Samsung at Photokina: two new NX lenses, a new flash and a mic

At the Photokina 2012 show that will take place in Germany in September, Samsung is expected to announce two new NX lenses, a new flash and an external mic that have already been shown at CES 2012 (see picture above). One of the new lenses could be the 16-80mm.

Samsung had the following lenses on their 2012 roadmap:

  • 55mm f/1.8 iFn pancake
  • 12-24mm f/4 ED iFn VCM (Voice Coil Motor)
  • 80-400mm f/4-5.6 OIS SSA iFn
  • 135mm f/2 OIS SSA iFn
  • 24mm f/1.8 ED SSA iFn
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  • NEX Consumer

    Sony, would you please just copy Samsung, their lenses selection and roadmap?


    Every NEX user

    • St.


      Agree. It won’t be far away the moment when Samsung will push Sony out of the camera business as well, as they already did from almost everything else.

      • Sky

        So far Sony is one pushing Samsung out of mirrorless.

        • CRB

          So far sony produced great little cameras and crappy lenses….

          • Renato S.

            wow, I didn’t even know they produce lenses!

    • Steve

      +1 for me too. But then again, how about Samsung just improve their sensor image quality to Sony/Nikon standard… then no NEX necessary. Do that and release the 16-80 and I’ll bite.

      • NEX Consumer

        I just read that they are developing one with less MP and possibly a NX1 camera.

        Samsun still needs to make a better job with the processor/engine too, it can’t lag like it happened with previous models and their price tags are not so competitive. They are falling behind – they are not falling, they ARE behind actually -, you can’t afford to have higher price tag than the competition.

        Gimme better video feats too, I’m just waiting for a good all-around camera to abandon NEX ship – it will be m4/3 or Samsung if they come up with something, I’m sure Fuji won’t invest in video so soon and as you can see, I’m not counting on Nikon, Pentax and Ricoh.

        I almost don’t have Sony lenses, I would buy a 50mm f/1.8 but I already have a Nikon f/1.4 with adapter and I don’t feel like buying lenses since there are almost none and, unfortunately, as it is I can’t feel secure enough to commit to the system. I don’t have to say that it would be pointless to buy an A-Mount adapter and lenses.

    • Anonymous

      If you can be patient, I wouldn’t worry too much about Sony NEX lenses for the future. Eventually after Samsung releases all these lenses and Canon’s new mirrorless system comes out, Sony will be forced to pump out the glass that it is sorely lacking (wide angle zoom, pancakes, fast primes). It’s just a shame they didn’t do it sooner, but the lenses will come out eventually.

      • Renato S.

        well, that’s what people said a year ago. but I think it’s worst than that, I think that they haven’t done because they can’t. NEX has a very short flange distance but the way the lens work on it was badly engineered. Sony privileged the small body over lens and they’ve done so because they thought NEX wouldn’t be all that, their main focus were on SLT cameras, NEX was just to not let m4/3 have all the market for themselves. Fuji also has very short flange distance but it seems that they solved it using better the back focus distance. the way NEX camera was made is very hard to make quality glasses or at least that’s what I understood, so I think that Sony is having a hard time coming up with good lenses and that’s also why their lenses are so big, well, I wish someone with deeper knowledge could clarify that.

  • The holy three.


    OMG!!!! 3 pancakes is all i need!! now give me that rangefinder body!

    • osam

      This is what I’ve been begging their reps for since they introduced the NX series. Too bad their sensors aren’t up to snuff.

  • Marvin8

    A decent 18-55 would be awesome.

    • spam

      Their 18-55 is one of the better kit zooms, particulrary at 55mm. The 20-50 isn’t bad either, except that it lacks IS. And a 16-80 is on the roadmap. I’d say they’re doing a good job with kit zooms.

      • Marvin8

        If they came up with a decent 16-80, the world would be a path to their door….and I’d be first in line!

    • preston

      Their current 18-55 has good enough image quality, but I would never buy it due to the terrible zoom ring operation. Nice and smooth rotation from 18 to about 30, then gets gradually, but significantly, harder to turn until by 55 you feel that the ring just got stuck rather than it actually being at the end of the range! This would be way too annoying to deal with while shooting. Both of the copies I handled in the store had this same issue so it is the way they were engineered and not a defective copy.

  • FMJ

    wow, this is the first 85mm equivalent for APSC, non of the major camera manufacture wants to do that. a 50 came just a bit too short.

    i don’t know how to use a 135mm on a APSC thou…. probably need 10m working space.

    • Trogdor

      Pentax has a 55/1.4 for APS-C.

  • preston

    Both Samsung and Sony need to come out with a wide angle zoom before I invest in either of those systems. Would love to have the smaller size of the 20-50 (half the length of the 18-55) as long as I had a 10-20 to go along with it!

  • You’re Wrong

    24mm f/1.8!


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