Pentax K-z?

Just like the first banner, I don't know much about those images and how reliable this information is. At least we can now clearly see the model name in the top right corner: Pentax K-z.

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  • Wombl1

    Sounds very reasonable….. I think no Designer on this Planet could choose the Name “KZ” for a Product ….

  • Harold Ellis

    when everything else fails, try colors.
    when even colors fail, try limited edition with unknown famous designer
    when even that fail, well, you know, say that there is some crisis or so

  • Quicksand

    If this is authentic — and I don’t know whether it is — Pentax might consider hiring an English speaker to write their English marketing copy.

  • blueget

    K-z? Ouch.

  • bob2

    Why is the image so blurry? Wonder if it was shot with a Pentax…..

    • d400

      nah! shot with a 5D2 😀

      • Scotch

        and you were the photographer rite?

  • Gex

    Can anyone explain to me what is the deal with the K-Z name? Why is it so bad? Can anyone explain me please…?

    Anyway, this is not a camera for photography. It is toy that you use when you want to be noticed. Like the horrible K-01

    • linux

      KZ as in concentration camp is my guess.

      • @macsorcist

        Yes, it is. And if anyone here has contacts to Pentax, tell them. It will become a PR nightmare if released…

        • linux

          I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem, for instance I don’t think Chevrolet ever wanted to make a car for fascists 😉
          (SS = Schutz Staffel = Hitler’s elite soldiers)

          It’s not like they are calling it SS88HH or sth of the likes ^^

  • we need to have a ‘most hideous colour combination’ contest once it comes out >< not to say pentax is wrong(its pretty cool) im just sure we can create some terrible colour combinations

  • “KZ-Lager” is german short for Konzentrationslager, or consentration camp. They used it during world war II. The letters “KZ” isolated does not spell “consentration camp”, only “consentration”, but I see the unfortunate connotation. The nazis were luckily not into colors, so they did not ruin many of those:-) On the other hand they ruined the Norse, or old Norwegian Rune alphabet. The German governement has forbidden Germans to use our old alphabet as ornaments of any kind. They were even talking about forbidding the Norwegian flag on clothes. So lets think a little about this before we point fingersor cry wolf. Lets take our letters and signs back. I’ll bet the Asians are still mad about the swastika thing …

    • bob2

      Unfortunate choice of letters. Pentax should have gone with the KY naming convention instead. You’d see all the Pentax forum on “DP” Review going “I love using the KY…it’s sooooo smoooth and easy, never been more satisfied by the HUGE files.”

      Sorry, couldn’t help it.

      • applepie

        I am comings! . . . I digicame-info.

      • qwe

        In Japan, KY is an abbreviation of Kuuki Yomenai, that means a person who cannot read between the lines.

    • Espen

      “No Rules” writes: The letters “KZ” isolated does not spell “consentration camp”, only “concentration”

      Actually, it’s short for Konzentrationslager für Zivilpersonen

      • BP2012

        So KZ is not a such a bad name for a camera 😉

  • applepie

    File under: Nikon D3z

  • pointshooter

    The only thing that is missing now is a few new lenses that can be tweaked in different colors.
    Looking forward to the olympic with a new camera with all 5 colors combined, nice. 🙂

  • BP2012

    I don’t see any problem with the name. Many model names and even brands associate on something bad in local. As example the finest Nesscafe “Kenjara” means cesspit in my language. Or Ford “Kuga” means plague. This K-z is not even direct association but abbreviation which could mean anything. It’s logical and fine, I like it. If jews don’t like the name then they won’t buy the camera, so no big deal.

  • Kolame

    I’m german and my first thought was: “What the hack? Please don’t let it be that name!” In Germany “KZ” is only used in this one way. Nobody says “Konzentrationslager” (concentration camp), it’s always only “KZ”…
    My second thought was: “What the hack? We don’t need this colour-stuff!”

    • AlexS

      K-z = Kaze = wind 🙂

      Finding the worst possible association, valid only in a limited, irrelevant context means no name will ever be “suitable”. Then we’ll have cameras called “18827.878/22”, but I’d guess even that would be offensive for someone…

      • Warpig


    • BP2012

      Joke of the day in sport headlines: “Kaiser lost his c*ck”. That is actual translation (without censorship 🙂 into my language. Actual headline is about that the football club Kaiserslautern replaced his trainer Kurtz. His name means “male sex organ” in most possible vulgar interpretation.

  • After release of their hideous Pedobear-edition camera, there’s no surprise they would release another one under BDSM Nazi banner.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Perhaps when Pentax releases clearer images of the new K-Z we’ll see the Nazi Swastika on it. Maybe the dual SS lightning bolts?

    Has Pentax released the color codes yet?

    A gangrene green camera body with a typhoid red flash and battery cover, and a malaria yellow power lever will be interesting.

    Nikon releases a state of the art D4 and D800/E, Canon the 5DMKIII, Sony gets production fixed on the NEX-7 and Pentax lays another egg.


    • Rob Allen

      “Lays another egg”? Oh, really? Pray tell which particular egg was the last one? The Q, or the K-01, or perhaps the 645D? They may not be selling in the quantities that makes Sony or Samsung happy, but I don’t see them being pulled from production just yet.
      Or do you really mean “produces another camera I don’t like”?
      It’s an entry level DSLR, and you’re reeling off high-end DSLRs and pricey mirrorless camera names as if they’re somehow comparable. Maybe you really just wanted to despise something that lesser beings use, and this popped up.

  • It doesn’t sound practical on a production perspective to have that much choice to customize.

    • Harold Ellis

      it will be just clumsy snap on plastic covers. probably done on end of assembly line in sweat shop in china. or maybe even supplied in the box

    • BP2012

      I agree it’s not practical and could be resolved in 2 ways:
      -Order of production at factory and wait a long time
      -Order of customization at local store – final customization will be done by local service center if they have enough color spare parts

  • JLK

    You have it all wrong. The different colored bits are used to set the white balance.

  • Mike

    i didn’t know K-z is an offensive or inappropriate word to name something until I actually read the comments here. The world is more than just Germans.

    • Harold Ellis

      there is more germans then yous

    • Warpig

      I also didn’t know that. My first thought was of KC and the sunshine band.

      • JLK

        And when you said KC I first thought of KFC. 😉

        • bob2

          which is where I’ll be working if I don’t stop posting here!

  • bob2

    Rename it —


    It’s like a bad nightmare.

  • guilty nick

    KZ or kz may refer to:

    ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code and Internet top-level domain for the nation Kazakhstan
    the IATA code for Nippon Cargo Airlines
    abbreviation of the German word Konzentrationslager (a literal translation of the English term concentration camp)
    Kramme & Zeuthen, Danish aeroplane builders (see Skandinavisk Aero Industri)
    Kuhns Zeitschrift, the former name of Historische Sprachforschung, a journal of historical linguistics
    K-Z, a 1972 Italian documentary film
    KidZania, a Mexican chain of family entertainment centers
    KZ, abbreviation for Khanzada
    KZ, one of the two original members of the Japanese music group Livetune
    Toyota KZ engine, one of Toyota’s passenger car diesel engines
    KZ, Electronic music producer from Helsinki, Finland.
    Killzone, a series of shooter games for Sony’s PlayStation consoles

    • Alex

      So, all of those (but Konzentrationslager, which actually is) and meanings not included in the list are nazis by association? All of them bear a swastika? Or this “logic” applies only to Pentax?

  • harmi

    If I look the picture I associat the Colors C=K, S=Z .

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