Pictures of the Samsung NX1000 camera leaked


After the NX20 pictures, here are few freshly leaked images of the upcoming Samsung NX1000 mirrorless camera (click on images for larger view). The NX1000 will have 20.3MP sensor, built-in WiFi and will probably be priced cheaper then the NX20. The camera is expected to start shipping in May.

Via Slrclub

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  • Alex

    it looks like a kattle

    • Sammy

      Looks pretty nice to me.

      Glad to see improving features.

      Is this the rumored Android Samsung camera?

      • jarda

        Android is too slow to be used as a reasonable phone. It would be plain stupid to put that system into a camera.

  • Alex


  • Ben Y

    comes in kitchen appliance white.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Looks very plastic too.

    Very consumer.

    Very high profit.

    Bet it won’t make the afternoon tea, kettle-like or not…

  • Don Pope

    Looks like a device from “Space 1999”.

  • Al

    I don’t care how it looks, just as long as it takes good pictures.

    • Harold Ellis

      you are a minority, so you will probably not buy this camera.

      • Al

        Let’s see. I’m at the beginning of my shopping marathon. I will wait for the reviews and user experiences.

        I had a Samsung 35mm and really liked it. I carried it in my mail satchel, snapping shots during my work day. I still have it.

  • Samsung vitreous china. Now with no-flush anti-bacterial technology.

  • NEX

    Is it just me or does it look very similar to the Nikon J1?

    • jarda

      All the EVIL cameras look alike. With exception of K-01, and you probably won’t think it looks better than this.

  • that is more uniqe. . .

  • John Deacon

    Samsung NX20 digital camera take a good images. It’s possible for its good quality lens.
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