Samsung NX20 shows up at the FCC

The upcoming Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera appeared on this FCC filing. The official announcement is expected to be in a few days. Here are the expected NX20 specs:

  • Slightly larger than the NX11
  • Thicker grip
  • 20.3MP APS-C size CMOS sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for direct image upload
  • Improved speed and ISO
  • ISO range: 100-12800
  • 8fps
  • Electronic 1st curtain shutter
  • Max shutter speed: 1/8000
  • i-Function 2.0
  • 1080p Full HD video capability (separate video recording button)
  • 3.0-inch VGA AMOLED screen tilt
  • Built-in flash and a new electronic viewfinder

The NX20 will be made in China:

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  • Din

    Made in Chine… we can hope a lower price…

  • Wally Brooks

    On paper looks good and Samsung did get lenses producted early in their life cycle you just cant see them anywhere in North America except on line!

    • hhi

      It’s true- they’re only online. But that’s basically the same for every mirrorless company right now, except a few M4/3 and Nikon 1 stuff

  • sam

    WLAN is unfortunately very unhealthy. Thanks to being unvoluntarily surrounded by wireless technology (cell phones, laptops using WLAN, tablets … ) the world has not become a better place and many people have already become sensitive to the frequencies those devices produce. Some do not know that the discomfort they are feeling is related to electronic and wireless devices. It afflicts the brain causing a strange form of nausea, headaches and other physical conditions. Nothing enjoyable at all. I would rather take the SD card out of the camera and put it into other devices. Most people are apt to perform this simple task.

    • chris

      nobody will force you to use the wifi ; )

      but back to topic.. specs look very decent and the processing will probably quite a bit quicker compared to the nx200.

    • fawef

      Gee, no wonder I’m so unhealthy! It’s the damn wireless putting poison in my body.

      Oh wait…I use a laptop/phone everyday, and am probably surrounded by signals from phone companies, peoples’ routers, radio, etc….and I’m completely healthy.

      Do you even have headaches/nausea, or are you just buying into some lame superstition that’s probably derived from a fear of a modernizing world?

      • vertigo

        Studies have shown that cellphones cause brain tumors. It’s been swept under the carpet by cellphone companies. You can deny it all you want and call people paranoid but that doesn’t change the studies.

        • ratw

          If it was really as bad as you’re making it out to be, there would be way more people with brain tumors right now. Fact is, you’d have to be using your cellphone as close to your head as possible for a long period of time before anything detrimental occurs. Basically any phone on the market has safe levels of radiation or whatever since it’s regulated and there’s a standard limit that people can look up and then choose a cellphone they feel safe with.

          Wireless is the least of your worries.

  • Christian M.

    ahhhh finally…. I’ve been waiting for the possible successor of my NX10 for quite a while now.

    Actually, the only thing that really triggers me to update from NX10 to NX20 is the improved electronic viewfinder. And maybe if they could increase the speed of Autofocus a bit more.

    Other than that I am very happy with my NX10 and the lenses that go with it (especially the 30mm/f2.0) and can only recommend it. Currently, there’s great deals available on the internet for NX11 cameras, you should give them a try, the image quality is really good.

    • r3r

      Really? The EVF is the least of my problems (but then again, I’m not an EVF person). The articulated screen is a great addition, but more importantly, the sensor is a big upgrade, resolution and ISO wise. And it has already been reported that the buffer/processor will be faster, and that basically covers all the problems I have with my NX10.

      The only problem I might have is if the video isn’t improved, if there isn’t a mic jack input, if the body turns out to be too big (but it does look comfortable/sturdy).

      If only they would release that damn R1!! It would be a perfect compact companion to the NX20 (the NX1000 seems like a good, cheap camera to play this role, but it might be too overly simplistic).

    • chris

      people who are really concerned about wlan health issue should maybe start with a healthy diet first. there are like 300 million people with diabetes, that should be concern and after that we can “fix” the wlan issue ^^

      • vertigo

        This is a fallacy. It’s a two wrongs fallacy and also presumes that all people concerned about WLAN are unhealthy. We can work on multiple problems at once. Don’t dodge the subject with a non sequitur.

        This is like saying “Murder happens everywhere. Other people are committing murder. Solve those murders first and don’t pay any attention to the murders I’m committing.”

  • FMJ

    is this the first mirrorless to go 1/8000? i hope Samsung NX line can be priced more competitive!

  • Marco

    I also hope that samsung can keep the price low. 900$ or less would be perfect, since for more than that I wouldn’t buy it.

    • fea

      That kind of mindset is getting ridiculous. Samsung has proven that it can produce a great camera- why do people still think they should price things cheaply? It seems to be everything that the NEX7 is (both having pros and cons), which is high priced but people don’t care because it’s a great camera. Same should be for the NX20

      Although, hopefully it doesn’t go too above the $1000- it’d be a killer camera at a killer price

  • Dianne

    I have owned the NX10 for 15 months – Just love this camera. I have already reserved my NX20 and I have no idea what the price will be.

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