Samsung could be next to release an Android based digital camera

After Polaroid, Samsung could be the next manufacturer to release an Android based digital camera. They already filed a patent for a Samsung Galaxy camera. Engadget was recently at Samsung's Korean headquarters and reported that the company is considering an "open" camera operating system:

"One interesting bit of discussion: Samsung is considering an "open" camera operating system. It's still early days and nothing is confirmed but, given the company's support for Android on other platforms, that OS would be a logical choice. What we know is that Samsung R&D has been researching bringing Android to its digital cameras -- a move that would be far from shocking, considering that development teams do tend to collaborate, and the company clearly has experience with the Google OS. And while there are likely to be such open OS prototypes buried deep within Sammy HQ, they're mere experiments at this point -- at least from a production perspective."

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  • Teun

    Tizen is also plausible. It’s also an open OS which Samsung is quite interested in. I really can’t see to much of an advantage of using either system, it will only complicate the P&S camera which should be kept as simple as possible in my opinion. I don’t want to wait for the OS to boot or live with the occasional hang of the system.

  • Having spoken to a Samsung Sales Rep recently, i can confirm this is almost definitely True.

  • AS

    I can’t wait for an android based operating systems for DSLR’s!

    Imagine all the posibilities….

    • Harold Ellis

      why? already on tablets and phones is android pretty closed and vendor specific. it will give you no possibilities, but many drawbacks
      like that you will need to charge camera once a week, etc etc

  • Mark

    I feel like Kramer (ep. The Voice), “THAT IS MY IDEA!”. To be honest, I wanted Hipstamatic on my Ixus 100.

  • applepie

    To all those saying that an open OS would cause slow wake-up times, require frequent reboots, or make for terrible battery life — the truth might surprise you. Not every open OS is Android. The basic Linux kernel is very tiny, stable, and efficient, and thrives in all sorts of embedded applications already. The same goes for many other OS kernels including dozens of open source RTOS projects. The RTOS behind today’s camera firmware is already a general purpose operating system, and implementing camera control features on top of an open RTOS would be a great thing.

    Now if only Samsung would make a pro or even semi-pro camera.

    • Teun

      The problem is indeed not the kernel, but all the stuff that goes on top. I have no faith in a decent, fast and stable camera running on android. I’ve got an android phone with decent specs, but I would find it too slow to be used on a camera. I would love to see more phones and tablets with more space, more processing power and fast USB OTG, so you would be able to use them as a proper photo editing tool, especially for journalism work and event photography. All we need then is a proper photo editing app.

    • Sky

      The issue isn’t Linux kernel. It’s the Android itself – work of google and other corporations.

      Samsung seem not to know when stop – first trash-quality phones, now trash-quality camera, what next? Thank god there’s high competition on the market and no real reason to choose this crap.

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