Another picture of the Samsung NX20 camera

This is another image of the Samsung NX20 camera where you can see the new swivel display and the improved EVF.

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  • chris

    this camera looks pretty interesting.. two wheels, big viewfinder, direct access buttons..
    oh wait.. it is a samsung.

    what a piece of shit : P

  • Scotch

    it looks exciting ..not

  • MegaMo

    Looks like all Canon SX line from behind..

  • Robert Falconer

    Does Samyang make cameras? 😉

  • Scotch

    “many losers hang out on this forum”
    just one, you

    this is a photographic rumor site,
    don’t waste your time trying to give “life coaching” to others

    comment like yours does not add any value

    • deleted that comment, offensive language will not be tolerated here

  • BartB

    I´ll wait for the NX300 🙂

    Any news about the NX 55mm f1.8 pancake?

  • Common Sense

    Very well designed camera.
    SIZE: seems to be perfect size. Not too small but not that big as DSLR
    CONTROLS: the dials and buttons are perfect size and in perfect place. I like it a lot.
    STYLING: i’m so glad that samsung keeps NX10 type of design.
    TECHNOLOGY: samsung has de-facto near monopoly position in AMOLED and RAM memory fields. I expect samsung sells us big buffer memory and fast processor. I’m just wondering if Samsung put AMOLED EVF? Probably not, because it would be too expensive. But if Samsung mounts AMOLED EVF, this camera can compete against any amateur and middle class DLSR and outperform many older pro DSLRs. Viewfinder seems to be big, not like in sony nex7. Electronic first curtain in shutter is very cool. Response time will be better than on any pro DSLR.
    WISH LIST: samsung we need few good telephoto lenses. We need 135 f2.0 now.
    We need 300 f2.8 now
    We need wireless radio flash now.
    We need flash synch at 1/500. I believe that with electronic shutter it could be done.
    if that camera has the same or better performing sensor than my NX200 and if EVF is AMOLED, this is the best mirrorless camera on the market, even better overall than fuji new mirrorless.

    • I laugh every time when someone states that electronic viewfinder will ever outperform optical one. Put even space technology into it, it will be inferior to real glass prism.

      What the reason to say such bullshit? First of all, you deal with battery-drain issue. OVF is energy free. Second, EVF has troubles of displaying scene in real time, lagging at pretty huge margin and thus leading you to lose decisive moment. EVF lag + shutter lag = lost photograph. OVF is always real-time. Third, how long your EVF will live? Dead pixels are here after not so long period of time. OVF is still workable for ever, unless you drop the camera from the rock.

      Install S-type focusing screen in your DSLR and you’ll forget about those stupid EVFs forever. It will allow you to focus very precisely, observe true depth of field in the real time and eco the battery by not drying power with live view or EVF bullshit. Did you ever look through old film Olympus OM-(x) SLR? I doubt that. Nothing ever was made better than the viewfinder of that small camera. Granted, today-made DSLRs are inferior at that to the OM series, but neverthless, optical viewfinder with quality focusing screen is unmatched, no competition. Period.

      • Oh, and I forgot to ask: how many colors you’ll see through EVF? Through OVF you see real color scene, limited only by nature of your eye. Even if you will argue that EVF will show directly the dynamic range of the sensor (what can’t be incarnated with simple optical technology), it will show the histogram for JPEG, but not for RAW. More than that, if you’ll bump ISO to XXXX or even XXXXX figures (whatever), you’ll see nasty distracting noise, much more ugly than noise from real image you get in the end due to lower resolution than sensor is. OVF is always clear, even if you can’t see a thing in utter darkness.

      • I am not a fan of EVF either, which is why I like/own Fuji mirrorless camera. My second choice will be the NEX7. At that point I would not buy anything else.

        • Personnaly, I don’t see any competitive technologies to good old reflex view or mechanical rangefinder. Modern cameras can do amazing things, they packed very richly feature-wise, but most of them (even every DSLR that comes with Type-B bright focusing screen) often fail at the most important basical photographer’s need: at accurate focusing. I don’t like to rely on automatics, whatever wonderful they are, AF-philosophy is inferior to manual control. When you do everything manually, there’s nothing left to blame the tool you use. Sadly, marketing kills all the good things. For example, digital TLR can serve for stealth street ‘togs even better than rangefinder or mirrorless rangefinder-wannabes (exactly like X100 and X-Pro 1). Unfortunally, we’ll never see such a camera in the future.

          • Common Sense

            Re: AF-philosophy is inferior to manual control
            😉 😉 😉 yaaa 😉 you’re right slow gin. But would you explain us why all sport photographers use autofocus cameras? ;-))))))

          • No, I wouldn’t explain that. Don’t you mind using Samsung NX 20 for covering sport event, huh?

          • teeter

            digital does not kill your wallet like film does.

      • Common Sense

        Slow Gin, people with elementary education know, that entry level and many medium class DSLRs do not have prism ;-))))))
        They have mirrors ;-))))))))
        Mirrors are dark, have “tunnel vision” effect, and have very poor contrast ;-)))))
        Also people with elementary education know, that mirror (necessary for optical viewfinder) is main cause that lenses have to be bigger and autofocusing of bigger lenses consumes far more power than EVF ;-))))
        AMOLED EVF is 3000 faster than LCD viefinder, and combined with electronic shutter (first curtain) outperform even the pro DSLR. See data about sony NEX7 ;-))))
        In less than 5 years optical viefinder, will be dino just like you ;-))))

        • You basically don’t keep your words.

          > outperform many older pro DSLRs

          That was your statement. Even though, entry-level DSLR with poor viewfinder never kept me bothered at its tunnel effect. What is really relevant is the size of viewfinder and its magnification. The bigger viewfinder in DSLR world is Canon 1Ds Mark III’s one. It has 0.76x magnification. Compare that with OM-1’s 0.92x magnification or even Pentax LX’s jaw-dropping 0.98x and you’ll face the fact that modern technology brought nothing better over old school. Dinosaurs will survive.

          As bigger motor in the lens for DSLR consumes more energy, you forgot to mention the fact DSLR has higher capacity battery. This is advantage in the body size. In the days of film Canon EOS 300 I managed to shoot for more than one year with one 2xCR2-battery set. More than 75 rolls were done (75×36=2700 frames, can’t recall real quantity, so in reality there were more frames) and this could be possible thanks to AF feature disabled. Drain battery caused just exposure meter and film winder, so economy is huge. I could never ever manage such high frame count with all bells and whistles enabled, even despite the fact film cameras are just simple boxes with shutter, mirror and the button.

  • John Deacon

    The samsung NX20 is the most of favorable camera to’s so nice for tking picture. samsung nx20 review

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