Canon NAB teaser: “The story continues”

It seems that Canon will have another "major announcement" at the 2012 NAB show on April 15th, 2012 in Las Vegas. My bet goes for a smaller and cheaper EOS C300 cinema camera.

Via Engadget

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  • passingthru

    how about a T4i …

  • broxibear
  • Mark

    Hopefully they’re cutting the cost of their C300 in half considering you can buy a Sony FS100 which is pretty much the same thing for like 6 grand, or a RED for about the same money and get 4K.

  • JG10

    Red took the wind out of the sails of the C300. I agree, probably a cheaper version of the C300.

  • Zeusman

    What about a 4K camera? That seems to be the new buzz phrase in video these days.

  • Harold Ellis

    would be much better if they woud release some good documentary camera. their offering is missing a lot and there is no real competition to high priced sony cameras.

    Smaller sensor is ok there,
    very good in low light
    can be with fixed lens, but some 1.8 and at best start at about 28mm
    working autofocus and and shake reduction
    sun readable screen
    shoulder mountable or that as accessory available

    do i ask for that much? those prefocused shaky videoclips or when i have staff of 5 people i can record already with MKII good enough.

    • Alex

      yes you do… tring to target something as specific as what you listed in this ‘video market’ u kidding me….

    • tim

      Harold, have you looked at the upcoming Olympus E-M5? I wonder how you think it would handle for documentary work? There is no mic input but Olympus sells a lav mic that has a mic port- so you can use any mic you want if you want to record audio direct to the camera. What I find most exciting is the new 5 axis image stabilization. From the footage I’ve seen it’s almost like you have a mini steadicam built into the camera. But I’m sure you could point to a ton of drawbacks for this camera regarding documentary work. I’d like to get your insight. Thanks.

      • Harold Ellis

        well problem is that it is all “remain to be seen” and usually ends up in “yet another still camera with some video gizmo”

        all i need is very popular HDR-FX1 with dual CF cards, 2012 image quality and 24p, all around 2k. That is not much to ask for! It would sell like pancakes for wedding and other markets. Video documentary really is serious and big market. Much bigger then cinema indies those DSLRs target.

        you cannot be even serious lol

        • Harold Ellis

          canon now offers only one pro documentary camera


          this camera is expensive and bad.

          you get better video from Nikon D300 if you try hard, but those camera cannot autofocus and have no working image stabilisation, and of course needs lot of add-ons to be used as documentary camera which makes price even above the sony in the end and looks lol with all those alu rods and weights and 10″ monitors with shades and follow focus mounts etc.

          • Harold Ellis’ bum

            Man you talk load of dung!

          • Harold Ellis’ bum

            Man you talk a load of dung!

        • Warpig

          “…is very polular…” “…2012 image quality…”
          are you kidding me? what a hipster

          • Harold Ellis

            this hipster makes moneys dude, besides, if you quote something, there is a nice little feature, since Windows 1.0. Button combination Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V which makes amazing stuff, it copies text and places it somewhere else! So next time you don’t need to look like a noob and your criticism will have maybe some weight for somebody*.

            *) likely not for me

          • Warpig

            You make money, “dude”? that’s impressive, I know very few people who does that!!

            I’ll take the “hipster” back. What an asshole then.

  • pointshooter

    probably a pink mirrorless camera with a new 1/3″ sized sensor. 🙂
    Canon is back on track. 😉

  • Musouka

    Pipe Dreams: a new company emerges…. Canikon/Nikanon 😛

    Realistically, it will be something related to cinema so no DSLRs most probably… unless it’s a DSLR that could do 4K or some DSLR-Cinema hybrid.

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