Panasonic GF5 picture leaked *updated*

This is the first leaked picture of the upcoming Panasonic GF5 camera. The size and design resembles the Panasonic GF3 model. The expected specs are:

  • 12MP sensor
  • Improved SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) - comparable to the Panasonic G3
  • Maximum ISO of 12,800
  • Very fast AF (0.09 seconds)
  • New 920k dots touch screen LCD
  • New touch screen interface

Update: the image was leaked on Instagram by the Hong Kong celebrity/model Angelababy.

Update #2: two more images of the Panasonic GF5:

Via Engadget

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  • photonut

    – 12MP sensor ?
    – Maximum ISO of 12,800 ?

    DOA !

  • Remedy

    Please Panasonic idiots make it half the size. After all it’s as huge as infants hand. WTF is wrong with those shrinking idiots?

  • Eug

    Sorry, but why 5?!!!!

    • In japan the number 4 is considered an unlucky number because in japanese 4 is pronounced shi, that have the same pronunciation of the work death, (the 9 is the same, pronunced ku, same as agony).

      This thing is very taken into consideration, note that even some buildings don’t have the floor 4 and 9, or hospitals don’t have the room 4-9, and in some planes there isn’t the seat 4 or 9.

      So would be tremendously unlucky name the camera Panasonic GF4

      • Remedy

        I guess Nikon wants to bring doom to all the D4 users…. yeah…. no.

        • Anonymus Maximus

          D4 is for pros, most of which do not live in Japan.
          GF5 is for consumers, most of which do live in Japan.

          • inteliboy

            What an idiotic statement.

      • an nonymous

        yeah I was thinking the same, also in Chinese number 4 (si) = death, a bad omen.

        • an nonymous

          Forgot to mention.. Lumix did skimp on the number order regime also when the DMC-LX3 predecessor came out and go the name DMC-LX5 instead of DMC-LX4.

          • an nonymous


            predecessor –> successor

    • pooh

      You had 18 months to comment on this when the LX5 was released, yet you missed the chance.

      • Not Surprised

        Man, the comments are brutal today… got manners?

        Thanks for the preview, Admin!

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