Canon EOS 1Dx, Pentax K-5 limited edition now available for pre-order

The Canon EOS 1Dx DSLR and Pentax K-5 limited edition cameras are now available for pre-order.

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  • 1DX should be excellent.

  • CHD

    Yes, the 1DX should be excellent….but given the specs of the 5D3 I’m not sure why anyone except for sports/bird shooters would buy one.

  • Craig

    That is a silly price for the Pentax.

    • twitch

      The black K-5 is $1,200. The lens is $249. So Pentax is asking $150 for silver paint which is not that bad, I’ve certainly seen a lot worse (Leica Mp vs M9P for instance).

    • Warpig

      Yeah, but ain’t it beautiful…
      I wouldn’t even use it. I’d put it next to my voigtlanders Bessa 66 and Vitomatic.

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