Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 mirrorless cameras to be announced in 6 days




The Korean website inews24 reported yesterday that Samsung will announce their new NX20, NX210 and NX1000 mirrorless cameras in 6 days. The company is planning to showcase its new products at the 2012 Seoul Photo & Imaging Show that will start on April 26th, 2012.

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  • Jamaxt

    @ Admin: any news on the rumored retro styled Samsung? I got a little confused with all the different product names and previous posts. Thanks!

    • No, if this camera exists, it will not be released this month – maybe for Photokina?


    About the samsung retro style camera, I’m remember there name’s is:

    1. Samsung RETRO R1
    2. SAMSUNG NX 1

  • newoldmate

    I wonder if Apple will seek a court injunction to have these cameras banned because the mode dial is clearly a copy of the QuickTake 200’s..

  • JG10

    That white one looks so cheap and plasticy but I kind of like it.

    • It’s the NX1000, so it’s meant to be cheap and plasticky to appeal to the masses of teenage girls it’s aimed at.

  • mhhh

    I think the retro one is the camera pictured in the bottom right. All the dials and leather look retro to me.

  • Evjenij

    Yes, and i take it the white camera will be a cheapo plastic camera with a body so small only a hobbit with be able to hold it. It will have no EVF or EVF port of any sort. Ding ding ding, Samsung’s been there and done that failure, and this is part three of another failure. Samsung needs to hire camera people and not rejects from a Tommy Hilfiger outlet sale.

  • FLatte

    P&I (Photo & Imaging) Expo in Seoul at COEX is on the 26th. They will be announcing the cameras right before.

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