What else is new?

  • Mamiya Leaf announced new medium format digital camera back platform - the Leaf Credo. Three different models are available: Leaf Credo 80, Credo 60, and Credo 40 with 80MP, 60MP and 40MP respectively.

  • Three new tilt and shift lenses for DSLR cameras from Schneider: PC Super-ANGULON 28mm f/2.8, PC-TS Super-50mm f/2.8 ANGULON HM and PC-TS 90mm f/4.5 Macro-SYMMAR HM.

  • New: IKEA cardboard camera.

  • Want a better quality images form your iPhone? Try the new 645 PRO iPhone app that promisses files in developed RAW image format:

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  • Harold Ellis

    leaf is now “cheap and test” brand of phase one, but the products are still so far away from anything even rest of the medium format world can offer. amazing
    still one have to scratch it’s head what went through the brain of those who purchased 645D or leica s2

  • m

    Ok, sd1 is here. But what about the dp*m? Please gimme!

  • fiatlux

    The 28 PC Super-Angulon isn’t new and does not tilt.

  • nick

    if liveview is available on the new digital back, could magic lantern hack intothe firmware to make video available ?

    • People have successfully installed MagicLantern on microwaves and had them recording video. You put ML on a USB drive and set the heat setting to the lowest and if you keep it in the exact center where there’s minimal movement, the waves will pick up ML code and send it to the microwave’s bootloader. After that you take the USB drive out and put whatever you want to shoot on the tray and running the microwave will record a 3D video to its internal memory.

      I had it up and running but had to move house so I had to turn off the microwave which messed things up. Now every time I switch it on the water in my aquarium starts to boil. At least the water tastes better now.

      • Harold Ellis


  • Sixbysix

    I concur with Fiatlux; none of those Schneider optics are particularly new. In fact, the 28mm PC-SA is very very old.

  • fred the lad

    I installed Magic Lantern on my electric toothbrush. My dentist can now give me a checkup over the internet.

  • CHD

    So…the 28mm does not tilt and costs more than both the Canon 17 and 24mm TSE lenses…..
    What’s the point?? It better have seriously better corner to corner performance to spend $3200 on a shift only 28mm.

    • Ganak

      Interesting, I just thought to do more reading on the Schneider 28mm and here I read that it does not tilt. It is misleading to have the lens in tilt/shift category imo.

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