Samsung NX20 and NX210 updates

The above image was taken with the upcoming Samsung NX210 camera. I had to strip the EXIF data in order to protect my source, but here is a screenshot of the main parameters:

The Samsung NX210 will be very similar to the current NX200 model ($899) but with built-in WiFi.

A quick update on the NX20 specs: the camera will have an electronic 1st curtain shutter; the maximum shutter speed will be 1/8000 (and not 1/6000 as initially reported); the new EVF should be very similar in performance to the one used in the Sony NEX 7 camera - this is why the NX20 camera was delayed: Samsung wanted to improve their new EVF after the NEX 7 was announced.

Samsung is expected to announce four new mirrorless cameras in 2012: NX20, NX210, NX1000 and potentially a fourth model that could be called NX300 or NX1.

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  • Sceptic

    EXIF doesn’t mean anything. It can be easily edit with ExifTool!

  • Wow.. horrible blown highlights, the classic “samsung look”. No thankyou Samsung. All you need is a great sensor with great dynamic range, then nothing else really matters. If the sensor is really good, the name Samsung will spread like a fire on all photographic forums and the camera will be an instant hit. Please, stop doing your half-hearted cameras and start getting serious. You could become an extremely big camera-manufacterer if you only start putting better sensors in your cameras, (read: SONY SENSORS)
    Good luck with your next gen cameras.

  • Harold Ellis

    every P&S makes shalow dof when close focused
    the photo shows nothing to be desired.

    • Gabriel

      The nx20 is not a p&s, it’s a 20mpx APS-C Camera. And i wonder why the author of this photo choose to blown the highlight. Even with this poor sample you can recover some highlight, like this :

  • Kaz

    Ok to the above.

    is taken by a poor photographer.
    it’s 1 at 800 iso, at f1.4, it’s clearly over exposed.

    The DOF is as it is because it’s at 1.4 very few P&S have a f1.4 lens. It’s also not a well composed photos and makes poor used of DOF, as well as blowing out the image. As it was shot at 1/30th of a second instead of closer to 1/200th.

    What it does show is that at ISO 800…. it is clean a generally crisp. very little noise, that is to be desire, and the colours aren’t bad. But mostly it’s useless because it’s over exposed.

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