This is the Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera


Focusmedia published an article about the upcoming Samsung NX20 camera with several images and detailed specs:

  • Slightly larger than the NX11
  • Thicker grip
  • 20.3MP APS-C size CMOS sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for direct image upload
  • Improved speed and ISO
  • ISO range: 100-12800
  • 8fps
  • Max shutter speed: 1/6000
  • i-Function 2.0
  • 1080p Full HD video capability (separate video recording button)
  • 3.0-inch VGA AMOLED screen tilt
  • Built-in flash and electronic viewfinder

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  • AaronL

    Better be good cause it aint pretty.

    • Robert Falconer

      Was thinking the exact same thing. 🙂

      • lynn

        hmmmm… samsung or NEX7?


        • My son purchased a NEX less than a year ago. He takes very good care of it, but the contacts in the battery compartment are showing signs of corrosion and the anti-glare coating on the LCD has all but rubbed off. Frankly, I prefer the Samsung over the Sony, but would probably look at a Fuji X-Pro 1 or Olympus OM-D E-M5 before either of them.

          • lynn

            wow, you can actually purchase nex7 a year ago???

    • me

      Looks like quite an ugly clay mock-up toy especially seen from the front, Samsung, please re-do the design, thank you.

    • J Shin

      Reminds me of old Agfas and Exactas. Awkwardly shaped to fit the function. I kinda like it.

      What about the EVF? Will it be 2M+ dots, like the NEX-7?

    • Anon

      It’s not best in class, but it’s a helluva lot better than Pentax’s offerings.

    • D

      oh? I thought it looked better than the nx10 – not that it says very much…

    • Homer

      pretty cameras are for girls, aren’t they?

  • So much for the rumours of it looking like an old rangefinder…

    • I think this was another NX model that was supposed to have a retro design. Samsung will be releasing few new NX cameras in the next few months.

    • The NX1000 will have a retro design

  • Petter

    Yeah, whatever happened to the retro designed one? I’d buy that. This, probably not.

  • Craig


    • JR

      Well, if all you “jokers” are only interested in displaying an accessory, are you really into photography?

      • Anon

        Coming from someone posting on a camera rumors website, linking to their pbase portfolio of photoshopped cars. Hmmmmm

        • JR

          If ever you show your brainless arse around these parts of Australia, I’d be happy to show you the original 750+ layer PS files to show how brain dead that statement of yours is, Mr “hero” anon.

          Photoshopped indeed.

      • tkpenalty

        I agree. Function over form please.

        I find the retro styling of some cameras, retrogade (see what i did there).

  • I hope the REC button can be assigned to AF, like it can on the Oly PENs. It’s also nice to see that the front wheel is now used for zooming in and out of pictures instead of having 2 buttons for it.

    Would be nice to see a photo of the back.

  • Krazzzyyy

    This is not what I signed up for…
    Just another ugly faux-DSLR experiment.

  • Harold Ellis

    full frame or go home

    • Full Frame

      Harold, everyone knows full frame 35mm digital is too small for most needs. Only noobs shoot 35mm. PROS shoot medium format. OLD PROS shoot large format. ARTISTS shoot film.

      • Pros Shoot FullFrame


        The market is correcting itself from the APS-C aberration.

        Nikon is projecting sales of 30,000 D800 per month. The D800 appeals to serious amateurs and pros. The D800 can even give Medium Format a serious run for the money.

        This Samsung is fugly.

        • saywhat

          30,000 sales per month? that’s a lot of serious amateurs and pros buying a FF system for $2,500 and totally eclipsing sales of entry and midrange level APS-C cameras for small change. ROFL !

          • ha

            ^i wish there is a like button here!

          • lynn

            30,000 D800 units / month =
            360,000 D800 units / year
            x $3,000 each =
            $1.08 billion (BILLION) sales per year


          • Pros Shoot FullFrame

            You guys are morons:

            “Nikon reveals production goals for D4 and D800, cost of earthquake damage
            Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey

            Nikon’s production target for the D4 is 5,000 units per month, and for the D800 it is 30,000 units per month, according to Jiro Saito, the President of Nikon’s Sendai factory (technically, Sendai Nikon Corp.), which manufactures both cameras. Saito’s remarks were reported on, the national news agency of Malaysia, which was one of several South Asian and Pacific region news organizations that were given a tour of the Sendai facility. (In 2007, we published our own report, which includes several Nikon-supplied photos, on a similar tour of the Sendai factory, which took place when the D3 and D300 were introduced.)”

            You can’t confuse your limited resources or personal buying criteria onto the market as a whole.

            The MSRP for the D800 is 2,999.99 USD.

            The MSRP for the D700 was 2,700.00 USD.

            I paid $2,000.00 for my D700 brand new. The price of the D800 will most likely come down a bit as production ramps up and Nikon recovers more from the Natural Disasters that befell it.

            You guys are really dumb, no wonder you lack the resources to buy any good camera equipment.

        • cameraman

          Bullshit? Go around in the real world and look at what most people with cameras are using my friend…it’s not Full Frame cameras. And I’m not talking about press huddles or the pap huddles. I’m talking about ppl you see on the street everyday with cameras around their necks. It’s not 3 thousand dollar cameras bro. It’s people like you who keep asking for things they can’t afford that confuse camera makers. ” i want full frame, i want a f 1.0 lens, i want the camera to go 500k cycles” Yeah…DREAM ON, BUDDY BOY.

          • Pros Shoot FullFrame

            I am in the real world and have a number of friends that are pros. We all have Full Frame cameras.

            You can’t project your personal buying preferences or lack of financial resources to the entire photography market. It’s a very immature way to view the world.

            “Nikon reveals production goals for D4 and D800, cost of earthquake damage
            Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey

            Nikon’s production target for the D4 is 5,000 units per month, and for the D800 it is 30,000 units per month, according to Jiro Saito, the President of Nikon’s Sendai factory (technically, Sendai Nikon Corp.), which manufactures both cameras. Saito’s remarks were reported on, the national news agency of Malaysia, which was one of several South Asian and Pacific region news organizations that were given a tour of the Sendai facility. (In 2007, we published our own report, which includes several Nikon-supplied photos, on a similar tour of the Sendai factory, which took place when the D3 and D300 were introduced.)”

          • cameraman

            Your a pro and all your friends are pros who shoot full frame ..good for you. Now go out into the real world and see how many cameras on ppls hands are full frame. Not many huh? You ever wonder where the money comes from in terms of camera sales? It’s not full frame, my “pro friend”. We all like Ferraris and Lambos, but go out and count how many cars are regular vans, sedans and trucks. Now go and ask nikon how many pro full frame cameras they sell. If they sell so well, why bother even making entry level or prosumer cameras eh? Why bother? uh..maybe cause most people, 99% of ppl cant afford to buy a “pro” camera. Even if allll your friends have 60 pro full frame cameras a piece, it dont make any real money for Nikon. Go and ask them. It doenst take projections or maps or graphs to know that most ppl dont buy 3000 dollar cameras. maybe ten of your friends will, maybe twenty of them will, but the 20 that buy them dont mean Nikon makes real money on them.
            As for lack of financial resources in buying cameras, dont just assume I dont have the means to buy a full frame cameras. Iam in the camera selling business, which is clearly something you are not in , given your opinion. Do you know what the margins are on a pro camera? Im sure you think it’s alot on a 3 grand camera. i can tell you it aint. i can tell you Nikon makes most of that return, if any or alot at all. I sell most cameras to most ppl , ppl mostly do NOT by FF cameras. If i had to rely n you and your rich ” pro ” friends to keep my store afloat, I’d be out of business. If you went into business with your lack of business sense, you would be out of ” pro ” business my friend. The world is in a recession, maybe not for the one percent of you and your friends.But your 20 pro friends don’t keep my business afloat, nor would they keep any other camera business afloat. the margins are made in the lesser cheaper cameras. That’s not to say they should’nt make “pro” cameras, but lets not get ahead of yourself and say ause you and all your friends have pro cameras, it means that that makes the company alot of money. Truth is, I don;t care if your friends only buy pro cameras, cause here’s a wake up call to you and your friends. MOST ppl do not buy pro cameras and the MOST margins are not made on pro cameras. Go and ask Nikon, BMW. Mercedes, any other company. Better yet, go into business and see for yourself.

          • cameraman

            To sum up, here. “most pros shoot full frame . Yes, that is true but that is one percent of one percent of the market.
            99 percent of the market does NOT shoot full frame.”
            So where do you think the money is made?

      • Harold Ellis

        it is 2012 dude. APS was in film age complete failure and in digital age short time crotch to avoid extreme prices.
        four years ago there was very good 24Mpix camera for 2000Euro, there is no reason why anything “premium” should be DX. especially if lenses are not really smaller or cheaper anyway.
        MF is big for daily use and cameras have long time to go to be as comfortable as FX became.
        We need more M9 competition, not so many crappy APS cameras.

        • inteliboy

          “We need more M9 competition, not so many crappy APS cameras.”

          ^ This

        • l.coen

          Leica doesnt and wont ever get competition. the 7 thousand dollar digital rangefinder manual focus market is the only market leica has. Leica is for the rich wannabe folks, or pros who use them..that is it.Leica is at the end of a very long and old line. Thats there thing, that’s all they have left. Leica cant make Af cameras, they cant make Af lenses, they cant make decent Af slrs..what else do they have but a 7 thousand dollar camera market?

  • blabla

    Finally an APSC mirrorless camera with a proper rotating screen! It’s so much more versatile than a screen that just tilts!

    It may not be pretty but I’m sure this’ll be a great photographic tool, if it combines NX200 image quality with the NX10’s excellent ergonomics and adds a swivel screen 🙂

    • AD

      I prefer titlable screen to the side hinge screen. On titable screen, the screen is line with the lens. Feels natural. Screens that stick to side don’t work for me. They don’t work for waist level shooting either.

      • +1

        I much prefer Sony’s tilting screens.

  • chris

    I hope they don´t screw up the video codec again.

  • Mike

    What a contrast from the precision build if Fuji, NIkon etc. this looks like someone put a sensor in some clay. An X-Pro1, it ain’t!

  • Do
    • this image is taken from the same article

  • CRB

    the 1 million dollar question: is the buffer and sho-to-shot raw times as lame as the NX200? i hope not…

  • sam

    Why won’t Nikon or Canon come out with something like this???

    • harry

      canon is rumored to release one next year.

  • Ok, my curiosity is peaked…

    I wouldn’t use it during a session for a client, but I would – maybe – use it when I’m shooting just for my own pleasure.

    What lenses exist, or will be released, along with this? Any fast primes?

    • ha

      rumors say possibly 16-80mm 3.5 to something, and 12-24mm f4, and 55mm 1.8. also new flash

      • 55mm 1.8, huh? I have to say that FoV is my most used…I have my 85mm on my D700 half the time…interest peaked a little more. Let’s see what the reviews have to say about it once it’s out in the wild.

  • Don Pope

    OK, who was the joker who put this camera in the microwave?

  • rich in tx

    almost as ugly as canons

    • Geert

      Almost… XD

  • mat

    Specs are pretty sweet…..

  • pete

    If the menu does not lock up during card write I may consider getting this.

  • TW

    I like the design very much, exactly what I had hoped for. It will be easy to adjust from the NX10NX11. It will balance nicely with the larger NX lenses as 85, 18-200, 50-200. If I need smaller equipment, there still is the NX200 with the pancakes. So I think very sensible design. I prefer continuity in design and user interface over design trends. Some retro designed cameras for me are not nice to handle. I buy photo equipment to take pictures with.

  • Tom kormay

    Quite bizarre how the majority of the comments complains that this camera isnt a nikon/fuji. Well duh! Moving on.
    This is the natural follow up on the nx10/11 line. Just hope they have fixed the raw buffer and size from the nx200, and that they keep setting a good price. Right now samsung has the best camera/price with. And for people who enjoys taking pictures and not just showing off with a brand, this could be a great camera.

    • Zaph

      And maybe finally moved to compressed RAWs?

      • Gabriel

        Oh yes !!! 50mb raw is too big to handle 🙁

  • spam

    Looks good to me. Exactly the type of camera I like. Specs cant say it all though, we have to wait for the release to see AF performance and IQ.

  • ca95f

    How much is this expected to cost?

  • Garen

    Hyundai “fluidic sculpture” design. Oh Brother!

  • Marcin

    At the moment Samusng has the most interesting offer of small (pancacke), fast, optically very decent and, last but not least, quite affordable prime lenses (including the announced 50mm 1.8) from all mirrorless systems. This plus APS-C sensor plus mirrorl-like funcionality makes NX11/20 almost a perfect camera for me.

    I’ve been wainting for the announcement of NX20 for quite few months now. If they imporved the raw buffer and files’ size – I’ll be very tempted to enter this system.

  • nik

    how come samsung can build side tilt screen , but sony can’t

    • MJr


  • Gabriel

    the build in wifi is a great news, so you can send picture to a tablet, do some editing on a big screen and share the picture, or print it to any wifi printer.

  • Marco

    I never liked the look of Nx 10/11 thus I don’t like this as well. I’d have loved a rangefinder body ala fuji. This body kills the advantage of not needing a pentaprism mirror!

  • Homer

    Pretty cameras are for girls, aren`t they?

    • JR

      “Pretty cameras are for girls, aren`t they?”

      Yep, fashion victims.

  • Tim

    I like the nice utilitarian, no-nonsense design.
    This camera does (on paper) everything I hoped this camera would be. Nice!

    Let’s hope it’s not as expensive as the “beautifully designed” competition 😉

  • tkpenalty

    love the styling comments here.

    Go enjoy your NEX7s without any affordable lenses and sensor thats worse off than sensors previous generation DSLRs.

  • Nobull

    That is one. ugly. motherf**ker.


  • luc

    I guess it it the lighting which makes it look very “plasticky”. I hope the material does not look as cheap under normal circumstances.
    Otherwise the design is not bad at all – and certainly better than the NX10.

    • luc

      Does it have two control dials or merely one?

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  • Raffwal

    The looks of a camera should be secondary to its ergonomics and IQ, but I seriously wish they wouldn’t have made this camera so damned ugly. I own an NX10 and while it does not look so terrible IRL as it looks in pictures, it is still very unpleasant to look at. I think my NX10 has great ergonomics and I expect no less from this camera. But somehow I’m not convinced with the NX family enough to buy anything else than the NX10 + 30mm combo I have. Even if Samsung finally releases the NX20 which was originally rumored to be announced already last summer, I think they’re developing the NX system half-heartily. Feel free to disagree.

  • cameraman

    This is the last straw, had a feeling Samsung would do something stupid like this and make a camera like the g2 series when most of the fan base is crying out for rangefinder styled bodies. They’ve pissed off fans by making the crippled nx200, no EVF or a capability for one, then they go out and make this ugly thing? And at what price? If this camera is anywhere above 600 most ppl would fork out for a Canikon.

    Look at that thing, konica film rangefinder retro styled body my ass. Now when no one will buy that POS Samsung will expect them to wait for another year or two for another botch up. Soo glad I only got my two Samsung nx cameras at liquidation prices. This camera just shows that the CSc dep of the company has no clue of what to do. Wi fi, connectivity etc, blah blah, this is what companies who dont know or want to make good cameras market. now any little fans they have left have already left the boat, dslr csc fans have the panasonic g series while rangefinder styled csc fans got m43 and nex.

    Sorry Samsung, you last chance and you blew it big time. you guys don’t even have a clue anymore, should have stuck to making dslrs. In the csc market, you clearly have shown you cant lead, and you damn well dont even know how to follow properly. Keep dreaming Samsung and if any of their reps are reading this, go out and use a m43 or nex camera and learn something about how to make a half decent camera. What a joke.

  • Anon


    Long term NX10 user and it’s my ‘slightly too big but just manageable’ carryabout alternative to a compact. Actually bought the 16mm to complement the 30mm as was expecting an NX200 form factor with an integrated EVF (a requirement for any serious photographer). The NX20’s modern look doesn’t bother me as I like the ergonomics of the NX10, but the big issue on NX20 is it’s bigger with a chunkier handgrip. Sigh – will wait for the NX1000. Not happy.

  • khadir
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