Canon promisses new cameras with image quality that approaches DSLRs

Canon reported slightly higher profits for Q1 of 2012. On the earnings conference call the CFO of the company Toshizo Tanaka promised new cameras that will be approaching the image quality of current DSLR models:

"To achieve this, we will further differentiate and enhance our lineup by launching new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras; furthering the improvement in design and qualities, and by incorporating features such as network, connectivity capabilities."

Via Engadget | Canon mirrorless camera concept image via David Riesenberg

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  • Istvan

    They will never be as good as Leica!

    • Jacob

      And never as pricy as Leica. 🙂

    • porkchop

      Leica is overpriced junk

    • Harold Ellis

      thanks canon, but we would be more happy if quality would reach or exceed DSLRs

    • Haahahahahahaaaaaa! You really believe that don’t you? Leica has been junk since (arguably long before) they went digital.

  • It’s all about mt fx

    Well, the nex 7 is already better than anything Leica can throw at it.

    • Kenny Pa

      You are in a dream world. The NEX-7 is very nice, but never confuse it with a Leica.

      • J-Man

        I would never confuse my NEX-7 with something so over priced and over rated.
        The only things the 9 has going for it are:
        It’s FF.
        It’s smaller than a DSLR.
        IQ is acceptable.
        It gives you ‘Status’

        So I could buy an M9 + 50 lux or a NEX-7 + 50 or more lenses to play with.

        • Actually, whilst I use film and digital cameras, I can truthfully say, that what’s overrated in modern cameras (and in many cases detrimental to creating good photographs easily) are the following:

          – Electronic viewfinders
          – no optical viewfinders
          – auto focus (at least 95% of the time)
          – having to use a camera at arm’s length instead of at eye level

          … And I suppose those are the reasons that I’ll never buy a Sony NEF.

          • mmradman

            Top Post!!!

          • That’s just a bunch of excuses really…

            Any camera’s good enough if it serves some photographic purpose.

          • Adam Maas

            Frankly, given you don’t need the last two with a NEX-7 (which has a viewfinder, so no armlength shooting required and also is a better MF platform than AF platform, my 7 never comes out of MF mode, even with native lenses) and EVF’s are significantly superior to OVF’s for manual focus I would say you’ve basically described why you should buy a NEX.

            The OVF retains some small advantage when in bright light and when tracking fast-moving subjects, the EVF is far more precise for focusing, lacking both the weakness of SLR OVF’s (difficult to accurately focus wides) and of RF OVF’s (difficult/impossible to focus telephoto’s, particularly fast medium telephotos).

            The NEX-7 in particular is a superior platform for manual focus than an M9 (And I say this as someone who shoots both NEX and Rangefinders, I wish an M was as easy to focus with as a NEX-7). The M9 retains the sole advantage that there are available & excellent compact ultra-wides, the 7 currently requires adapted SLR lenses to get wider than 21mm-e with acceptable quality.

  • They wont go mirrorless 🙁

    • I think they have to – the question is whether they will do something different or go with the crowd

  • ad1452

    Is Canon the new Nokia? They continue to slug it out with Nikon in an increasingly irrelevant DSLR death match while the market has shifted and they have completely missed it. I’m looking forward to seeing the next round of Canon Rebel dross they serve up shortly! I’m sure it will be a great product for a dying market! They may even see a few…

  • Andre

    “Toshizo Tanaka promised new cameras that will be approaching the image quality of current DSLR models:”


    Their marketing dept has been telling people that their compacts deliver fantastic image quality for at least the last 5 years. :p

  • Ozbaz

    I think some of these pre announcements are designed to put people buying a next or xpro1 and to wait and see what is around the corner. I am a canon shooter and I had been waiting for the 5d iii but it was too slow to market and now my view of cameras has changed. I really want a compact DSLR replacement, preferably full frame. I feel like a dork using a DSLR these days . Very uncool. A digital canon 7 rangefinder would be nice with that amazing fast 50 they made years ago. I don’t know why dslrs are so much bigger then old film slrs. An old Ricoh or Pentax manual slrs were small and descreet. They were also full frame!

    • inteliboy

      ^ This

  • Boing Wronkwell

    So they are going to release a Nikon J1 like camera then?

  • pdc

    You are not going to get a FF mirrorless from anyone but Leica for a long time. Get an m43 camera and discover just how good this format is and how many lenses can be used.

  • Digital Contax G2 please! Can’t someone, other than Leica make a sweat little rangefinder digital camera with the highest quality glass? Make a body that can take updated tech when it comes out so an M9 could be sent in for an updated sensor. Just a thought!

    • Robert Falconer

      Digital Contax G2 please!

      It’s called the Fuji X-Pro 1.

      • Denis

        If it could focus 😉

  • fast_glass

    Wow, what a non-statement. How does this count as a rumor? Basically Canon are saying they plan to make some cameras as good as everyone else. At best you could interpret this as saying they’re planning on making a mirrorless system as good as those from Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Nikon….

    Move along.

    • Ozbaz

      I think canon and other companies make these “pre- announcements ” to put people off buying a current model such as the xpro1 to wait and see what Canon deliver in a few months. The lack of detail means they haven’t committed to much.

  • MrMiagi

    That is always welcome. But Canon, please put focus on the S-line. We need more different models with bigger sensors like the S100/S95 for low light conditions. More zoomrange models would be appreciated. Also, the SX40 HS needs a bigger screen a thumbdial and sensor (the zoom is fine) to offer a fixedzoomlens dSLR-counterer.

    • I agree with you about expanding the S line of cameras. I would love to see the S100’s sensor in a slightly larger camera with a large clear electronic viewfinder and with a bright lens (think Olmpus XZ-1).

  • Ojojo

    “new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras”

    Or, deliberately crippled IQ. Guess that means mass market consumer targeted.

  • Dummy00001

    > new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras

    How about cameras w/o shutter lag, speedy AF and no write delays instead?

    G1X could have been an ideal cam for me – if it were not so (literally) crippled in every relevant performance aspect (because sorry I consider good IQ a must; in many real life cases I consider AF above IQ).

    If G1X is any indication of direction the Canon is taking, then this brand of cameras is off my purchase list.

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