One of the Sony NEX C-3 kits is also listed as discontinued

In addition to the Sony a900, the NEX-C3 + 18-55mm lens kits is also listed as discontinued at B&H.

Based on the recently discontinued products, Sony should be announcing a replacement for the following cameras in the next few months:

  • NEX-C3
  • a900
  • a35
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  • WB

    Don’t count on the A900 replacement in a couple months. Maybe fall.

    • Harold Ellis

      personally i find it sad but i dont think sony will push its fullframe business. they will maybe make some fullframe camera but not as pro oriented as a900 was. they see that nobody buys them. they will probably make some weird hybrid with translucent mirror aimed higher end mainstream market, but under 2000€

  • not surprising about it, because the replacement is on the way, NEX-F3 🙂

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