Canon to announce EOS C500, 1D cameras and new lenses at NAB 2012

During NAB Canon is expected to release a new EOS C500 cinema camera:

"It is 4K at 120fps with EOS RAW via 3G HD-SDI... At 60 fps EOS RAW from the C500 is 12 bit. This drops to a still impressive 10 bit at 120p. The C500 also pumps out 1080p, 2K and Quad HD."

and the Cinema EOS 1D camera:

"Costing $10k. This is full frame and does ALL-I, IPB and MJPEG 4K."

Canon is also going to announce two new cinema zoom lenses: 15.5-47mm T2.2 and 30-105mm T2.2.

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  • Donji Hogfan

    C500 already?

    Productive year for canon.

  • R. Jackson

    Back when they introduced the C300 the Canon reps were saying that as soon as they could get it up and running their new RAW codec the 4K version would drop. Nice that it happened so fast. RED must be in full-on panic mode by now.

    • anon

      not at the price canon is likely going to offer it.

    • Craig

      RED isn’t scared. Canon is still about five years behind. This new Canon camera seems to parallel the RED ONE which is, IIRC, about five years old.

  • Gotta love Canon’s sensor design department!

    • lolly

      video was always Canon’s strong suit 😉 relative to the competition

      • regular

        video is the Canon’s panic room, as they are rather disappointing in the photo department.

        • R. Jackson

          Actually, Canon’s sensors are fine. Nikon came out with the D3 (and I’m not being snarky about it…I own a D700) and started seriously clipping the black levels to reduce apparent noise. It made the D3 seem like it was a much better performer than it was and the industry has followed down that path, but Canon still doesn’t “cheat” to get low noise results. It makes Canon the camera you choose when you’re shooting things where the integrity of the data matters, particularly in scientific applications.

          • Regular

            I am not discussing ‘nikon vs canon’, but rather Canon on its own : quality tests, lens line-up, etc.

            The last 50mm update was the f/1.2 in 2006. The other 50mm lenses are from the early 90’s.
            No 35mm update since last millenium.
            How many 77mm-diameter lenses out there? Wtf ? Is it a size contest?

            Sure, the sensor is good. But who care now about ISO 6400 and upper? Who cares about scientific applications? Really.

        • Phil


          Canon are best focussing on video, as their still cameras keep get a jolly good old thrashing from Nikon.

          • Sony, you mean? 😉

            As far as what Nikon actually makes… Canon’s now got better AF and better lenses.

  • FCHW
  • makatron

    still going to be tough beat the RED Scarlet if they don’t offer a RAW format that gives an equal or better IQ

    • Red’s raw isn’t quite raw because it uses lossy compression.

  • Enrico

    And…what all those numbers and terms means?
    I’m a photographer, and don’t understand anything about videos…

    • FCHW

      well …
      then you should look at 60D, 7D, 5D mk2/mk3, 1Dx

      • Enrico

        Mmhh, no thanks, I own a Nikon D3s.
        Simply I would like to know what those terms (2k, 4k, 3g, sdi etc.) means 🙂

        • Rgular

          You don’t carec unless you are a semi-pro/pro video producer.

          2k/4k is the resolution of the video.
          M-jpeg means that the movie is stored as a sequence of Jpeg frames.

          IPB means that not every frame are coded independently. I frames are like jpeg photos, but P frame requires data from the (p)rior frames, B frames requires data from past and future frames (like in Bidirctional).

          All-I is a sequence of I frames, without P or B frames.

          Those details only matter is you want to perform video editing, how much CPU or RAM is needed.

          • Enrico

            Thanks a lot.
            Nope, I’m not interested in videos.
            I never shot a video with my previous D90, and neither with the D3s.

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