Kipon Leica M-mount lens adapter for Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera now available on eBay

The Kipon Leica M-mount lens adapter for Fujifilm X-Pro1 cameras is now available on eBay for $67.99. Few days ago Kipon announced a whole series of different lens adapters for the X-Pro1 mirrorless camera. Fujiilm will release their own adapter for Leica lenses later this year.

Kipon als has a Contax lens adapter for the X-Pro1.

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  • Dima

    Wow they are fast!

  • That’s a fairly thick adapter. The camera must have decently short flange distance. Got to see how the image quality and bulk compares to cameras in the Nex line-up

    • Joe

      The X registration distance is apparently shorter than that of the NEX (17.7mm vs. 18mm). And yet they are officially supporting the Leica M adaptation. It would be interesting to see when more users get the camera and report back the corner issue.

  • ZDP-189

    Has anyone bought this camera yet? I’m gagging to get one, but I want to hear more user feedback.

  • Camaman

    You gotta love these 3rd party makers when they release items cheaper and faster than manufacturers!! Hahaha!

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