Adobe Photoshop CS6 sneak peek video #6 and #7

Adobe Photoshop published CS6 sneak peek episode #6 and #7. The next video was created entirely in a future version of Photoshop:

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  • R!

    One question:How much?!!!!!!!!

    • bob_buttons

      Too much.

    • EnPassant

      Half price of previous version just like LR4 would be very welcome!

  • #7 (3D) – I’ll never use it.
    #6 (blur) – WANT NOW

  • JG10

    So Photoshop can now be used to edit videos? How would it compare to something like Adobe Premiere? Can you do special effects as well? I’m guessing it will be very basic.

  • Mark

    Blur tool! Nice.

  • nzpaul

    When is it gonna be released?

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