Another Samsung NX20 picture

Here is another Samsung NX20 picture that shows the EVF and the 3.0-inch AMOLED swivel display. For comparison, this is the back view of the already discontinued Samsung NX10:

If you missed yesterday's post, you can find more Samsung NX20 pictures and specs here.

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  • pooh

    The EVF looks huge.

  • Rich in TX

    thanks for posting more confirmation that it is, indeed, fugly

    • JG10

      LOL Rich

    • chris

      “thanks for posting more confirmation that it is, indeed, fugly”
      chances you are pretty ugly too.. so the two of you should make a nice couple : )

      • rich in tx

        wow. good comeback. I say a camera that isnt out yet is ugly and you attack me personally.
        Way to show your character

        • cameraman

          forgive Chris…he’s just a Samsuck rep trying to keep his job. Or he’s one of the many bean counters at Samsuck who don’t know how to design a camera properly.

  • tkpenalty

    That looks like a healthily sized viewfinder. I like the styling; its pragmatic.

  • Don Pope

    This camera should always be photographed from the back.

  • KGB

    But, there’s no left side to the thing, holding it is going to be… awkward.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. It’s mirrorless, it’s tiny. Your left hand will be gripping the lens, so you can hit the i-function button.

      • Arrrrrrrgh not i-dysfunction!

        • Anonymous

          The i-function concept is part of the Samsung NX system. Of course they’re going to integrate design decisions using that button in every body including this one, so how can you complain about that?

          Also I don’t think any of the mirrorless cameras are big enough to require you to hold on to the actual body of the camera. You’ll always be gripping on to the lens for support, not the body because they all don’t have enough room.

      • KGB

        But my anonymous “friend”, not all the world is right handed.

        • John.R

          That makes no sense whatsoever. The control dials and buttons are on the right. It doesn’t matter your deftness.

  • Warpig

    OMG this is beautiful!!

    wait…. this ain’t canon or nikon or sony??

    OMG this is fugly!!!!

    • chris

      haha.. well said : )

  • Evgenij

    i’m leftie and i use the camera like everyone else, holding onto the grip with the right hand and left on the lens from bottom.

    i quite appreciate the size of the evf. if it’s more useful than that of the nx10 which i used maybe .. 5 times.. i’m in.

    btw, the camera is not yet announced. and everyone is holding the fingers crossed to know some specifications will be a bit better, than the smaller nx200.

    • cameraman

      Still throwing your “shatbricks” on the “internetZ” aren’t you evjeko?

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