with Kodak management specifically, it’s a basic tenet of manufacturing,

  • an onymous

    Does that mean the film sales, eg. 15% of the photographers have converted to the digital stuff? btw, in the film days I preferred the Fuji, just me..

    • –> an onymous

      I’ve preferred FujiFilm over Kodak for the past 30 years now.

  • MJr

    That’s it, i quit ! 🙁

  • Jon S

    That should save them!

  • DP

    What’s a film?

  • jerl

    Well, I switched to Ilford B&W film awhile ago to try them out, looks like I will be staying with them.

    • Matt

      The good thing about Ilford: They never ever discontinue anything.

  • M*ther F….

    That’s short for stockpile it. Well Tri-X anyway. They’ve done away with P3200, PW400CN is c-41 and I’m not keen on T-MAX.

  • distanted

    OMG…Kodak still makes film?

  • Daryl

    Kodak management has been consistent, they never have missed an opportunity to raise prices. Other than that it has been one of the worst run companies in the last 40 years

  • Warpig

    Beautiful silver halide salts, you will never be beaten by any digital sensor.

  • just when i’m starting to use film again. hayy

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