Pentax lens price increase coming to the UK as well

After the price increase in the US, the price of Pentax lenses will be going up in the UK as well according to this post on PentaxForums. I still have not seen the new prices on Jessops or Amazon UK.

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  • What’s a Pentax?

    It’s just not worth shooting Pentax. Nikon, Canon and Sony are better values, even better warranties!

    • Guru

      They just have the best aps-c cam for the moment, and the sidewise smallest system. Continue shooting the others, Pentax is not for you.

      • What’s a Pentax?

        Pentax does NOT have the best APS-C system. Pentax has the worst warranty, worst AutoFocus, Worst Flash System, Worst Lens Selection and Worst Warranty in the industry. I can go on but won’t.

        You are right, Pentax is not for me, or the majority of photographers out there.

        • befocus

          oh really? you are a photographer? and when you find the time given that you’re perched on the internet all day waiting for topics discussing pentax to spit childish statements

          ; )

          • Stu

            That’s his day job, the waiting for Pentax-related posts to troll.

          • Alex

            It’s funny when he writes “I can go on but won’t.”. He’s on every Pentax-related topic, bashing as hard as he can (though he’s quite clueless, his employer should train him properly).

          • Harold Ellis

            he might be a troll as i am, but nowadays internet makes quite sure that people can be informed properly and if you are not poor soccer kid’s mom shopping on what’ your favorite retail have right now in “action”, you have no reasons to pick one brand over another just because of some marketing. truth is that canikon are with big advance in front of everybody else, followed by sony with some distance.
            compare whatever you want, system, lenses, flashes, features, price. you come to same conclusion.
            in digital age you are dog of the industry only if you make bad product and bad marketing.

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