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Think Tank Photo announced three new products: SD pixel pocket rocket, strobe gel wallet and DSLR battery holder. You can sign up for a notifications here and you will get an email once they become available.

This mini Canon 5D MK III camera is fully operational:

  • 1.5” 480×240 LCD screen
  • 720/30p video recording
  • 5MP camera (2560×1920 resolution)
  • 4x digital zoom
  • uses miscorSD cards
  • weights 155g

Lensbaby announced a mirrorless version of their Composer Pro lens that was previously available only for DLSR cameras.

Phase One announced the iXA medium format camera designed for aerial photography. Two different versions will be available - 60MP for $53,000 and 80MP for $60,000.

Phantom Miro M320S is a new digital high-speed camera that can record 1320 fps in full resolution (1920x1200), 1540 fps at 1920x1080 full HD or 2250 fps at 1152x1152.

Prototype camera projects frame lines:

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  • Camaman

    Well they all wanted a smaller 5D with less bulk… I guess wishes do come true.
    Granted this one is a more or less a toy, but hey the real thing also looks plastic and like a cheap toy…:-P

  • D400

    1320 fps. . . . .
    Here is the d700 replacement. This will make the fps junkies happy.

  • Harold Ellis

    it is cute to see you trying chineese spammer, but you should look up the web for what rel=”external nofollow” means.


    • I marked this comment as spam

  • I already shoot my Canon EF mount Composer on M4/3 and M Mount. It doesn’t make sense to buy a lens in a short register mount or crop frame, if it’s available in long register or FF.

  • Phase One iXA: Wowsers, that makes the SD1 look like a deal. But I guess I am not in that league.

    • Harold Ellis

      did you just put sigma and phase one in same sentence?

  • I like the frame idea. I wonder if I can make a laser finder?

  • ZDP-189

    Don’t worry, I wash my mouth out and say three Hail Mary’s every time I say the S word.

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